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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Messy (Bessy) Baby Bug Repellent Review

I get easily worried when Enzo gets sick or when he goes to unfamiliar territories. That means different places like when we are commuting, parks and playgrounds, or just about anywhere that is new for us. Especially now that dengue and other illnesses are rampant it is important for me to ensure that Enzo is safe.

Then I discovered Messy Bessy products in the Active Nation Day event I attended last September 27. (Check my post event  article here: The Active Nation Day by Lorna Jane at BGC 

I have seen their products before but did not dare to try it. Did not really find anything I needed during that time I guess. But, to my surprise they had a wide range of products that I did not notice before. What caught my attention was the Messy Baby products, and it was very timely as I was looking for a Mosquito Repellent. 

I bought the Messy Baby Bug Repellent Cologne and here's some basic information about it: 

This fresh smelling skin spray doubles as insect repellent that helps shoos away flying or crawling insects. It is a worry-free formula that is made with 100% natural ingredients, skin-safe, and deet-free!

How to Use: 
Spray directly and evenly on all exposed skin. Repeat every 4 hours or when necessary. For sensitive skin, spray on clothes. 

Water, sugarcane alcohol, bergamot, vanilla, citronella, and eucalyptus essential oils. 

My thoughts on Messy Baby Bug Repellent Cologne: 

1. I love that it is not sticky like other repellants. It has a cologne form which I like because it dries fast and does not feel icky or slimy when it is hot or humid.

2. The scent is like a sweet perfume and the vanilla makes it even more perfect for toddlers and kids. 

3. Affordable price for PHp180 for 200ml size. I just transfer it to an atomizer so I keep it in my own and my toddler's bag. 

4. The organic and all natural ingredients makes it safe for babies and toddlers. 

5. It is locally made. I love Pinoy products and supporting it. Now I have another brand to support and promote. 

With this first amazing trial of Messy baby product, I am sure to try more of their products soon. For more information about other Messy Bessy products, check their social media accounts: 

Official website:
Instagram: @hellomessybessy


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  2. We are about to take our new infant camping for the first time. We're concerned about mosquito, and putting any repellent on her. We were thinking about using Off Clip-Ons near her.

    We're curious what others do around infants?



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