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Monday, March 24, 2014

PART I: Make your own Kiddie Party by Manila Workshops

This is a photo of a fun filled workshop by the Manila Workshops with speakers from The Event Architects. I could not really express how I LOVED not only the workshop but also the speakers, suppliers, and the staff of Manila Workshops. Though I was a shy type kind of audience, I maximized the time I was there and truly learned the basics and more of party planning. 

This is the first part of my three part post about How to make your own Kiddie Party. 

For all the raves I used in this post and my previous post (Click here to read my previous post) it's time for me to stop complimenting and start sharing.:) I hope I got you all excited with it. 

The workshop was composed of 6 parts. Each part discussed the different considerations and processes to take in planning and styling a party. 

Part 1: Let's get started.

"Any party would not start without you."

This was for me the message of the first part to us participants. That whether it's our kids party or our own, the party will start with us. Recognizing this is important because our state or feeling before, during, and after the party will have an effect on it. It was something I did not really consider before. I was not that aware that whatever I feel during an event will be felt by the entire party. What they were actually pointing out is being stressed while planning or during the event itself. It was important, as they say, to keep calm because it will set the feel of the party and even our child's state. 

This is something I need to keep in mind because I have that tendency to panic when planning or during the event itself. Good thing, my hubby's the calmer guy. He knows how to calm me down so I think I'm in a good team here.:) 

Part 2: Set the Mood
This part's my favorite among all the parts. Though I love them all, this one's my one true love. In this part, the basics of party planning (that I skipped in all parties I did) was the topic. They summarized the lesson by giving an acronym using their company name which is TEA. What does TEA stand for? *drum roll please*

Things to consider under Theme are: number of guests, age and interests, venue, typeface, and colorway. This is where a dream or vision board comes to play. This is very important to do because it will help you visualize if the concept and design match or go together. With the vision board it will be easier to direct your efforts and waste of resources and time will be prevented. 

Things to consider under Expenses is: Kiddie Budget and Adult budget.

Things to consider under Atmosphere is Hear, Smell, and See
The atmosphere of the party will pull out everything together for your guests and even for your kids. If the theme is safari, sounds of tigers, lions, and other animals in a safari will help create that feel. Smelling, plants or sweet flowers will help create a princess-y feeling to a princess themed party. Seeing is putting castles or plants for a princess or safari theme respectively. This concept is just like providing your guests a 4D feel of your party.

These are three things to consider when planning for a party. Though it seems so basic some of those things I actually did not pay attention before. These could have been the culprit for some of my the downfall of my parties in the past. It's so basic that I often overlook it or did not really knew it has a big impact on the overall success of the party. Having listened to this part of the workshop was a proof that the time and effort I put in attending this workshop were all worth it. 

Will continue with the parts 4, 5 and 6 of the event in my next post. Please continue reading!:) Thank you!:)

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