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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

No Tricks, Just Treats: The Mommy Bloggers Philippines First Ever Spook-tacular Halloween Party!!!

It was so exciting to find this near the stairs going to the Great Big Room, I had to take a picture because it also had my son's name. (Baka next year, sa Fun Ranch din kami magpabirthday hihi!:))

One of the sponsors, Jolly Canola Oil displayed on the way to the party room!!!

The stage is all set for the Mommy Bloggers Philippines Spook-tacular Halloween Party!!!

Opening Prayer by PierAngeli Ang Sen of The Soapbox Filipina

Marie Bella San Luis of Mamanee's Nest was the fabulous host during the event. My little bear was ready to get some action too!

The woman behind Mommy Bloggers Philippines and the Spook-tacular Party, 
Lani Lluch of Tweensel Mom

Treats from FlyAce Corporation
Good Life
Jolly Cow
Al Dente
Dona Elena

My little bear enjoying his mushroom tempura from Jolly!:)
Dona Elene Al Dente Pasta. I loved the pasta and the free recipes available at their booth!

They also had a special assessment/consultation on my fats which I'd want to share with you on another post cause the info I got was vital and was interesting too.

Those were the goodies near the registration, but take a look at what goodies were in front near the stage, hihi! More freebies from sponsors!!!
Raffle Prizes for mommies and babies!!

Trick or Treat Area!! Goodies for the Kiddos!!!

Near the Trick or Treat area, was what caught my eye that I literally jumped for joy upon seeing them. I have read lots of reviews about them and had wanted to try it for the longest time. It was The Cream Factory PH!!! Wohoooo! Their booth was sooooo cute!! I love all their products and I'm so lucky to have the chance to try their products now!!! Double Wohoooo!!!:)

What was also interesting was the Maya Hotcake Decorating Station
Though I did not get the chance to make my own hotcake it was gun watching kids and adults make their own designs. A lot of kids were even decorating their hotcakes after the program. That was how fun it was there!

Beside it was the Jolly cooking demo station, I watched the demo very intently because I would want to cook better especially for my baby. The recipes cooked were easy to do and FlyAce corporation has everything I might need to re-create healthy dishes for the family. 

The Spaghetti with Meatballs finished product!! Looks yummy and scary with the eye meatballs!:)

Our souvenirs from the Halloween party turned Christmas party because of the fun memories not mentioning the sackful of goodies we went home with!!!

Thank you again, Mommy Bloggers Philippines and to all the sponsors, you have made my family and I overjoyed by your generosity. My baby had a great time in his first ever Halloween party that extended until at present. 

Most of all, thank you my new found BFFs, you have inspired me in continuing my blogging journey. You have taught me more than I have ever expected to learn. I hope this is only the first of many events that we will work on. I loved every bit of laughter, walks in the scorching heat, meetings inside the cab, neverending chats, and just your company! Thank you and I am honored to have met you all!:) 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

BLOGAPALOOZA 2014 Reflections of a First Time Blogger

Hi there beautiful people! Been busy with work lately but has been reflecting on my Blogapalooza 2014 experience last Oct. 11 SM Aura. I wrote a separate post about it so you may check them here. While I know I told ypu I will post more about the brands I met there, this one's not it yet. Hihi! Dont worry I promise not to make you wait too long.

Anyways, here are some of my post reflections on my first experience at Blogapalooza.
1. Bring business cards. It's a blogger's must have when you go to the event because it's a networking event. It also looks very professional and prepared. Other blogger friends told me that they have two types of business card, one for PR and the other is for co-bloggers or brands. I don't know how they define which card is for which but I think that's a nice idea too.

2. Engage as much as you can with brands you would like to partner with. This was something I was not able to do. It was because I really had NO IDEA what to do during the event. I knew I was to talk to brands but I did find many booths who has people to talk with about their products. There are few brands who had straight proposals or answers as to how bloggers can help them or how they can collaborate. Mostly just gave out freebies, asked to sign up forms or leave business cards and send you on your way. I would recommend bloggers or myself next time to try to get to know the brands better and try to explore opportunities for blogging.

