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Thursday, January 28, 2010

****late bloomer****

in less than 25 hours and 29 minutes.. i'll be turning 25.
Whenever i say that number i cant resist the urge to say.. "Ang tanda ko na." Although most of the time i would hear someone comment "Ano pa kaya ako?!" whenever i make that comment.

I don't feel like Im 25, come to think of it how do one really know how it feels. I still feel like how i was when i was 16(?) except that now dress better, talk better, assert more, etc.

I always say to my students that a life unexamined is a life not well lived..but now that my birthday is nearing it feels like i havent really reflected my own life..

So what has happened in m 25 years on earth?

The best time for me to think is making my way home to Bulacan. The travel's really not that long but its enough for my mind to go places.

On my way home earlier, i thought that i am really a LATE BLOOMER. My friend once told me that when she saw a picture of me after college. She made a comment that i was a late bloomer.
Finally, i realized it is, indeed, TRUE! Why? well for one, it just now that i learned how to properly dress(?). Im really not the "Baduy"type, I dress properly, but i have a hard time experimenting on fashion. Now, i have gained that confidence to try on different clothes and ROCK IT!! it feels really good to dress up once in a while.

Next, I was really not the assertive type of person. In example, in a line when people try to cut the line, i would normally shut up and let them do it. Now, I have grown to state my dislike with their action and assert my rights. It might be a simple thing for some but for me its a big deal. Another is in meetings with bosses, i have learned to say my opinions and it turns out i make sense.

The next big thing that I feel is an achievement is my confidence to stand up for what i know is right. I have learned to stop compromising my beliefs to please other people. With that i have tried other people to do the same especially with my students.

it has been a wonderful 25 years of my life.Although i may have made a few wrong turns and bumps in my life, it has made me who i am today. I have turned to someone I CAN BE PROUD OF.

Happy birthday to me..:)


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