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Monday, April 6, 2015

Quick Summer Fix Part 3: Underarm Laser Hair Removal

#TBT on a Worry Free Day with Friends. Confident with raising my arms on this shot! 
But if I had been wearing sleeveless during that time, 
I bet I could not do that post as my UA would get exposed. hihi. 

On today's post is a solution to one of those moments where we feel insecure or ashamed of our UAs.
If you have seen my previous post on this four post series about having whiter underarms, it is but important to take note of reasons why our UA's become dark, or rough. You can read here about Underarm Whitening and discounts on Skin Philosophie.

There a lot of culprits in dark and rough underarms, some of which are simple daily things we do that worsens our UA's condition. Some culprits include chemicals in deodorants, plucking, shaving, and waxing. Yes, you read that right all methods of hair removal actually contributes to darkened and rough UAs. HAir removal with these methods do some trauma to one of our body's sensitive skin and with trauma comes dark skin, chicken skin, and visible lines.

So, how to remove underarm hair without traumatiziing the skin? The answer is simple, LASER REMOVAL. If you are a beauty addict or enthusiast You'd probably have known this for a long time as this has been long used by many beauty and dermatology clinics. If you are new to the concept here some basic info about it:

According to, laser removal is a concentrated beam of light aimed at the hair. The light is then absorbed by the pigment, which damages the follicle enough to retard the future growth. Lasers can remove hair anywhere from several months to years, as the results differ widely from person to person. Laser treatments also requires more than three sessions in order to fully target all follicles. The results are of course fulfilling as you'll see your UA whitening and smoother after a few sessions. It also prevents you from shaving or plucking your UA air which prevents adding more injury to your UAs.

Skin Philosophie Medical Aesthetic and Lifestyle Solutions by Dr. Kyla Talens knows these problems and offers a solution for all people who wants whiter, smoother and less inconvenience in their UAs. This summer the clinic offers Underarm Laser Hair Removal for a discounted price of Php2,700 per session from its original price of Php4,500 per session. It's 40% off promo that you should not miss. Each session promises visible results even on the first treatment. That's amazing, right? Aside from that they only require 4-6 sessions of treatment to fully remove UA hairs which is a lot fewer than any other clinic offers. Its value for money and time and you will receive the best care you deserve and more.

To get the discounted promo, you just need to screenshot this blogpost and show this to Skin Philosophie and you'll get plus 5% discount off the promo price! So if you are considering getting an underarm laser hair removal visit them and enjoy the summer with whiter, smoother and hairless UAs! Now you'll be more free to raise your hands anytime, anywhere!:)

For more information about their services you may visit their site here:

Disclaimer:I am an accredited Online Lead Generator of Skin Philosophie Medical Aesthetic and Lifestyle Solution.


  1. Super bata mo pa sa pic! Hehe! Anyway, re: post, 2,700 is affordable already kung laser hair removal ang pag-uusapan. But knowing na 4-6 sessions...AW! Mabigat sa bulsa (pag may pamilya ka na at di ka naman madatung...hehe).

    1. Hehe yeah, talagang may consideration sa budget but maybe pag medyo makaluwag luwag hihi!:)

    2. 2,700 x 4 sessions = 10,800... mukhang matagal-tagal pa akong makakaluwag kung ganyan. haha!

  2. I think 2700 per session is kinda expensive. I saw an ad at the mall last time for 10k for 10 sessions already. But I don't know if their effective or not. I believe that I can only find the effectiveness of a certain service of thing if I use found it out myself. But I'm not yet splurging 20k+ for the treatment. I have to save for the wedding first! Hint, hint. :)



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