3. Learn about brands or businesses ahead of time. Again something that I did not take serously before I attended. It was pure ignorance on my part. I just went there without any knowledge of who would be present which meant I did not have any background or proposals for each brand. Learning about the brands and business ahead of time will help you strategically plan you visit making better use of your time.

4. Quality over quantity.  This is something I would have to keep in mind for the next event. What I expected last time that I attended was to visit ALL brands/ booths. On the advantage, I get to know a lot of brands but on the disadvantage I get caught up with some booths and was not able to truly engage with brands I like.

5. Come early.  I'm proud to say that I came in early at the event, early enough to see a lot of booths preparing and to take time in enjoying the first hours of the event. It was also an advantage because I got to feel the event first to understand how it actually works.

6. Be wifi ready. As a blogger, I know that I should have come wifi ready during the event. Though I brought my pocket wifi it was kinda useless because I could not get connections inside the events place. Bloggers need to be internet connected because there are alot of games and giveaways that are only for those who can post pictures while in the event. It was such a bummer that I was not able to upload any of my photos during the event so no prizes and no traffic for me as well.

7. Charge your gadgets or bring a powerbank. As a blogger, we all know how important pictures are right? So just like in any event we have to be prepared and be a "girl or boy" scout with all the necessary gadgets we need to cover the event.

8. Bring an ecobag (lots of it)!!!  I mean it! It will be very useful to you because all brands gave out something for all bloggers. They also offer games and giveaways where you can win freebies and it would be a lot easier for you if you have your own bag. Although, all booths also gave out Ecobags, I would recommend you to bring large ones so you can just put everything in one bag and walk your way in the event in style. hihi! We don't want to look haggard right?

9. Bring your own WATER.  Yes, you read that right! You need water and there's none in the event. No one is selling any drinks there so better stock up on some before you go to the event. We had to go outside and look for a store that sells water just so we can drink. Doing games, talking and walking around a big venue can be exhausting and dehydrating but unfortunately the event does not provide for it.

10. Enjoy and Maximize your Time in the event.  As a first time blogger, aside from the (A LOT) freebies I enjoyed the company of bloggers during the event. I felt like I was in a different world apart from my professional work, family, and friends, it was a world where I fit in. I also realized that the blogging world is big for everyone. I also thought blogging or Blogapalooza for that matter was only for a selected few, that I could not fit in or that because I'm just a newbie, no brands or business would even consider me as partner. I realized that bloggers are friends we have online that can become true friends in reality. That they are real people who does not only blog and blog but also who likes to have fun. I had so much fun during the event, thanks to Mommy Bloggers I met during the event. It was refreshing to know that there is a place for bloggers like me in the big wide world of blogging and there are a lot of people who would help me to succeed. Finally, I can proudly say that I am an official (work-in-progress) bloggers who have supportive blogger friends and community.

Yes, I know I turned into a drama-emo blogger with that last number, right? So wipe those tears and prepare for next year's Blogapalooza, cause if you did not get excited with those ten things about blogapalooza, I don't know what else will!:)

Feasts your eyes with some of the photos I took from the #Blogapalooza2014!!!

Freebies galore at almost all booths! Thank you Team AMPR, AH!, Flawless, Delite, Bioessence, Canon, Easy Taxi, Sample Room, Crocs and Caronia!

Excited to try this tea!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Celebrate National Pasta Month with this Eight Pasta Trivia

Hey everyone! Are you a Pasta lover? Can you atleast eat pasta 3 days in a row or everyday? Well, if you ask me, I'd give you one enthusiastic YES!! I love eating pasta and at times cooking them too. Though I prefer red or meat sauce over oil or cream based pasta, I have learned to experiment with it. Good thing, my pallete is starting to enjoy lots of different tastes so I am forming a love relationship with any kind of pasta.

Yesterday, October 25, I was blessed to be invited by Dona Elena Al Dente Pasta to their media launch at The Blackboard by Chef Michel at the Podium.

I came in a little early so I had the chance to take photos of the venue and other Dona Elena products. 

With Dona Elena products, cooking pasta is easy-breezy with their complete ingredients.
Dona Elena  Olives, Pure and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Anchovies and Spanish Sardines.

