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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

PRESS RELEASE: The Antica Murrina Venezia

Notte D’ Eleganza




World-renowned Italian Brand Antica Murrina Venezia © ™, makers of fine Murano Jewelry and accessories is now proudly launched here in the Philippines by Mr. and Mrs. Nardone of Porta Lucerna Trading. It is with excitement and flair of a night of fashion, that the introduction to Antica Murrina Venezia © ™,  was sparkling in glamour and elegance, here in Makati at the Buddha-Bar.

The marriage of the artistry of the East and the West was highlighted with a very colorful Jewelry fashion show that showcased the exquisite pieces of Antica Murrina Venezia © ™, and a collection of classic and colorful resort collection by fast rising designer Ryan Madamba. High note of the night was, that all the dresses were made of local fabric “Abel Iloco”, a hand-loomed cloth proudly made in the Northern Province of Ilocos Norte.  The owners, Jenny and Mom Nardone together with Ryan Madamba were the soul curators of the Antica Murrina Venezia © ™, pieces that was showcased during the show highlighting unique Murano jewelry and its craftsmanship through the 31-piece Murano Jewelry collection line, personally chosen from the Autumn/ Winter 2014 collection Antica Murrina Venezia © ™. All of this paired with the dresses for chic casual looks to the most glamorous evening parties for women of varied ages by Ryan Madamba. The event was held at Buddha Bar, hosted by charming and witty Issa Litton and was well attended by Manila's Who is Who from society circles, fashion, politics, show business and industry leaders including Ms. Imelda Marcos, several Ambassadors and several Misses of the Beauty pageant world.

Murano is known for glass-blowing since the 12th century. It's famed Maestros as glassblowers creating vast and elaborate chandeliers, wondrous mirrors, and especially at Antica Murrina Venezia © ™, timeless and beautiful Jewels. Visiting Murano and Venice, is like watching an art from another world, as skilled Italian craftsmen and women shape light and color into the unique beauty of each Murano jewelry. Antica Murrina Philippines is proud to represent its beautiful collection, which cleverly combines a tradition of craftsmanship, with contemporary design and an awareness of current trends.

Notte D' Eleganza which means "A night of Elegance" in Italian, is underlining a premium accent on local artistry and what better way to present these beautiful creations by way of a spectacular fashion & Jewels, combines in one show,  graced by some of the most fashionably chic women of today.  Manila's beautiful and known ladies from different facets of society sashayed the runaway as muses of the night wearing each of pieces from the latest Antica Murrina Venezia collection in the likes of Tessa Prieto Valdez, a certified muse in the social scene who is a writer and an interior designer, fashion-savvy Editor in Chief of Mega, Peewee Reyes- Isidro, Divine Lee a media personality and popular endorser and blogger, young actress Ritz Azul of TV 5, Kylie Padilla of GMA 7 and pop royalty, Keana Valenciano from ABS CBN, Rica Peralejo Bonifacio, an actress, singer and blogger, Charmagne Laconico - Beauty Editor of Metro Magazine, Rocio Olbes - one of Manila's It-Girls and social advocate for welfare of livelihood projects for women in need, the beautiful and fashion-savvy socialites, Jerika Ejercito and Camille Farinas Mathay, Abby Asistio, a musician and social advocate for Alopecia Awareness alongside the top models headed by Asia's Next Top Model's Jodilly Piendre ending the glamorous night together with the brand ambassadress, the Face of Antica Murrina Philippines, Ms. Maggie Wilson-Consunji, who walked in beautiful Abel Iloco creations and accent unique masterpieces from Venice.

