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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

#100happydays: The First 25 days

Yes, I rode the bandwagon and joined the #100happdays challenge that has been viral all over the world wide web. I used instagram as my social media and it has been filling up since I started it. Clap! Clap! for me because I already hit the first quarter of the challenge, and it's true what they say that you feel a lot more better recognizing simple happiness everyday. So here's my first 25 #100happydays, are you doing yours? Comment below so I can follow you and let's journey together to the 100th day!:)
Day 1: Start of #100happydaysofjho
Day 2: My little Cupit
Day 3: A different kind of Valentine at DLSAU, with songs and prayers
Day 4: A day spent with my baby is a day well spent
Day 5: Homemade sweets become sweeter because they are made with love
Day 6: Songs bring me comfort. I think my favorite bands know exactly how I feel and write it the best way possible
Day 7: Being a wife has given me the right to cook even if I dont really know how cause I have someone who will finish it whatever the taste is.

Day 8. Kids. Happiness. Need I say more?

Day 9. My Pick me up stuff. "People will stare at you, make it worth their while."

Day 10. Preparing food for my baby is priceless. 

Day 11. The people who accepts all of me. I love them to bits. 

Day 11. My hundred days are already filled because of you. Your every smile, laugh, and milestones are my happiness. I love you baby!

Day 12. His works speak to me much needed wisdom I lack or might have forgotten in my life struggles. Thank you for saying the right words at the right time. 

Day 13. Creative juices are pouring. Look who's excited. 

Day 14. Appreciate and celebrate the little things.

Day 15. Health is wealth.

Day 16. Happiness is my kikay kit.

Day 17. You teach by what you say, you teach by what you do, but most especially you teach by who you are. Blessed to live my passion. 

Day 18. 10 minutes of jogging non-stop

Day 19. I think I found my hair heroes. 
Day 20. Yummy sweet potato for my growing boy. 

Day 22. Finding and having the time to blog. PRICELESS.

Day 22. Lost 2.5kgs for almost 1 month of calorie counting, no rice diet at night and cardio workout. Kaya to!

Day 23. Live Jesus in our Hearts, Forever. 

Day 24. Dirty ice cream. Can you guess the flavor?

Day 25. Dominic's first birthday and photobooth booking. 

Such a good feeling summarizing the first 25 days of my #100happydays challenge. It makes me count my blessings and it is such a great feeling to be able to share it to others. 

Let's all start and do this happiness movement all the days of our life.
Spread love. Spread happiness.

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