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Friday, October 24, 2014

My First #Blogapalooza Experience

Yes, this is a long overdue post but it's better late than never right? I've been so busy with work since last week because of the midterms week so I was on a teacher mode for the past few weeks. So anyway, last October 11, the Blogapalooza 2014 pushed through at the SM Aura. It was supposed to be last September 20 but was cancelled due to the typhoon. It worked to my advantage because I get to meet  Lani Lluch of Mommy Bloggers Philippines and Louisa Mercado of The Art of Being a Mom before the event so I had companions during the Blogapalooza.

It was my first time to attend the event although I knew about it already last year. I was intimidated at first to join because I thought they have a strict screening of bloggers. It was again through some friends in Mommy Bloggers Philippines that I got the courage to send in my blog details and luckily I got in as one of the bloggers in the event.

As a first timer, I did not know what to expect from the event aside from the fact that  it is a meeting of bloggers and business to link their products and services to the online community. Good thing, I was given an advice to bring business cards, pens, and ecobags. I was even so excited that I woke up early and was in SM Aura at around 8am. hihi! Super excited talaga!

We came in at ten am there were still some booths that we're setting up. We did not however let that stop us from enjoying the event because we went ahead to the booths that were already open. We planned our visits carefully so we would be able to talk or atleast see what all the brands offered. There were alo of interesting booths and every brand gave out freebies for bloggers. I will share with you the booths that we went through but I'll also do a separate post for other products that I'd want to highlight on. Please watch out for that soon here on my blog.

The first booth that we went to was Victoria Court's. 

Victoria Court offered a game where we can win stickers and gift certificates. I got a small sticker!

Lani Lluch of Mommy Bloggers Philippines trying her luck in roulette!

Louisa Mercado of Art of Being a Mom

TouchPay APM

Touchpay APM is an automated payment machine tha offers the best customer experience through an easy and efficient approach. They accept cash payments for telecom, cable, power, water, loans and a lot more. The concept is practical and convenient especially for working moms like me. Paying bills can be a hassle sometimes but with TouchPay APM it will be a lot easier. The only thing I wished happened was that someone was in the booth to explain what it was about or if it is existing already as I have not seen it anywhere yet. 
For more information about them you may visit them at

Next we went to Henry's Professional. They had a most creative pose  contest on instgram. The winner got an instax camera as a prize.

Nicole Cuerdo of and Arcee Miranda of signing up at the booth.


Hello there, new friends!!!:)

Louisa Mercado of


I did not get a chance to talk to them because they were still seting up the booth. I sigend up however and was given a media kit. I appreciated being given a media kit so I cpuld atleast learn about their products more from it. I am a Crocs user and I'd love to discpver more of their products. 

Ysa Skin and Body Experts

We were given brochures and samples of their products.

Gaming Library

The booth was interesting and they made bloggers play some of their board games. Me and other mommy bloggers joined a game where you'd have to guess a part of history and the year when it happened. I did not get the correct answer haha but I enjoyed it. I was also given a 5% discount when I purchase any of their games.

Chips Ahoy

New flavors of Chips Ahoy! Mint Chocolate Chip
and Dulce de Leche

The booth offered taste test on their new cookie variants. I liked the peppermint choco cookie.
For more updates, like them on their Facebook page:

Ideal Vision
A VIP card is given when bloggers sign up and is entitled to a 20% discount on regular items and 10% on sale items. Any card that can give me a discount is welcome hihi. They also had a dance contest through kinect ( If I am correct).

Authority Hoodie

With Kristina of, Louisa Mercado and Lani Lluch

I love cute or kawaii stuff abd Authority Hoodie's products sure are superrrr cuuutee!! They offer unique hoodies like pandas, knight, Robin and other characters.
For more informaaion you may like them in your Facebook page: Authority Hoodie (ah!)

This is just some of the brands I saw and this is not even half of it. Can you imagine how hectic and exciting it was in the event? There were other fun and amazing brands that I'll share with you in my next post so please come back!
Next products are about Sample Room, Bioessence, Ace Water Spa, Caronia, Dr. Kong and many more!

Here are some of the freebies I got from the event.

Did you visit Blogapalooza this year? Comment in your blogposts and I'd be happy to read them.

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  1. You're there pala. I was there too! But unlike you, I was all by myself (with my +1, my fiance). No blogger friends, no familiar faces. Kaya nga I want to join events to build by blogger friends e. The first schedule also worked on my end because I had to attend to a concert on the first schedule (even with the typhoon) which will make me sacrifice Blogapalooza. Good thing it was moved. Speaking of that concert I attended while there's a strong typhoon, it was CNBLUE, a Korean group that went here to perform. I am one certified KPOP fangirl. It's in my blood so I need to be there (BADLY). There were stories pa nga that some fans ay talagang lumusong sa baha. Good thing nilagpasan lang namin ay malakas na malakas na ulan. Too much being a fangirl right?

    Anyway, it was also my first time on the event and I was so shocked! I didn't know that I had to take a lot of lootbag from the event. We're typically there the whole time. From 10-4 since we need to go back in Pampanga pa and I wasn't able to try the Niu by Vikings anymore which I truly regret.



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