For the Fashion collection, Ryan Madamba explains his inspiration, "having known the owners personally, Jenny and Mom Nardone who were inspired with the unique craftmanship of  Murano jewelry during their travels to Venice, enlightened me with surprise and awe when they shared how the craftsmen of Antica Murrina Venezia © ™ blow and handcraft each piece by hand,  painstakingly to come up with all these one of a kind jewelry and all its unique colors inspiring a colorful yet classic and clean design in my head. Their expressed love and appreciation for handcrafted creations likewise reminded me of the artistry of Abel Iloco from my home province of Ilocos Norte. Immediately I thought there was no better way to welcome such an esteemed Italian brand but to marry it with our own. During the creative planning of the show, Mom and Jenny made sure that the handcrafted jewelry and accessories we perfectly partnering with the creations of classic and clean lines of each dress from my colorful collection. We wanted to showcase that whether you are dressing up for the beach, work, a casual tea with friends, a walk in the mall or attending a black-tie gala, the Antica Murrina Venezia © ™ collection will accompagny and dress you up in elegance and glamour each and every time.”


Mr. and Mrs. Nardone, who are the driving soul behind Antica Murrina's arrival to the Philippines , and who are also the creative purveyors behind the interior design firm Porta Galleria      ( here in Manila, offering an unique world of Fusion interiors, and lighting solutions inspired from world class brands, thought it was timely and such a perfect addition to the elite lifestyle pieces that complement people with taste for unique and timeless, classy pieces. And Antica Murrina Philippines was born .


"The goal for this event is to spread knowledge of this unique and extraordinary creativity, craftsmanship and artistry that make authentic Murano craftmenship a choice of excellence for a Made in Italy product which is another milestone and special highlight in the many successful and well loved brands under Porta Galleria" - when asked how she feels about bringing Antica Murrina in the country, Mrs. Jennifer Nardone, replied with so much enthusiasm. A jewelry designer herself, she believes in the timeless elegance of each Antica Murrina jewelry hence deciding to bring the brand to the Philippines, so more Filipinas could be mesmerized by its collection.  As Jennifer Nardone will put it, "when my husband introduced me these hand crafted Jewels, if I may say, I was right away attracted and caught by its flawless beauty and uniqueness. The vivid colors, the melting crystalline perfection and the elegance are beautiful accents to every stylish women’s wardrobe.”

One of the guests of honor, flying in from Italy was Antica Murrina Venezia © ™ CEO, Robert Ciotti, who could not keep his excitement throughout the show. During the event he on his Blackberry sending photos and real time updates to his team in Italy calling the launch a fashion event that could have been staged and rival events in Europe. "I was blown away," he says. "I came knowing it will be a great event but this exceeded my expectations. And as we are looking into more presence in Asia, I could not have asked for better representation for Antica Murrina Venezia © ™, as Mom and Jenny Nardone who are our partners now in Philippines.  The dresses were beautiful and did perfectly complemented our Jewels from Murano. Such a beautiful collaboration that makes me even more excited for a brighter future for Antica Murrina Venezia © ™ here in the Philippines.



Mom and Jenny Nardone focused on the experience of bringing “Venice jewels” here to the Philippines and gave a glance to everyone, on how master glass makers perfect every piece of jewelry through an exciting fashion show, complete with enchanting music and dramatic lighting, lush and elegant theme that mesmerize the senses. This event was co-sponsored by Ledcore , Porta Galleria, Okee Vitamin Drink, Bestworld Beverage International Inc, Cygnal Travel & Tours, Light Skin Organics, It Figures Skin Care Clinic, and Iphor Trading Inc.


When asked Mr. Mom Nardone, the President of Antica Murrina Philippines, what separates Antica Murrina Venezia © ™ from other jewelry and he was very delighted to say “Each Antica Murrina Venezia © ™ Jewelry is handcrafted, so every piece is literally an UNIQUE PIECE. For me Antica Murrina Venezia © ™, is more than just a Jewelry brand. It is a lifestyle, it is Luxury per se, it a slice of Venice and "la dolce Vita Italiana" in each of the pieces, that comes along, when a woman wears Antica Murrina. And that alone, is priceless!"

