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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

PANGASINAN: Boating World Resort

Our family spent had our last summer hurrah in Boating World Resort, San Fabian Pangasinan. It was a spur-of-the-moment vacation because we were planning to stay in our Baguio house for the entire weekend. So we found ourselves in the town of Pangasinan without any idea where to stay. We just went our way and decided to just look for one there because my mom knew that there are a lot of beaches and resort in San Fabian.

We we're guided by a travel guide upon reaching a detour in San Fabian due to a bridge counstruction. He first brought us to Holiday which is "too public" place for us. It means there are just cottages and one aircon room that's a little far from the beach. We did not like it there because we had children with us and we felt it was not safe and private. So we ask Kuya to bring us to a semi-private or hotel-like place and he brought us to BOATING WORLD RESORT.

We were so happy we found this place because it was like oasis in a desert place. (And I'm not even exaggerating) 

 Located at Nibaliw Vidal San Fabian Pangasinan. Boating World Resort offers its guests a place to relax and unwind with the sun and sand. They have single rooms, family rooms and dormitories that would fit any number of guests. They also have function halls and rooms for different occasion. Aside from the beach they also have two swimming pools, one for the kids and the other for the adults. Both pools have slides which is a plus point for me. The resort also has cottages, grill, videoke, and wide parking spaces.

Picnic tables in between the dormitories and rooms. This area is free for all resort guests. 

Free use of Kubo/Cottage for all guests as well. We got to use this kubo for our entire stay.

Part of the bar and the container vans turned into rooms. 

For daytrip guests.

The grilling area. Free use as well. 

                                                                          The pool area.

The bar is open until 12mn I think and they have a TV at night where the guests can watch and dine. They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner and they also allow "paluto"

This is the family room which is good for three people. Costs Php3,000 and Php300 in excess.

Toilet and bath. A little small for a toilet and bath.

                                                                 Parking area

Our stay in Boating World Resort was truly splendid. I would suggest however that they provide a water station for the guest near the rooms. It was a little disappointing that we couldn't ask for water in the middle of the night because we had to buy the water. They also have a fee for utensils borrowed if you don't buy from their resto/bar.  But in general, Boating World has one of the nicest staffs, facilities, and accommodation. My impression of the place is that it was well thought of, it provides safety, and comfort to its guest, and its really a place for rest and relaxation. I highly recommend this place and would definitely go back!:)

RATES: (from theif FB PAGE)

(including the use of Swimming Pools, Sheds or Nipa Huts)
Adult: 200 Php
Kids (below 10 years old): 150 Php

30 Mins = 2,500 Php
1 Hour = 4,000 Php
Single = 250 Php / hour
Tandem = 350 Php / hour
- 1,250 Php
- Good for 5 persons
- 250 Php for Additional
- 1,500 Php
- Good for 5 persons
- 300 Php for Additional
(use of swimming pools is included)

- 2,500 Php
- Good for 6 persons

- 2,000 Php
- Good for 4 persons

- 200 Php for Additional

- 2,000 Php
- Good for 2 persons

- 2,000 Php
- Good for 3 persons

- 300 Php for Additional

- 3,000 Php
- Good for 3 persons
- 400 Php for Additional

- 6,000 Php
- Good for 12 persons
- 300 Php for Additional

All prices are subject to change without prior notice.
No corkage fee.

Updated: November 20, 2013

For more information and updates, like their FB Page here: Boating World Resort

Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post.

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