So going back to the program, I'd say this event was informative. I loved pasta but I guess I did not really get the opportunity to know more about it. Great thing, Dona Elena Al Dente Pasta invited expert in the field of Pasta! (:)) It started with the introduction and origins of pasta then next was from nutritionist Prof. Luchie Callanta to talk about the nutritional value of eating pasta. It was then followed by Mr. Rj Jimenez who shared his Pasta Experience and on how to find inspiration in cooking and eating pasta. A cooking demo was the highlight of the event which was done by Chef Michel  . Would try to recreate the recipe soon so watch out for that soon here on the blog. 

Now, I'll share with you things you did not know about your pasta and what's in it. I bet it'll change your pasta experience!

Pasta originated in China.

Yes you read that right. It did not come from Italy popularly known. It was inspired by Asian noodles and was brought by Marco Polo to Italy from China. At present though, Italy is the Pasta Capital of the World. 

Al Dente means "firm to the bite".

As a pasta lover, I have heard and said this word many times while cooking or eating pasta. Its almost a requirement for all pasta to be Al Dente but I did not really know that it meant . When pasta is cooked al dente, pasta is tender and firm. I don't know anyone who likes their pasta mushy, especially me. 

Pasta is a source of protein.

Pasta is made up of protein and eating pasta helps the body fight off illness and disease. It also maintains healthy muscles, build skin, hair and nails and provides energy for the body that helps keep it from fatigued.

Carbohydrates or Carbs is not the cause of Obesity.

This one got me surprised as I have always heard that carbs is one of the culprits of getting fat. It was debunked by Prof. Luchie saying that pasta which is high on carbohydrates is not fattening as long as its in moderation. She emphasized that the lack of exercise is the reason for weight gain. Guess we have another reason to indulge ourselves with pasta!!  

October 25th is National Pasta Day!

The celebration for the National Pasta day started in Rome. This appreciation month is celebrated in some parts of the world and even in the Philippines to draw everyone's attention to everything pasta. This is a new celebration for me and its another reason to eat, cook, and learn about pasta! I sure would love to celebrate pasta day anytime and any day. 

Each pasta/noodle has its (sauce) match.

I appreciate this new knowledge about pasta sauces because now I have a guide as to what pasta/noodle best match a sauce. This would even create a high level of gastronomy for me when eating pasta. I'll share that with you in another post with the recipes. :)

Every pasta dish has a story.

This one I got from Mr. RJ Jimenez that caught my attention that I had to write it down. He said that aside from the experience of eating pasta dishes or any dishes for that matter, one should also discover the story behind it. He also said that all cuisines have their own origin that when known makes the experience more unforgettable. 

Dona Elena Al Dente Pasta is the only Artisan Quality Italian Pasta

I'll tell you why Dona Elena Al Dente Pasta is the best pasta for you: 
Dona Elena Al Dente Pasta is made through the artisan way of cooking by the slow drying process and not subjected to high heat. This process tends to preserve the food nutrients more that food cooked in high heat thus the 13% high protein content. Unlike local pasta with only 6% protein content, Dona Elena Al Dente pasta contains 13% protein. It is certified 100% All Natural, free from genetically modified organisms or GMO. It also stays true to its name being AL DENTE because its made from 100% Durum Wheat Semolina. Durum Wheat Semolina is used in making high quality pasta. Durum being the hardest of all wheat which means more protein content. Thus, Dona Elena Al Dente Pasta gives moer fiber, less starch and is also a lot better for blood sugar. Another pride of Dona Elena Al Dente pasta is its Bronze die cut noodles. Bronze dies require much harder and higher quality durum wheat semolina in order to make pasta. It leaves a rough surface that creates ridges on the pasts which makes the sauces cling better making it more delicious. 

So, the how do we like our pasta? Simply say, AL DENTE!!!

