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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Raising a Reader: Beginner Books for Toddlers

As a booklover myself I intend to consciously raise my son to become a reader. I want him to have a love for books anf of discovering the world through reading. I got my love for books for my Mom as well, growing up I saw her always with a book at home. She spent countless hours reading and collecting books from her favorite authors. Thru her I also started my own collections from fairy tales, horror, suspense to young adult books. She supported my love for reading and I thank her for that.

Now that we are in a digital age, children are confronted with gadgets, internet, and mass media. It seems its easier to learn from it but for me it hinders creativity and imagination. This is the reason I see to it that little Enzo has a lot of time spent on books.

A growing library of Enzo
In choosing books for toddlers, it is important to consider if it is age appropriate. Toddlers have short attention span so a book for beginners need to be short in pages and in content.

Beginning Beginner Books
Look for that sign with Dr. Seuss
Has short texts and colorful illustrations
The B Book
Bought these books at Chapter Pages in Trinoma for Php65.00 each. Dr. Seuss books are best for beginner readers and these are really a steal. 

Baby Einsteins books are best for toddlers as well. Just make sure to check the age target of the books so you know if it is appropriate for your tots. You can introduce a lot of concepts using this book like counting, colors, animals and a lot more.

A favorite bedtime story since Enzo was a baby, Guess How Much I Love You is a great story and has all the feels for a parent-child relationshio. This was a gift from Enzo's godmother bought from Fully Booked.

A Use-Your-Words Feeling Book helps little children to identify and express their feelings. It builds emotional language skills to enhance children's understanding of their own and others' feelings. These books were also gifts from relatives and friends and bought from National Bookstore.

When choosing books for toddlers always consider the age appropriation, colorful and easy to understand illustration, and composition of the book itself. It is also best to bring them to the bookstore so they can choose and find their interest.

Also remember that parenting is role modeling. They will be a reader if they see that their parents love it as well.

What's your latest storybook for you child at the moment?


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  2. Very nice! Aki has that same book, Patch The Dog. My children love books that come interactive. They feel bored if they are just plain story books.

    1. Nako I agree kaya need talaga na colorful and the illustration are drawn well.

    2. Naku, sa anak ko naman di umuubra kahit corful na sya at maganda illustration. gusto nya yung may kakaiba syang nakikita o nagagawa. Like yung mga books na may gumagalaw mata, or may nagagalaw na kamay ng mga characters habang nagbabasa or di kaya may pinipindot para tumunog. And that also means expensive haha.

  3. I always adore moms who expose their children to the benefit of reading. I don't know why but most of my high school students have the attention span of a beginner in reading. They hate reading long stories in class even if the plot was nice. I guess those children wasn't expose in books in their early stages which is sad.

  4. My son loves to read books with pictures. As of now he is reading 365 bedtime stories so he is oblige to read 1 story per day. :)

  5. Very nice choices! Dr. Suess have been my kids faves too when they were a whole lot younger!

  6. I need to explore Trinoma. Those books are great deals. We're lucky we got toddler readers. One thing I want to share is that when reading books, we should read with our child rather than read to them. That make sure that your child is more involved and interested so they learn more.

  7. Ang mura ng books ah! Will check this out when I go to Trinoma nga!


  8. My boys love reading too. I normally take them to book stores and let them choose books to read based on the budget I give them.

  9. I am into making my son love books too. Hindi kasi ako naging book worm ever. Anyway, I want to know kung hard bound ba yung Dr seuss na book mo? I have been looking sa national bookstore and booksale pero wala ako makita. Naka ilang mall na ako =(

    I think my toddler would like the last book din! =)

  10. Hi momma :) Where is Chapter Pages? Reading is always a favorite activity for me and my girls and I always pass by Powerbooks to get them a new stash :)

  11. High five! We love to read, too. The books we are reading now are the candyman and the gingerhouse, puss and boots, and the little prince. :)

  12. I'm always on the look out for books for sale. I remember Guess How Much I Love You from my childhood days. I think I was in gradeschool when my teacher read that book to us and got everyone crying. Lol! I should buy my kids a copy.

  13. Our kids all have their own collection of books. We're also raising them to be readers. :) Right now our Ziggy is obsessed with books on dinosaurs and sharks. :)

  14. I'm building a library for my kids. Thanks for sharing this post. Now I know where to get affordable books!

  15. We are now just starting to read books before kasi he loves to color all the books not to read. This is my target for this year thatt he learn how to love to read the books



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