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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Awesome August: Events, Workshops, etc for the coming Month!

August is a month of celebration for my family. We will be celebrating my son's first birthday and third birthday of my nephew. Aside from that here are some of events, workshops or sessions to look forward to this month. There are some of these I would go to but some are for you readers out there. One or two events might benefit you. So read on!:)

1. Cinemalaya 2014 - Year 10 
Cinemalaya is a film competition and festival that aims to encourage the creation of new cinematic works of Filipino filmmakers - works that boldly articulate and freely interpret the Filipino experience with fresh insight and artistic integrity. ( From: I have been watching cinemalaya films for 4 years already. I see to it that I watch any of the films with the schedule that I have. I enjoy Filipino works and I really admire filmmakers that expresses the realities of life and society through their lenses. To know the full information and schedule, like them on facebook here:

The film competition is from August 1 - 10 and will be shown in different cinemas. Venues are in Cultural Center of the Philippines, Alabang Town Center, Greenbelt 3, Trinoma, and Fairview Terraces.

Ticket Prices:
Regular Price
P150 per head per screening
P200 per head per screening (MKP Hall Screenings)

50% for Students
20% for Senior Citizens and PWD
20% for Government and Military Personnel

Festival (All Access) Pass: P3,500; admission to all festival screenings at CCP venues only (not valid in Ayala Cinemas), free seating on a first-come first-served basis (subject to availability once screening starts), priority lane entry, non-transferable.
FIC (Films In-Competition) Pass: P2,500; admission to all in-competition films at CCP venues only (not valid in Ayala Cinemas), free seating on a first-come first-served basis (subject to availability once screening starts), priority lane entry, non-transferable

One Day Pass: 
P500.00 - admission to 4 screenings during one single day (valid on the date of purchase)
P700.00 - admission to 5 screenings during one single day (valid on the date of purchase)

2. Artist Madhouse Expressive Arts Workshop on August 6 and 18, 2014 at White Space Mind and Body Wellness Studio in, Quezon City. Schedule is at 330-530PM. Classes is php830 inclusive of art materials. To know more about them read my previous post here.

Sign up form here:

3. BabyPalooza Bazaar
As a new mom, I'm really excited with this Bazaar because I would see alot of products for my baby and myself too! I also loved the idea that pre-loved items are for sale as well. This will happen on August 16 and 17 at Walter Hogan Center Ateneo de Manila QC.

4. Manila Workshops 
Manila workshops have a lot of scheduled activities for this August. Here are some of the workshops as listed on their site. 

For more information and other workshops available for August, go to Manila Workshops

 5. Ogalala System in Play Workshop
For more information about this: please read my previous post here:

I suggest you save the dates for these events, and let us learn together!:) 

Do you know of other workshops or events this coming August? Please feel free to share them with me! Thanks!

Friday, July 25, 2014

EVENT: The Wonderful World of Why not with Ogalala System in Play

As a mom and teacher, I believe that children are unique learners. Being in the academe for eight years have taught me that students learn differently. I have students who learns well with visual aids and movies, while others learn from books and reading. Consequently, I have to adjust my teaching methods to cater to their learning styles. But, speaking as a mom, I also want my baby son to learn as much as he can as early as now. Though, I know how to teach college students, I know its a whole different world in teaching infants and soon-to-be toddlers. Luckily, I had the opportunity to attend the Ogalala System in Play Workshop session last Sunday in Toy Kingdom, SM Megamall.

I was ecstatic to be in the workshop and to bring my baby as well. It was a learning opportunity for me to learn how to teach my baby through play. So we arrived early in the venue so we had the chance to take some photos.

Video documentaries were shown before the event started. It was about breastfeeding and its benefits to babies. 

The session started with the introduction of Ogalala System and its benefits to children and parents as well.

What is Ogalala?
Derived from the native American Indian terms for an underwater irrigation system, Ogalala brings forth life for kids in form of play, fashion, and exploration. It is a portfolio of global play and fashion brands. 

But with the numerous brands in the market, it is somehow challenging for parents to purchase toys or developmental books that would address the stages of children's development. 

So, Why Ogalala?
The company recognizes that parents, like us, would like our children to be happy and fulfilled. In line with this, the company also believes that play and creativity enables kids to enjoy learning and love life. 

According to Maye Yao Co Say, COO of Internationale Globale Marques Inc (IGM):
"We know that dads and moms today have very busy schedules and would not have time to read all the good developmental books in the market. Being a mom of 2, I also know that although kids have a multimedia world now, our kids always look forward to their times of bonding and connection with their parents. My husband and I try our best to maximize our bonding time with Meagan and Marcus with meaningful play time since they were babies."

The workshop, however, was about the Ogalala System in Play: 
It is an advocacy for fun and learning that addresses each child's development areas. 

Teacher Maia explained the development stages of children starting from infants, toddlers, pre-schoolers and grade schoolers. Being a preschool and special education teacher for eight years, she already is an expert in the development stages of children. 

