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Monday, December 1, 2014

Let's Get PERSONAL: Four Personalized Gift Ideas for Christmas

Happy first of December everyone! It's the moment of rush Christmas shopping and gift wrapping right? But just in case you have not finished your Christmas list yet, I compiled personalized gift ideas you might find unique and interesting to give this season.

Gift giving for me is really a challenge. I love to give gifts that are meaningful, functional, and personalized. I'd like to think that it adds more special touch to the gift. I also like receiving gifts that shows my personality or that the giver thought of me while buying the gift.

Here are some available personalized gifts you can give this season to surprise your loved ones. 

Look It's About Me

 (Photo from Look It's About Me official site)

Look It's About Me offers story books where your child is the main character. They have a wide range of stories for boys and girls ranging from birthday story to being a big brother or sister. Aside from the books they have other personalized gifts you can choose from like coloring books, wrapping paper, notebooks, placemats among others.:)

These books would definitely motivate our little ones to read more often and it will enhance their love for books too. It would definitely create lasting memories and provide years of enjoyment for the whole family. 

They accept payments through Paypal, bank deposit or credit cards and ship worldwide.

Personalized Baby Videos

I want this personally for my little boy. He enjoys watching Baby TV's episode where they show faces of baby dancing and singing to nursery rhymes. 

Isn't that cute? The photo is taken from Personalized Baby Videos - Educational Videos 
Official Facebook Page
Your baby can appear in 12 educational videos. They also have different packages that will suit your budget. This is a nice idea where our little ones would feel more special because they learn from the videos where they are main characters. It also will last long and will be a time capsule for when they grow older. It's kinda cute finding your baby self when you're all grown up right?:) 

For more information, click here: 

Joyceski's Biz Faithshoppe

I first learned of Joyceski's Biz Faithshoppe through the Mommy Bloggers Philippines Halloween Party last November. It was a set of magnet and keychain plus the button we had for the Committee button. What impressed me about the products was that it was neat and its packaging. The magnet and keychain were placed in a small ziplock. 
They do different personalized items ranging from business cards, key chains, and other giveaways. They do religious products and they have a physical store at SANTISIMO ROSARIO PARISH (USTCHURCH); and Word & Life Publications, Makati.You can go to her official FB page in the link posted above. 
Click here for more products 
Urban Baby Clothing 

We availed of their products last year for our Christmas family terno. They customize shirts and onesies for babies.  They can personalize each shirts to your family's liking or they also have specific templates you can choose from. We also had a very smooth transaction with them and the products arrived in time for our Christmas

Photo from their Official FB page

For me, there is an art of gift giving. It's important that our gifts are well thought out and not the usual gifts like mugs, handkerchiefs, etc. These gifts will definitely make them a lot more special and will last a long time. After all , that's the spirit of Christmas right? Showing how we value and love our loved ones through the gifts that we give them. So the next time you would want to give a personalized gift, please consider these four stores!:) 

Happy Shopping! Merry Christmas!:)


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