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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Subic: Subic Bay Peninsular Hotel: A Home away from Home in the Making

Last Maundy Thursday to Black Friday, our family decided to stay at Subic Bay Peninsular Hotel. It was an impromptu getaway because it was not planned and organized ahead of time.

We arrived at the hotel around 4pm due to the heavy traffic we experienced in NLEX. In an ordinary day, it would only take us about two to three hours to get to Subic but it took us about 5 hours last holy week. It was the longest I have ever been in NLEX.

Wide parking area to the hotel's entrance

Great thing is that when we arrived at the hotel, we were greeted by accommodating staff and a wonderful bedroom!!!:) I love the room because of its spacious and big beds! We were four adults and one baby in the room and it was still so spacious. I also loved the comfort room because it was very big and wide too. I just don't really like the design o the lavatory as it was kind of messy and wet when used. But in general the room was amazing!:) Another thing about the room is that it's environment friendly, the interiors have windows where the sun comes in directly in the morning so it means less electricity to be used. I love green infrastructures and I'll give two thumbs up for them because of this.

The hotel is still under construction and only 30 rooms were functioning when we went there. One of the staff shared that it was a Casino before and it was only acquired through the bank. Although it was still under construction, the lobby was opened, staff were very accommodating, and the service is really fast. They also made the conference room into the dining area for the complimentary breakfast. You know what else is great about it? They have a pool and a bar!!!


Unfortunately, I was not able to take a photo of the bar at night time. 

There were two pool available one for children the other is for adults. They also have a jacuzzi!:) The staff were also very accommodating when we asked for a table and chairs near the pool area as the tables were a little far from our sight. One downfall I would say is that the restrooms were a little stinky so we had to take a bath in our rooms instead.

The bar is also opened to the guests and the public as well. They open at 4pm and closes at around 4am or until there are guests in the bar.

Before we went home, we also got the chance to take a photo in a vintage car used in the movie Back to the Future parked outside the hotel. It was owned by the owner of the hotel and it's displayed just outside.

All rooms include:
*32"LED TV with USB
* Individual climate controls
*Separate shower and toilet
*Wifi access in all rooms
*Hair dryers
*In-room sales
*Complimentary breakfast fir 2 persons
*Complimentary bottled water

For more information, updates, inquiries and reservations, contact: (047) 250 7274
Sun: 0923 4746102
Globe:0905 2807952
Smart: 0921 6884066
FB Page:

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