There are four development areas for children which are: Social and emotional development, Physical Development, Language Development, and Intellectual Development.The Ogalala System in Play exactly addresses this need. It has been developed to help identify important milestones and tools that will help support our child's development, while at the same time helping us bond with them.  

There is also an Ogalala System in Play schedule that parents can use as a guide to teach their children. You can print it for free in just make sure to indicate the age level of your children. There are morning and afternoon tasks that parents can do everyday which will address skills necessary for that age. 

Teacher Maia taught us how to teach the morning session task to our babies: 
Morning: Story Time. Read a 5 minute story and vary your tones. 

Morning: Card Game. Choose 3 flash cards to show baby. 

Afternoon: Stacking. Introduce concept of stacking blocks.

Look, how happy he is with the Melissa and Doug Alphabet Nesting and Stacking Blocks!:)

After the activities, participants were allowed to ask questions. Then certificates were given with food and freebies. 


Toys for infants:

Toys for preschoolers

Toys for gradeschoolers

As a parent and a teacher, it's nice to have someone or a company that cares not only for my children but also to me as a parent. I also loved that there are products that I can go to whatever age my child is and that I also can guide them through it. So if you want to be an ogalala advocate like us, sign up now and open your own and child's eyes to the wonderful world of why not!

Ogalala sign up form

For more information on Ogalala System and Play, and their products, visit:
Instagram: @ogalalaworld

Monday, July 21, 2014

EVENT: Expressive Art Meditation By Artist Madhouse

Do you ever have that moment of self questioning? 
The feeling of unworthiness and uselessness?
Wondering were you're headed or your direction in life? 


Are you an art enthusiast? 
You enjoy painting, coloring and expressing yourself?



Stop questioning and start expressing with the help of Artist Madhouse's Expressive Art Meditation Workshop.

Photo from Artist Madhouse facebook page

Who is Artist Madhouse? 

They are a group of two awesome artists, Jem Benzon and Carol Tongco 
Jem and Carol are both graduates of Fine Arts in University of Sto.Tomas. Their passion for arts and crafts did not stop with just colors and papers but into creating opportunities to gain deeper self consciousness with the use of expressive arts. Jem is a child advocate and God's servant leader and friend, while Carol is a "heartist" believing that God gave her not only the artistic skills but also a nurturing heart. They bought are also volunteers in Kythe Foundation helping cancer patients through expressive arts meditation. 

What is Expressive Arts Meditation Workshop?

It's a fusion of guided meditation and art practices to freely express thoughts and emotions and use its outcome to inspire self-discovery and self-directionBy integrating art and meditation, unrealized thoughts and emotions manifest themselves in a visible and tangible way, facilitating awareness that can lead to actionable and transformative insight.

Photo from Artist Madhouse Facebook Page

Testimony of a participant (Photo from Artist Madhouse Facebook Page)

You can join this workshop on July 23, 2014 at White Space Mind and Body Wellness Studio from 3:00pm to 5:00pm.  The fee is Php 850 inclusive of art materials. You may SMS them at 0917.577.0345.

Like them on Facebook for more information and updates:
Official Website:

Have you ever used art to express yourself? What's your favorite medium?:)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Giveaway Alert: Mommy Bloggers Philippines and Taske Bags and Accessories

As a mom and a teacher, I am always on the look out for bags that are not only functional but also fashionable. Being a mom, I want a bag that is stylish but can carry some of my baby's essential needs with me. On the other hand, as a teacher, I love a bag that's spacious, lightweight, and of course elegant. I have seen that with Taske bags and accessories, thanks to Mommy Bloggers Philippines and their ongoing giveaway, I might have a chance to get one and you too!!

How? Well, first, let me tell you something about Taske Bags and Accessories

Taske Bags and Accessories is a local based manufacturers of bags, situated in the shoe capital of the Philippines, Marikina. They believe that style and quality need not be expensive. They use quality raw materials sourced both locally and internationally. Although their products are of quality, their price range is only from Php1,150 to Php1,350.

taske bags 1

taske bag 2

taske 3

All photos from Mommy Blogges Philippines offical site.

Here's the good news, you can win one of these beautiful bags, by joining their giveaway here:

1. Gain raffle points as stated on the rafflecopter above.
2. Raffle is open to Metro Manila Residents only.
3. Winners will be announced by August 2, 2014 and may be claimed until August 31, 2014
4. The winner of the bags should be the person who will claim the bags and should agree to pose with the bag for a photo shoot.
Good luck!!:) 

Cover Girl and Olay Tone Rehab 2 in 1 Foundation Base

Because I'm such a lucky girl, with a generous sister-in-law, I got to try Cover Girl and Olay Tone Rehab 2 in 1 Foundation Base for 2 weeks already. I owe it also to my skin tone and her skin tone because she bought the medium tone but it sadly it didn't fit her so she gave it to me. *dances giddily*

Okay, so I was kind of hesitant at first because I thought it would not fit my skin tone as well cause I'm a lot darker than her. Surprisingly though, the foundation really blended in my skin so I gave it a try for 2 weeks and it has not failed me.

