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Saturday, April 11, 2015

4 Toys that Grow: Developmental Toys to Invest for your Tots

I remember having a conversation with a fellow Mommy blogger, Paulline Flores of, about toys for our toddlers. Our kids are of the same age and it is also at the same phase when they start accumulating toys. As in my case, I have nieces and nephews who gives some of their toys to Enzo and there are also a lot of gifts from friends and relatives so we rarely buy.

After a year and 7 months, I have come to appreciate Enzo 's toys that grows with him. With that I mean that he can play with it from when he was still a baby up to now that he's already a toddler.

In choosing toys it is important to keep in mind what skills it tries to target. Here are some toys that can help assist your child's development:

Wooden Bead Wire Toys

This toy is for eye-hand coordination and which can eventually be used to introduce concepts in Math like counting and addition.

I got this for Daiso for only Php88.00, it is also of good quality for its price. If you want something bigger or branded has a lot of products you can choose from.

Sorting Toy

This was given as a gift and we have made Enzo use this when he was already 6mos. It introduces the concept of sorting and fitting things together. Shapes and colors can also be taught to toddlers using this toy.

Stacking Toys

This toy introduces the concept of piling things up and enhances eye-hand coordination. I love this toy because a lot of lessons can be taught which includes numbers, animals, transportation, color, etc. The boxes also serves another purpose of putting things inside which is also a skill toddlers need to learn about. Bought this on sale at Kids Craze Warehouse sale in QC. This cost only Php250.00. There are also other variations of this toy, one of which is Melissa and Doug that is available in all toy stores.

This one is a favorite and it plays a lot in Enzo's milestones. As a baby he used this as a mobile, as a toddler a walker and of course as a toy.

As a baby, he enjoyed looking at the colors and the lights while laying down. When he started sitting down, he was curious with using his hands on the revolving sun and the wind up circle. It also assisted him to walk when he was still practicing because it was lightweight and very stable. Now, he dances to the songs played, says "Hi" to the butterfly, caterpillar, and flower. This one really is a keeper.

My advice in choosing or buying toys is to its function for a longer period of time. This is practical to prevent accummulation of toys that children would not need in the future. It is also important to consider the skills it targets so atleast it can assist our child's development. Especially now that more and more children are into gadgets, it is a challenge for parents to introduce toys that are traditional. Though we would want these toys to help our child's development, we still need to always remind ourselves that every child is different. More than the toys that we buy for them, our love and attention is still the best for them.

Do you have other toys that grow? Share them with me, I'd love to hear from you!:)


  1. It's really a good thing to invest on their toys. Toys that they could enjoy yet educational. Your child is lucky to have you as his parents because you consider these things for him, for his development. I wish I could do the same, di kaya ng budget kaya most of the time, puro improvised or DIY ang mga educational stuff nila.

    1. Most of his toys are actually gifts, and mga pasa from pinsan so I dont buy hihi. Okay din naman ang DIYs minsan nga it spurs more imagination from them

    2. Swerte mo nga ee. Kasi yun anak ko unang apo. Wala talaga iba mapagkukuhaan, hehe. Syempre as a mom, gusto ko rin maranasan nila magkameron ng mga ganun, kaya minsan, nakaka-frustrate din na di ko maibigay sa kanila.

  2. I remember those toys in shapes, sorting toys. We have that when we were young. It's one of my favorite toys then.



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