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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

TMART Haul: Concealer/Corrector and Pressed Powder/Contouring Pallete

I love online stores! Im a fan becuase I like that I can purchase online and not be in crowded places like the malls or tiangges. So I am always on the look out for online stores. I have discovered because I was looking for makeup palletes. Upon discovring this site I looked for reviews if it was legit or not because of its free shipping worldwide. I got good reviews and bad ones as well but I read more positive feedbacks so I decided to go through my purchase. I bough a concealer and contour pallete. I paid through Paypal and it was really a smooth transaction.

Then I got email confirmation of my order and payment and was asked to wait 45 days for my orders to be shipped. Of course, I had my doubts on whether I will receive my orders because of some of the feedback I've read about it.
Luckily, my orders came but I had to pick it up in the postal office. I only paid Php50.00 for the postal fee.

 15 Color Professional Makeup Camouflage Concealer Pallete Php 196.70

Wonderful Shading Powder with 4 colors Php299.00

So generally I would say it was a smooth transaction although it was a long wait. The postal fee of Php50.00 isn't bad as well, right? Its a lot cheaper than paying for the shipping fee abroad.

So more products for me to try, and I promise to make a review about it too!

Have you tried ordering in Tmart? What did you purchase?

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  1. Wait! How much is the shipping fee on this one sis? I blogged twice about Tmart before and they sent me review items as well as something from a giveaway and everything's for free. I also paid for the postal before which is P50 (now P100). I was wondering if you have availed free shipping or did you really paid for the shipping apart from the postal fee?



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