What is Cover Girl + Olay Foundation Tone Rehab 2 in 1 Foundation base?

It's a combination of foundation and hydrating serum to cover fine lines and wrinkles and help improve skin tone over time. It also reduces the look of skin discolorations.

My thoughts on Cover Girl + Olay Tone Rehab 2 in 1 Foundation Base

The bottle given to me didn't have the cap cover anymore but it has a purple cover if you buy it in stores.:)

Swatch of #140 Natural Beige

Before and after. Left without make up and right with Cover Girl + Olay Foundation

After 6 hours in the mall without retouch.


The Scent: It smells fresh and clean and the Olay smell is very distinct with the product. I like that it smell fresh and clean because I feel that the product is safe for my skin.

The Coverage: I like that it blends really well with my skin tone and it covers my skin discoloration. One of my main problem is that my forehead is darker than the rest of my face. Sometimes I would need to use a lighter shade of foundation just so it would have the same color with my face. With this foundation it helped blend out the color on my forehead and face. It also managed to cover the black circles on my eyes so I did not really use a concealer anymore.

The Longevity: As a teacher I can't always retouch after class because I only have ten minutes each class. I also only have a lunch break and sometimes I could not retouch the foundation anymore. Another problem I have with foundations is its staying power in a hot weather like ours in the Philippines. I travel to school using public transportation and I also transfer from one campus to the other making me and my make up exposed to the sun and sweat. But Cover Girl + Olay, amazingly, can keep up with my lifestyle and the weather as well. I do not retouch too often but it still makes my skin flawless. I even used it while in a make up prenup gig from 9am to 6pm and it didn't wear off. Cool, right? I guess this one's really a keeper for me.

The Packaging: I love the packaging. It looks like chocolate inside a tube with the white and brown combination on it. I also love the light purple color of it. The pump up bottle makes it less messier as well when using. I also like that I can see through the bottle and know how much of the product I have been using already.

I Don't Like... well,nothing really! I love the product and I would definitely buy one as soon as I'm finished with this one.

My Final Verdict: This is my first Cover Girl + Olay make up product and I'm satisfied with the effect it had on my skin. I love everything about it and I'm looking forward to try other products from their line too.

For more information you can check their official site here:
Like them on facebook:
They can also be found in make up section of different department stores.

Have you tried any Cover Girl product? Please share with me your favorite product so I can try them as well. :)

*Not a sponsored post. :)

Friday, July 11, 2014

EVENT: Ogalala System in Play Child Development Workshop

As a mom, I like my 10 month old son to learn something new in everything that he does. I love to see him grow and development while having fun at the same time. As a teacher, (although I teach college students) I want to be able to teach him to develop a love for learning. I want him to enjoy the wonders of the world and to be always curious about the things around him Thus, I believe play is an essential part of his learning  Although it sounds easy, I find it challenging to find ways where he can play and learn at the same time. I don't have an idea of what play or toys can trigger his imagination, creativity, and curiosity which can help him learn. There are also studies that say that different learners, learn differently and so one method may work for one child but not for everyone. Thus it is important for me as a parent to adapt to the environment of my child and understand him as a unique learner.

This is exactly what Ogalala System in Play addresses. As Ms. Mae Yao Co Say, the genius behind Ogalala and a mom herself say, "Mothers have intangible goals. I want my children to be happy and fulfilled - and I'm sure it's what other mothers want for their child, too. The role of Ogalala is to make these goals tangible. the brand aims to help raise a warm, light-hearted, curious and global child." The wide range of Ogalala toys encourage fun and enjoyable learning while giving the family time to bond as well. It will give the parents more opportunity to get to know their children as learners and be able to provide the best way to help them learn.

Displaying Ogalala.jpg

Good news, right? But want to hear better news? 

The Ogalala System in Play will hold a child development workshop starting from July 19 to September 20, 2014. The workshop is open for infants (0 - 12 months), toddlers (1 to 2 years) and preschoolers (3 to 6 years) Different sessions will be given for each age range and will be conducted in Toy Kingdom, Megamall.
And just to make the news even better, the workshop will be given for free. Just send an email to or through with the following information to confirm your attendance:
Full Name: 
Your Child's Name: 
Your Child's age: 
Session you are attending: 
Mobile number: 
Who will attend with you and their name: 
(They highly recommend you to tag along your spouse or your child's main caregiver)

Schedule of Ogalala System in Play Child Development Workshop Series

Displaying Ogalala 2.jpg
"If they can't learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn."

For more information, you can visit Ogalala's official site:
Like them on facebook:
Follow them on instagram: @ogalalaworld
You can also read and register here at Manila workshop's site: 

See you there!:) 


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