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Friday, April 24, 2015

Nagipon Ka, Ngunit Kulang? How to Save, Budget and Invest Wisely

"I take pride in my financial intelligence, I know how to save and I know where I put my hard earned money" - Me, ten years ago.

Well that was when I was in my younger years, during my young professional years when I earned a fairly big enough compensation relative to my needs back then. I started saving since I was in grade school which helped me in some of my expenses or co-curricular needs back then. During my yuppie days, I opened my bank account, saved a little every payday and felt proud of myself. When I got an increase in compensation, I invested a little part of my money. I started investing when I was 25 years old, did not really know much about it but I trusted my agent, I also had a friend who entered into the same investment so I was pretty much secured. I never bothered knowing anything about it, until recently when I was having a hard time paying the annual rate.

You might say, it was great that I started in my mid-20s right? Well, I'd tell you at present I am struggling with managing my finances. A lot of changes happened in the last 5 years and these has taken a toll on my financial intelligence (?) Back when I was still single, my saving and investment practice worked out just perfectly because I did not have a lot of expenses. But now that I have a family, money management is a totally different story.

I did not stop saving and investing even when I got married, but the expenses grew which shook me a little especially when Enzo was born, The expenses did not stop and it just keep coming every month. What was really difficult for me to adjust with is my spending practices and perception on savings and investments. My situation changed a lot but my financial management did not, which is a bad formula. I save and save but did not know that to be financially free is more than just saving. There key part that I forgot was budgetting.

Luckily, I have discovered a financial management product that aims to teach saving, tracking expenses, budgetting and investing. This product is the Chink+ DIY Money Kit. A do-it yourself money kit that teaches you how to get out of debt, save money from your wages, budget wisely, and start investing.

Watch my unboxing video here to find out what's inside the Money Kit:
The Money Kit includes the following:

1.Chink Positive Money Kit Manual -  A guide that will help you to navigate in the step-by-step
process on how to start your financial journey to become financially literate and debt-free.
2. Chink Positive Debt Repayment Plan Worksheet - This will help you choose different debt reduction strategies, including identifying the highest debt and when you can be debt free.
3. Chink Positive Accordion Folder - This allows you to organize and divide monthly expenses.
4. Chink Positive Financial Obligation Worksheet - This helps you to prioritize  your spending and focus on the needs and removes the wants in life.
5. Chink Positive Expenditure Envelope - This allows you to keep track of your daily, weekly and monthly expenses - for you to know how much you have spent within a month in a glance.
6. Chink Positive Saving Envelope - This allows you to have the financial discipline to get starteed in saving even with whatever little you have.
7. Chink Positive Investment Envelope - This system will allow you to set and achieve your financial goals in order to make your money grow.
8. Budgeting Software - This is a full automated software that allows you to (a) edit the item, base on your personal needs and preference (b) keep track of your monthly, semi-annual or annual expense (c) to know how much you are earning on a monthly, semi-annual or annual basis (d) to be able to know if you are living within or beyond your means. 
9. Chink Positice DVD Guide - Chinkee Tan's video that can help you and guide you on your personal journey
10. Till Debt Do us Part Book - This is a book by Mr. Chinkee Tan which has sold over 100,000 copies that help people on the basics of saving, budgeting, getting/staying out of debt and investing.
The Money Kit costs Php2,500 but if you order now you can get his other books for FREE. The following books can be yours with the money kit so you will be equipped with everything you need to know about financial management. Each book cost Php300-400 each so you save almost Php2000 on all these stuff.

But if you are only interested on buying the books, you can still avail of the discount offered here on the blog. Buy 4 books for only Php1,250 and get 1 book Free, or buy 3 books for Php900

Here's a complete list for your reference:
Always Chink Positive: How to Inspire Yourself to Inspire Others
Rich God, Poor God: Why God Wants you to Prosper
Secrets of the Rich and Successful
For Richer and For Poorer:Why the Rich Get Richer, and the Poor Get Poorer
How I Made my First Million through Direct Selling and How you can too!

If books aren't enough for you, then there is an upcoming Wealth and Life Coach Chinkee Tan will have a conference on June 20, Saturday from 1:00-6:00PM at Metrowalk Plaza. Early registrants are given Php1,000 discount. Ticket prices are as follows:
Gold: P1800 P800
Silver: P1600 P600
Bronze: P1400 P400

And there is no stopping these great news because when you sign up on the form below before purchasing, I will make you 3 name poems or pictures with effects that you can send to greet your fb friends.

Also, when you purchase the Money Kit after signing up, you will receive another freebie from Chinkee Tan, a Chink Positive shirt!

If you want to receive the give-away being offered on this blog, just fill up this form to reserve (DO THIS FIRST). You will receive an opt-in confirmation email to ensure you are not being added without your consent. Once you confirm, you will get an email that has the links to purchase Chinkee Tan's books, money kit and training programs.

For more information go here;

Disclosure: I am an accredited online lead generator for Chinkee Tan's Books and Training Programs. 


  1. That kit was nice sis. I like the concept of those envelopes. Quite expensive nga lang the kit. But with the books, it's nice na rin. I actually really really want that!

  2. Yep, the books are really worth it. Think of the price as an initial investment nalang, you don't only learn about books but about life and God too!:)

    1. I'll try to save for it sis. I like it talaga. Lalo na this time na kelangan ko na talagang matuto magbudget ahaha

  3. This is really nice ah! i have envelopes too pero gawa ko lang para sa expenses and savings. It helps a lot to manage yung income :)



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