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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Movie Stars Cafe: Where Reel time becomes REAL!!

Are you a movie addict? Do you love Spiderman, Ironman, Freddie Krueger, and other movie characters? Or do you love pasta, burgers, hotdogs, anything food? Are you a buffet enthusiast? OR ARE YOU BOTH? 
Well, there's a place that will surely satisfy your movie and food cravings!!! 

A Movie Memorabilia Studio
Cafe and Restaurant 
Located in Seaside Blvd, SM Mall of Asia Pasay City, Movie Stars Cafe is a movie themed cafe and restaurant that showcases props from different movies and autographs. The whole restaurant is surrounded by movie posters, character statues such as Ironman, Shrek, Spiderman, and many more. Not only do they have displays but what's more amazing is that they actually have movie stars interacting while you dine. They also sing, dance, and playing their roles. They also have shows starring these movie characters every 30 minutes. There really is no dull moment in this restaurant, I assure you!
The character were all very nice to pose for a picture even before the show. 
They roam around the restaurant and interact with everyone. 

Not only do they offer the best kind of entertainment, they also have a great selection of food and drinks. They offer international dishes that are cooked by their excellent chefs and they are all movie inspired menu. Their beverages has a wide selection of 40 choices while their alcoholic drinks are approximately 100. Talk about consistent theme, right?  One more thing that Movie Stars Cafe is proud of is their Dino Buffet. Aside from the option to choose a la carte meals, you may also choose the buffet instead. 

In Dino Buffet, you can be your own artist and create your signature deluxe hamburgers, sandwiches and hotdogs. For rice eaters, don't fret because the buffet also has a selection of rice, and other viands such as fish fillet, porkchops, fried chicken and many more. They also have salad bar, and of course dessert and fruit station. You might be wondering why it's called Dino buffet, right? Well, a screamingly fascinating life-sized T-REX can be spotted right in the middle of the buffet station. It's one of the many spots where I recommend you take a picture too!:)
The buffet area and some of the food they have.

The BEST Entertainers in the resto :D

Now. let's talk entertainment. In Movie Stars Cafe when you say entertainment, they know what entertainment is and they mean it. I honestly truly enjoyed all the performance last April 30, 2014. I would compare it to a mini variety show to a mini broadway show at the end. The show started at 7:00 PM with the Japanese cosplayers followed by the movie stars cafe characters. It was so entertaining and funny at the same time watching characters like Spiderman, Ironman, Jason X, Freddie Krueger and others dancing to different pop songs. But don't get me wrong, the performers are all great dancers and they gave a total performance everytime. We were actually also fortunate because yesterday was the first performance of Alodia Sisters and Starmarie. 
Photo from Movie Stars Cafe FB Page

Anime fanatics would surely enjoy the show as they were in their Lolita costumes while singing and dancing. 

Next was The Lion King's performance. It was such an amazing show, the actors were all great and they sung beautifully. It brought me back to my childhood days. Lion King was one of my favorite cartoon movie back in my grade school years. 

The Amazing Spiderman show

Then next was another great performance by amazing Spiderman. They had a short skit with lots of stunts and they had both red and black Spiderman with the Evil Green Goblin. I enjoyed that show too! Then all the characters danced again and invited some of the guests to dance with them. It was such a fun night which ended with Ironman's performance. 

After the night, I would say I was not only satisfied with the food but with the entertainment as well. The food was delicious and I liked that although the selection was pretty limited it had it's own trademark of a burger or sandwich make it your own buffet. I only hoped they'd try to minimize the smoke because it makes the place a little hot and foggy. We also had a chance to try one of their a la carte which is the Marimar. 
Marimar. Chicken and beef Quesadilla with salsa and mozarella sticks

My selection of food from the Dino buffet. 

The performance was also breath taking. It was more than what I expected and I admire all the performers for the work they put into every show. The costumes, props, lighting, background, and songs were all very thought out to give the audience the real feel of the movie. 
Plus, if I may add, I was also impressed by their restrooms. It was still consistent with the theme as they put signages such as Zombies inside, etc. It only shows that they are very keen to details and they stick to their theme even in the smallest room in the restaurant. Plus points that they have a very wide diaper changing station which has its own lavatory. A lavatory inside the restroom itself and a handwash station outside. Was not able to take photos though. One thing, I would suggest to them is to make high chairs available as well. We brought along our 8 month old baby boy and it would have been better if there was a high chair for him so we can enjoy the show more. 
What's my overall score of the place? Everything about it deserves a standing ovation and a round of applause. They stay true to their concept and gave me and my companions an entertaining and tummy satisfying night. The staff were also very accommodating and customer oriented. The place is fit for all ages, from the youngest to the oldest member of the family, there's something for everyone.

And here's a treat from me to you, my readers, if you want to go and experience reel time becoming real, just give them this code QZQI - 8106 and they'll give you a 10% discount on your bill. High Five!!!

But before you go, here are some of my tips to have the best night:
1. Bring a camera - it'll be a night of unlimited picture taking from the entrance until you leave the place. 
2. Make sure it's fully charged - Please please or you'll regret it like we did
3. Ask the staff to sit you in the center near the stage for the best view.
4.   Bring your little kids, nephews or nieces. They'll surely enjoy it.
5. Come in around 6pm so you'll have time to take pictures with all characters before the show start.
6. Prepare to laugh and be amazed. 

There you go, and enjoy your visit! 
For more information or update, visit their site here: Movie Stars Cafe
Like their FB page here: Movie Stars Cafe

Movie Stars Cafe is open 
Monday to Sunday
Monday to Saturday and before holiday - 12pm to 2am
Sunday and Holiday - 12 pm to 12 am

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post but a discount was given for the review. All comments and feedback are 100% mine. 

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