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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Box worth the Wait: My first BDJ Box

I've always been intrigued by BDJ box as soon as I have known about it but have never tried purchasing one. It was only when I became a fan of Genzel Kisses and read about the BDJ boxes review in her blog that I decided to get one for myself. (If you want to know why I'm such a fan of Gen-zel, click here to read more about her and her blog.

I had chills when I received an email from BDJ that I am about to get my box for May. And I'd say it was truly worth the wait. We were actually on vacation when my package arrived but our nice neighbor got it for me so yey!:) Atleast I got it as soon as we arrived home.

When I got the package, I was like a little kid who didn't want to open it just yet. I didn't want to ruin the nice packaging and I was feeling a little nervous on what's inside hihi!:) Receiving it was so much fun for me. I enjoyed looking at it first and being surprised in seeing whats inside.

The Precious BDJ box.:)

The step by step unboxing :)

BDJ Box Summer Radiance

Happiness in a box.

The contents of the box:
1. Too Cool for School Pumpkin Sleeping Pack
2. Godiva Licowhite Whitening Lotion
3. Godiva Licowhite Antiperspirant Deodorant
3. Organix Hair Care Set 
4. Dermal Sheet Mask
5. Revlon Colorstay Nail Enamel

There are also vouchers included inside too:
1. Avon Voucher - Free Belle Underwire Custom Cleavage Dream Brassiere
2. Bifesta Voucher - Php100 off on all cleansing lotion all variants
3. Dr. CRB Voucher 50% off on reshape ultra
4. I Do Nails Voucher Free Add ons for every Manicure and Pedicure
5. Lucido-L Php50 off on all Lucido-L variants
6. Professional Artists Cosmetics Make Over Voucher 

So, is the BDJ box really worth the wait? and the money? DEFINITELY YES! The full size of the items amount to Php2,074.00 while the BDJ box subscription is only Php580.00. So it's really a box worth the wait and will surely give you the much needed pampering after summer!:) 

For more information about BDJ box, here are their social media links: 
Official website:
Instagram and Twitter: @bdjbox

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