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Monday, March 24, 2014

Ready, Set, Kiddie Party: A "How to make your own Kiddie Party Workshop" by Manila Workshops

Last March 22, Saturday I attended Manila Workshop's "How to make your own Kiddie Party" at Insular Life, Makati City. And I must say, I came home more than satisfied. It was an excellent event hosted by outstanding event stylist. I have nothing but good things to say about the experience.

So let me share with you happened in the "How to make your own Kiddie Party" by Manila Workshops.

I came 15 minutes late because I rode the bus and was not able to get off at the right bus stop. It sucks because I was so close but because I was not aware of the new bus stops route I had to walk two blocks to Insular Life. Good thing that the event was just starting when I came and there were still seats available in front. It was one of my worries while walking along Ayala because I thought I would not get a good spot.

The program started with the introduction of the speakers from The Event Architects, Ferdi Salazar and Czarina Ledesma. They also showed a video of their past event styling and I was truly impressed. It was a Filipino version of events I see on Pinterest. I was amazed by how detailed and fabulous their works are.  I knew I was going to be hearing a lot of great things from them just by seeing their video.

I'll be doing a three part post for this event because that's how much I learned from them and I want to share it with everyone tips to make our parties, and I mean not just Kiddie parties fabulous ones.

Part I: The Party Workshop
I will share what happened during the workshop and what I learned in the process

Part II: The Wonderful Party Suppliers
The workshop included different party suppliers during the workshop which I also enjoyed too. There were a wide range of products made available in the workshop like decors, crafts, and even food ideas. So if you're looking for something for your event one of them might be your bet.

Part III: My Dream Party
This was a question to start the whole workshop last Saturday. I had a concept with me eversince my baby boy was six month old and I'd like to give you a little teaser on it.

So, read on and I hope you'll get a tip or two from it.

For more workshops like this, visit:

Manila Workshops

For more information on The Event Architects (TEA), you may visit their fb page and click this link:


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