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Thursday, October 8, 2015

K Palette 1 Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner Review

Having asian eyes is sometimes a struggle for me when it comes to eye make up. There are times that when I put on my eyeshadow, I feel like it is too heavy but when I open my eyes, it seems I did not put any. But I learned how to use eye makeup on my monolids through beauty bloggers, and attending free makeup workshops whenever possible. I also realized that to make my Asian eyes pop I had to really learn putting on my eyeliner.

A few months ago I got to try K Palette's product but it was only this month that I tried their eyeliner. I was using another brand so after finishing it up (yes, I am oc and practical like that) I started using K Palette's 1Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner. 

Brush like eyeliner pen makes it easy to put on and does not prick the eyes.

Swatched with one stroke, two, and three strokes. Perfect for any type of eyeliner.

Here are some before and after photos: 
No eyeliner on this photo just eyeshadow and mascara. 
After photo: With K Palette 1 Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner 

Closer look: Left without, Right with eyeliner

See how straight and clean my eyeliner is? Really amazing!;) 

One more close up. 
See how my eyes popped and opened up with eyeliner.

What I love about it: 

1. Its brush makes it easier to draw my eyeliner as close to my lashes as possible. Does not hurt or prick my eyes because of the fine bristles it has. Now I don't have to cry or get teary eyed while putting my eyeliner.
2. The flat and fine tip of the brush enables you to draw thin to thick lines on your eyes. Great for those times you need to change your day to night make up. 
3. Highly pigmented. You don't need to put on much cause its that pigmented. 
4. Smudge proof. The problem with having monolids is that liquid eyeliners easily smudges so I have to wait a few minutes or dry it up in front of the fan. With K Palette 1 Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner, putting on liquid eyeliner has never been this easy for me. It does not smudge even if I brushy finger over it. No more messy eyes for my Asian eyes. 
5. Easy to remove. Though it might be smudge proof, removing it isn't so hard. By just washing it with water or make up remover it gets off easily. 
6. Cute pink packaging. It suits my pink makeup bag and I love how its soo Kawaii. 
7. Price might be a little expensive but for a product that works and gives more than expected, I guess its an investment, plus its liquid so its going to go a long way. 

So the verdict: K Palette 1Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner is a monolid or Asian Eyes partner, it makes it easier to put on eyeliner and play with it too. I recommend it for girls who like the natural fresh look and the "no retouch necessary" style. With the easy to apply, and long lasting effect of this liquid eyeliner, there really is a reason to believe that there is magic.

For more information about K Palette Philippines, say hi to them here: 

Available in Beauty Bar stores, Rustan's and now in all Watson's Drugstores. 

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