For more information about Dona Elena Al Dente at
Follow them on IG: @donaelenacuisineraclub 

Friday, October 24, 2014

My First #Blogapalooza Experience

Yes, this is a long overdue post but it's better late than never right? I've been so busy with work since last week because of the midterms week so I was on a teacher mode for the past few weeks. So anyway, last October 11, the Blogapalooza 2014 pushed through at the SM Aura. It was supposed to be last September 20 but was cancelled due to the typhoon. It worked to my advantage because I get to meet  Lani Lluch of Mommy Bloggers Philippines and Louisa Mercado of The Art of Being a Mom before the event so I had companions during the Blogapalooza.

It was my first time to attend the event although I knew about it already last year. I was intimidated at first to join because I thought they have a strict screening of bloggers. It was again through some friends in Mommy Bloggers Philippines that I got the courage to send in my blog details and luckily I got in as one of the bloggers in the event.

As a first timer, I did not know what to expect from the event aside from the fact that  it is a meeting of bloggers and business to link their products and services to the online community. Good thing, I was given an advice to bring business cards, pens, and ecobags. I was even so excited that I woke up early and was in SM Aura at around 8am. hihi! Super excited talaga!

We came in at ten am there were still some booths that we're setting up. We did not however let that stop us from enjoying the event because we went ahead to the booths that were already open. We planned our visits carefully so we would be able to talk or atleast see what all the brands offered. There were alo of interesting booths and every brand gave out freebies for bloggers. I will share with you the booths that we went through but I'll also do a separate post for other products that I'd want to highlight on. Please watch out for that soon here on my blog.

The first booth that we went to was Victoria Court's. 

Victoria Court offered a game where we can win stickers and gift certificates. I got a small sticker!

Lani Lluch of Mommy Bloggers Philippines trying her luck in roulette!

Louisa Mercado of Art of Being a Mom

TouchPay APM

Touchpay APM is an automated payment machine tha offers the best customer experience through an easy and efficient approach. They accept cash payments for telecom, cable, power, water, loans and a lot more. The concept is practical and convenient especially for working moms like me. Paying bills can be a hassle sometimes but with TouchPay APM it will be a lot easier. The only thing I wished happened was that someone was in the booth to explain what it was about or if it is existing already as I have not seen it anywhere yet. 
For more information about them you may visit them at

Next we went to Henry's Professional. They had a most creative pose  contest on instgram. The winner got an instax camera as a prize.

Nicole Cuerdo of and Arcee Miranda of signing up at the booth.


Hello there, new friends!!!:)

Louisa Mercado of


I did not get a chance to talk to them because they were still seting up the booth. I sigend up however and was given a media kit. I appreciated being given a media kit so I cpuld atleast learn about their products more from it. I am a Crocs user and I'd love to discpver more of their products. 

Ysa Skin and Body Experts

We were given brochures and samples of their products.

Gaming Library

The booth was interesting and they made bloggers play some of their board games. Me and other mommy bloggers joined a game where you'd have to guess a part of history and the year when it happened. I did not get the correct answer haha but I enjoyed it. I was also given a 5% discount when I purchase any of their games.

Chips Ahoy

New flavors of Chips Ahoy! Mint Chocolate Chip
and Dulce de Leche

The booth offered taste test on their new cookie variants. I liked the peppermint choco cookie.
For more updates, like them on their Facebook page:

Ideal Vision
A VIP card is given when bloggers sign up and is entitled to a 20% discount on regular items and 10% on sale items. Any card that can give me a discount is welcome hihi. They also had a dance contest through kinect ( If I am correct).

Authority Hoodie

With Kristina of, Louisa Mercado and Lani Lluch

I love cute or kawaii stuff abd Authority Hoodie's products sure are superrrr cuuutee!! They offer unique hoodies like pandas, knight, Robin and other characters.
For more informaaion you may like them in your Facebook page: Authority Hoodie (ah!)

This is just some of the brands I saw and this is not even half of it. Can you imagine how hectic and exciting it was in the event? There were other fun and amazing brands that I'll share with you in my next post so please come back!
Next products are about Sample Room, Bioessence, Ace Water Spa, Caronia, Dr. Kong and many more!

Here are some of the freebies I got from the event.

Did you visit Blogapalooza this year? Comment in your blogposts and I'd be happy to read them.


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