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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

BLOGAPALOOZA 2014 Reflections of a First Time Blogger

Hi there beautiful people! Been busy with work lately but has been reflecting on my Blogapalooza 2014 experience last Oct. 11 SM Aura. I wrote a separate post about it so you may check them here. While I know I told ypu I will post more about the brands I met there, this one's not it yet. Hihi! Dont worry I promise not to make you wait too long.

Anyways, here are some of my post reflections on my first experience at Blogapalooza.
1. Bring business cards. It's a blogger's must have when you go to the event because it's a networking event. It also looks very professional and prepared. Other blogger friends told me that they have two types of business card, one for PR and the other is for co-bloggers or brands. I don't know how they define which card is for which but I think that's a nice idea too.

2. Engage as much as you can with brands you would like to partner with. This was something I was not able to do. It was because I really had NO IDEA what to do during the event. I knew I was to talk to brands but I did find many booths who has people to talk with about their products. There are few brands who had straight proposals or answers as to how bloggers can help them or how they can collaborate. Mostly just gave out freebies, asked to sign up forms or leave business cards and send you on your way. I would recommend bloggers or myself next time to try to get to know the brands better and try to explore opportunities for blogging.

3. Learn about brands or businesses ahead of time. Again something that I did not take serously before I attended. It was pure ignorance on my part. I just went there without any knowledge of who would be present which meant I did not have any background or proposals for each brand. Learning about the brands and business ahead of time will help you strategically plan you visit making better use of your time.

4. Quality over quantity.  This is something I would have to keep in mind for the next event. What I expected last time that I attended was to visit ALL brands/ booths. On the advantage, I get to know a lot of brands but on the disadvantage I get caught up with some booths and was not able to truly engage with brands I like.

5. Come early.  I'm proud to say that I came in early at the event, early enough to see a lot of booths preparing and to take time in enjoying the first hours of the event. It was also an advantage because I got to feel the event first to understand how it actually works.

6. Be wifi ready. As a blogger, I know that I should have come wifi ready during the event. Though I brought my pocket wifi it was kinda useless because I could not get connections inside the events place. Bloggers need to be internet connected because there are alot of games and giveaways that are only for those who can post pictures while in the event. It was such a bummer that I was not able to upload any of my photos during the event so no prizes and no traffic for me as well.

7. Charge your gadgets or bring a powerbank. As a blogger, we all know how important pictures are right? So just like in any event we have to be prepared and be a "girl or boy" scout with all the necessary gadgets we need to cover the event.

8. Bring an ecobag (lots of it)!!!  I mean it! It will be very useful to you because all brands gave out something for all bloggers. They also offer games and giveaways where you can win freebies and it would be a lot easier for you if you have your own bag. Although, all booths also gave out Ecobags, I would recommend you to bring large ones so you can just put everything in one bag and walk your way in the event in style. hihi! We don't want to look haggard right?

9. Bring your own WATER.  Yes, you read that right! You need water and there's none in the event. No one is selling any drinks there so better stock up on some before you go to the event. We had to go outside and look for a store that sells water just so we can drink. Doing games, talking and walking around a big venue can be exhausting and dehydrating but unfortunately the event does not provide for it.

10. Enjoy and Maximize your Time in the event.  As a first time blogger, aside from the (A LOT) freebies I enjoyed the company of bloggers during the event. I felt like I was in a different world apart from my professional work, family, and friends, it was a world where I fit in. I also realized that the blogging world is big for everyone. I also thought blogging or Blogapalooza for that matter was only for a selected few, that I could not fit in or that because I'm just a newbie, no brands or business would even consider me as partner. I realized that bloggers are friends we have online that can become true friends in reality. That they are real people who does not only blog and blog but also who likes to have fun. I had so much fun during the event, thanks to Mommy Bloggers I met during the event. It was refreshing to know that there is a place for bloggers like me in the big wide world of blogging and there are a lot of people who would help me to succeed. Finally, I can proudly say that I am an official (work-in-progress) bloggers who have supportive blogger friends and community.

Yes, I know I turned into a drama-emo blogger with that last number, right? So wipe those tears and prepare for next year's Blogapalooza, cause if you did not get excited with those ten things about blogapalooza, I don't know what else will!:)

Feasts your eyes with some of the photos I took from the #Blogapalooza2014!!!

Freebies galore at almost all booths! Thank you Team AMPR, AH!, Flawless, Delite, Bioessence, Canon, Easy Taxi, Sample Room, Crocs and Caronia!

Excited to try this tea!

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  1. I want to make my own business cards din. I admit, I feel lost last time since other bloggers are giving me their business cards that's why I want to make one for myself too in case i'll be attending events like this. Do you have yours sis? Hmm, do you think I'll get one?

    ... and I'll add here, EAT! Haha. I just ate a slice of pizza and a lasagna last time from the sponsors. We ate at past 4 na for lunch. Guess I was all giddy going to one booth to another that I forgot my stomach. I just had fun all through out.



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