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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

PART 1.2 Make your own Kiddie Party by Manila Workshops

Okay, so I already shared with you the first part of the workshop I attended last March 22, at Insular Life building Makati. You may read more about it here: Part I.Make your own Kiddie Party

The third and fourth part of the workshop was very much related. Part IV was entitled "Let's go to your favorite local grocery and bookstore" and Part V was a group activity.

The speakers talked about how paying a visit to the grocery and the bookstore can be very helpful in designing parties. All you need is the imagination and creativity to make it fit your theme. They shared different examples such as loofahs being a butterfly designs and paper straws as pick-up-sticks in a party. They also had a bunch of stuff with them that they bought from the grocery and bookstores as sample. Then we had a group activity where we were to create our own party centerpiece with the stuff we have. The first part was to look into the materials available. There were different things such as pad papers, stickers, vases, bedsheets, etc. Then we had to go back to our group and conceptualize a design. Our group thought of doing a Little Miss Sunshine theme because we saw colorful materials that we can use. After conceptualizing we were given about 2 minutes to get our materials and fifteen minutes to do our concept.

The Little Miss Sunshine Group
We used gold and red bedsheets,yellow and blue vases, paper straws,
candies, lollipops, flower curtains, colored pens and tags.

The second group created a Pajama party where they designed under the table. It was a unique idea because it looked like the kids had their own special nook inside. They also provided activities inside for the kids.

The third group won the activity which is a travel themed centerpiece. It was well thought out and their designs were fully detailed. They made use of the stickers as decors and used scrapbook papers as placemats. No wonder they won the activity.

The last group had a Morning after honeymoon theme. It was very minimal in design but what caught the speakers attention were their DIYs. They made flower cut outs out of the materials and covered the ballpens with tape. It was a unique design. They also won second place.

The last part of the workshop was the speakers sharing their suppliers to us. They shared that they only had six suppliers but these are the ones that they have tried and tested. Two of the six ones were even at Divisoria. It was such a breathe of fresh air knowing that I could really find good stuff in Divisoria because it means that its less expensive and "pwedeng tumawad".

The stores they shared were: 
Buy and Sell Philippines -

FB Page:

Delightful Miss Joyce

FB Page:

168 Mall

Edeng Toys Center

Will try to provide more posts about this suppliers as soon as I finished this three-part blogpost.:)

Hope you had a good read!:) 

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