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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bulacan: Swim and Slide at 4 K Garden Resort

If you want to swim and slide your summer out, there's a place in Bulacan that can satisfy your need. We went there last week of April for day trip and it was I would say a pleasant stay. 4 K Garden Resort is located at 1179 Bagong Barrio Catmon Sta. Maria, Bulacan which is a 40 min drive from Balintawak. In it's three hectares of land lies one 2,000 sq.meter wave pool, 2 adult pools, 2 kiddie pools, 1 private pool and 1 semi olympic pool. They also have three slides in the three connecting pools. Around are different cottages ranging from pool umbrellas, nipa huts, gazebos etc. They also have a covered multi-purpose basketball court, and events venue.

One of the main attraction of the resort is their slides.

Adult pool

Wave pool. Has a schedule and opens every hour or so. They announce it every time it opens.

Adult and kiddie pools. It was closed during our visit. 

Gazebo for Php500 good for 20 pax

You can reserve a cottage or gazebo before you go there. 

Available grill on the sides of the resort. It's common so everybody can use. Bring your own utensils and charcoal. It has a lavatory attached to it. 

Our designated cooks/chefs

I'll share with you my opinions on the resort according to four category which are: 
Value for Money, Accessibility, Comfort and Enjoyment

Value for Money:
Entrance fee is Php150 for both adults and children
Cottage fee is only Php500 for 20 pax
For a minimum amount you get to experience almost all the amenities in the resort, 3 pools and a wave pool plus three slides. Not bad for the price. 

It's fairly accessible if youre from the North part of Manila. We came from Pasay during that time and it was roughly 1 and a half hours. We travelled through NLEX and it was not traffic during that time.

Didn't like the comfort rooms.. AT ALL. The showers were not well maintained and the floor was very messy and wet. One of the kid that we brought even slipped on the floor. The toilets also does not have locks and the bowl itself was not that cleaned. I did not feel secured while using the comfort rooms. 

The water on the pool was not really clean because they don't have a shower area available for people to use before heading to the pool area. They also lack trash cans or some people/guests weren't mindful of their trashes. 

In general we had fun during our stay. We had a lot of option as to what pool we want to go. They also offer pools for children which is a plus for me because we have our eight month old baby. The Gazebos were also appropriate for our number. 

So, the next time you want to get away from the heat of the sun, remember 4K garden resort. A place where you can swim and slide.Here's their operation hours:

Open Daily 
8:00am-5:00pm @ P150/person (day swimming)
6:00pm-4:00am @ P200/person (overnight swimming) 
Open on Holidays 

For update and other information, like their 
FB Page: 4K Garden Resort

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