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Monday, March 3, 2014

My MAC Experience: One Kilig Moment


I got this from word porn and it's the best word to explain what and how I felt about my first MAC boutique experience. Sounds funny, but I'm the type of person who easily gets intimidated by stores in the mall especially those high end brand. MAC store being one of them. I have not visited nor bought any MAC product in my entire life until last week, Thursday!:)

It was a spur of the moment with my girl friends because we went to Megamall because I had to meet someone. While we waited, we decided to go to MAC and test their product. I had the chance to use MAC products during my ultimate professional make up workshop last November and I was amazed by how well their foundation covers, their eyeliners smoothly glide and the brow set that's really to die for.

Entering the store was a little awkward for me, I felt uneasy because I thought that the sales person/make up artist there would not be approachable. To my surprise, our makeup artist/consultant was a real fun. He made my first MAC experience very comfortable. Because he was very nice and friendly, we had the chance to test many products and he even did a make up trial on us using the products we chose and some of his recommended products for us.

I tried a lot of their products such as the brow set, mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow. I also asked Mhike, our makeup artist to match my skin with their foundation, found out I was an NC35. Cool right?:)

Mhike made me remove my eyeshadow and eyebrow color before the makeup demo.

My before look. Every moment is a lot happier with friends around!:)

Mhike sharing some tips on how I could use eyeliners on my monolids.

Mhike's how-to apply simple eyeshadow on my deep set, monolid eye.

My friend, Iris' turn on the make up chair!:)

I think doing the eyebrows really need practice and talent!:)

Our loot from the store! We spent Php5, 000 which entitles one of us to a free one-on-one make up workshop. My friends are so sweet to give the workshop to me!!:) Weeeehhh!:)

What I bought from the store:

MAC Studio Fix Pressed Powder NC35 Php1,800.00
MAC Brow Set Beguile  Php1,000.00

I'd say these two are the basic products I need and although it's a little pricey that quality is great and I can use these for a longer period of time. I'd share my one-on-one workshop as soon as I schedule for it.

You may visit MAC store in Megamall, Building B 3rd floor, look for Mhike for a fun experience!:)

This is indeed, one KILIG moment!:)

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