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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

#TrappedForever: Breakout Manila's Room 13

Picture this: 

You and your friends check in at an old motel after experiencing car troubles in the middle of nowhere and cannot call for help. But this place is giving you the creeps. Something does not feel right. Your group tries to leave the room but the door knob falls off - - and for some reason, you feel like it wasn't an accident. You try to force your way out but to no luck. You are trapped inside. 

Can you find a different way out or will your friends be trapped forever?

This is Breakout Manila's Room 13 and me and my siblings were given a chance to play this last March. It actually reminds me of the movie Identity in 2003. It is one of my favorite psychology movie because of the twist and suspense story it has.The actors acting was also superb and the ending was truly surprising. I can watch it over and over again. So when I had to choose which room to try in Breakout Manila, I knew we had to try Room 13 out. 

We failed to escape the room and was #TrappedForever, but we were almost there, just missed out on the last puzzle that could have brought us out of the room!

If you feel like trying the room here are some tips you might want to avoid:

1. Don't panic. The room and the ambiance makes you feel like it is a reality but remember it's just a game. My sister and I were stunned at first when the blindfolds were taken out, we could not move and we wasted about a minute jut staring at the room.

2. Don't give up the search. Clues are hidden, and they are hidden well. So to start solving the puzzles you have to find them first. 

3. Don't over think. "Wag mag-analyze masyado, baka maparalyze". Which was something that happened to us, we thought it was that complicated which wasted a lot of our time. 

4. Everything is possible. If you think it can be done then it probably can be done. 

5. Don't think you can get out that easily. The room is full of more rooms so don't think that when you open a door is that it's the end of the puzzle because it is not unless you don't see the outside world. That was our mistake because we thought we already finished  but we did not or notice that there was another room. 

So please avoid all these and you might be able to PLAN. SOLVE. ESCAPE Room 13!:) 

ROOM 13 by Breakout Philippines
Located at Paragon Plaza Ground Floor Reliance St., corner EDSA, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila 1550
Instagram: @breakoutph
Twitter: @breakoutph
FacebookBreakout PhilippinesBreakout Philippines

Have you tried any rooms in Breakout Manila? Which room would you want to try or have tried?


  1. Me and fiance's going to Manila on his day-off. Pasyal lang. We're thinking Ocean Park sana then saw this. Now I'm thinking twice. This type is what we like eh. Yung parang detective conan at the da vinci code lang ang peg. Kaso do they allow couples lang? Like 2 person only?

  2. Hi, ka-birthday! Ask ko lang, nakakatakot ba? May mga "mumu" ba or zombies if di ka makakalabas, something like that? Mukang maganda to pang team building namin sa office kaso kung may mga "mumu" o zombies (kahit pa kunware lang), di ko na i-susuggest kasi matatalo lang ako. SUPER AFRAID haha!

  3. By the way, how much pala yung rate nila? Parang wala ako nabasa. Is is per head? per team? any promo/ group package? Thanks in advance dear.



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