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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Turning Japanese at Genji M's Unlimited Sushi and Roll

Do you love Japanese food specifically sushi and rolls? Well, you're in for a very very nice treat at Genji M!

Genji M Japanese/Korean Restaurant
Kalayaan ave., cor. Makati Avenue

Last night, we tried Genji M's unlimited sushi and roll for Php499.00 but with a free meal coupon I got from All Chucked Up. You can get the voucher in his site, print it and get the Php250 off your bill. It's that simple. One tip, I would recommend you to do is to reserve ahead of time so you can maximize the unlimited promo. We went there without reservation so we had to wait for 1 hour before we can get seated given that it was a weekday. Others who had reservation was given a seat immediately.

Although we didn't have a reservation, we waited because we had no more other time to go there, plus we we're really craving for maki, and rolls that night. So while waiting, we took photos of the place to amuse ourselves. Here are some of the photos we took:

The receptionist was so nice, she immediately gave me a chair to sit on because we brought Enzo along.

Sorry for the crappy photo. This is the chef's station where they make the sushi, rolls and sashimi.

Then we finally got seated. One of the things that caught my attention was the doorbell for every table.

This is used to call the waiters. Nice right!?!:)

Okay, once seated the first serving will be the Chef's recommendation. They'll first serve whatever the chefs want you to taste for, it's like chef's favorites, before you would order. So here's what we got!

Are you drooling already? It's drool-worthy, I tell you! These are the rolls, 2 of each were served to us.

Chef's recommendation of Sashimi and roll.

Next, they'll give you the sushi and roll list for you to order. We ordered modestly cause we didn't want leftovers. Note that leftovers are not allowed. There are other items not available but if you're really in for a Japanese treat order everything so you can try it. 

All were really yummy but my favorites are Cheese roll, Spam roll and Pork roll. I'm not really a sashimi person but I like Salmon and Tuna. 

Even our little boy enjoyed the food. He ate miso soup which is unlimited too, and the baked tofu. He even felt asleep afterwards. I would like to just suggest that they have a high chair for mommies like me that have babies with them. 

They also have Filipino dishes to also entice Filipinos to come to their restaurant and try their dishes. The restaurant is also very spacious and clean. It makes dining really fun. If you want they also have VIP rooms you can use for big events. And they also have private rooms, you need to reserve though to be able to use it. The staff were also very nice and friendly and they do their best to serve you as soon as they can. You only need to be a little patient cause its an unlimited resto so there might be some delays too. I suggest you order as much as you can eat on the first order so your waiting time will be less.

Private rooms

So, if you want to get a glimpse of Japan and its cuisine, try Genji M's unlimited sushi and rolls!! They also offer unlimited sashimi with unlimited sushi and roll, or unlimited premium sashimi that includes unlimited sushi and rolls, and tuna seafood shabushabu. 

And if you want to avail of the free meal coupon we got, print this coupon from All Chucked Up! A blogsite of Mr. Chuckie Dreyfus. Thank you for the coupon, Sir Chuckie Dreyfus!:) I'm spreading this meal coupon as well so you can try it. 

For reservations, call 804 2883. The coupon is until May 31, 2014. One coupon per person and as many as you'd like. It's Php250 off your bill. We ordered unlimited sushi and rolls for the original price of  Php499, with the voucher we only paid Php250. Great deal right? 
For others who are asking, you can print it in black and white and in multiple copies.

Enjoy and share with me your Japanese unlimited experience with me. 
What's your most favorite from the menu? 

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