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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

No More #YayaProblems with Manila Workshops' Basic Yaya Training

#YayaProblems is one of the many topics of conversations of mothers. Some stories are entertaining, funny, witty but some are really bothersome. I don't have a yaya for Enzo because my work and school allows me to still take care of him for most of the time, but whenever I have to go to school or work my sister-in-law takes care of him. Luckily, I have a very supportive sister-in-law and she understands how we want to take care of Enzo.

Our yayas are a great help to most families, I remember when we had Yayas or Kasambahays in the house because both my mom and dad are working. They play a huge role in our homes because they took care of my siblings and I, and they assist my parents in the household chores. Thus their work and roles as yayas are very much appreciated and recognized. 

Their role is significant in the formative years of the children they take care of. They stand as the second parents to these children and so their values can be translated as well. Child rearing and household management is a hard job which entails different skills to be able to perform them successfully. As parents, it is also our duty to treat our Yayas and Kasambahay as people with potentials and to equip them with skills necessary for their jobs. By doing this, we make better partners in our goal of producing children with character and success.

With this Manila Workshops again has created an event that targets this need, so send your Yayas and Kasambahay to different training this year.


Session 1: Ettiquette and Cleaning
April 25, (Saturday) 3- 5 PM
Venue: Mothercare Active Fun BGC
To attend this FREE workshop, please sign up here

Session 2: New Born, Infant, and Toddler Care
May 2, Saturday 1-4Pm
August 8, Saturday 1-4pm
Venue: Mothercare Podium
Fee is at Php1,000 per participant
To register please click here:

Session 3: Basic First Aid
May 30, Saturday 1-4pm
July 18, Saturday 1-4 pm
Fee is at Php1000 per participant
Click here to sign up:

Session 4: Money Management
June 20, Saturday 1-4pm
Sept 19, Saturday 1-4pm
Fee: Php 1,000 per participant
Click here to sign up:
All sessions are inclusive of handouts/materials that participants can take home.

Please use my referral code -=BYT1 TYJ=- if ever you want to join any session. Thanks very much!

At this time, everything is learned and what best way to take care of our children is to make their Yayas and Kasambay educated as well.

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  1. okay to na matrain na mabuti mga yaya, lalo na yung kapag mga nakuha mo sa province na hindi pa masyado sanay. pero ang prob ko naman ay walang yaya...huhuhuh



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