Antica Murrina Philippines Flagship store is located at the New World Hotel Galleries , right on Makati Avenue, corner Esperanza Street, in the centre of Makati City . Tel : (02) 810 0105  09285202881 ,

A Mother's Pursuit to Dream: Is it really too late?

The year 2015 started with high hopes for me. I have nothing but good news here and there, and I couldn't be happier. Though there are aspects of my life that was doing well, something was still missing.

I actually knew what it was. It was a dream I have had since around 2007. I don't recall the exact year but it was that long ago.

I have always wanted to become a preschool teacher. I felt deep inside that I have a gift with children. I already had one of the pre-requisites of being a preschool teacher which is my passion for teaching. I loved cutting papers, preparing lessons for my niece and nephews, and I enjoy watching kiddie shows.

But. I will always keep the thoughts and desires in the deepest part of my mind and heart. I was too old or it was a waste of money... again. (I had my first attempt in an MA degree but did not finish it) Those were the thoughts I convinced myself to believe in for a long time. I was pretty good at it, if you may ask. Hehe.

Then I got married and had my cute little baby. I was already building my own family. All the more reason to forget about my own pursuits and dreams. I told myself that dreaming was no longer for me but only for my son and family.

My coursework for FLCD

Is it really too late?

If it is, then why am I enrolled in a Masters Degree for Family Life and Child Development for 3 years at most?

Because a mother can dream, and make it come true. No one was stopping me from dreaming, not my husband or my son, but only myself. The reasons I had were just excuses or cowardice. I had too many fears and insecurities that I let it took over my decisions.

My Dream Come True

If there is one more thing I am grateful for, for being a mother, it is a clearer vision and direction in my life. I have never been this confident about a long term plan and Enzo helped me through it. The excuses that I had became motivations. I took every step as a challenge. When I encounter difficulties before like a little delay, rain, or a tear in an application form, I would immediately say it is not meant for me or the universe does not want me to go through. Now everything has changed, I began to take control of all the actions or challenges that I face. I finally learned that I had to live my dreams and make it come true. I only had forward steps to take and keep my eyes on the gold at the end of the rainbow.

Is it really too late? Nothing is too late, what matters is the now and how we make use of it. Because if we don't start living our dreams, someone else will.

I'm taking each step slowly and carefully, I am inspired to make it to my dreams, what dream are making come true today?:)

Press Release: #TheVCExperience

Victoria Court has a dream. That dream is to transport its guests to a different reality from the time one drives into the properties until they check out. Victoria Court has a vision.That vision is to be the perfect host and delight guests every time, every stay. 

Having these challenges in mind, the team has come up with #TheVCExperience – a campaign aimed at informing guests of the distinction that comes with staying at Victoria Court. What makes Victoria Court unique? What sets Victoria Court apart from its competitors?

It is #TheVCExperience.

#TheVCexperience showcases everything you can possibly do at Victoria Court. Victoria Court’s goal is to own milestones. From Anniversaries to thematic debuts, theyoffer the experience customized and catered just for you. Being known for having Superthematic Suites that cater to one’s fantasy date or perfect thematic party, why not party in costume or character. Choose who you want to be for your birthday or stag party. If you want to be the President of the United States for a day, try the Oval Office at Victoria Court Pasig. Addicted to game of thrones, choose your Kingdom and win the Throne at Victoria Court Cuneta. So many themes to choose from – Be Someone Else today.
Wanting that perfect place for a proposal?
Choose from Victoria Court’s destination suites. Santorini, Maldives, Sedona, Bali, whatever backdrop you wish, they can provide. Victoria Court will do everything it can to make her say YES. Share with the world how She said Yes.

Dance like no one is watching or try to hit those high notes, in the privacy of your own suite with only your friends to see and hear. Party Beyond Ordinary is Victoria Court’s promise.

Relax and put your feet up. Victoria Court’s amenities include Jacuzzis and intimate tubs where you can just forget the world, even just for awhile. Enjoy the LED Flat Screen TVs and surround sound system and cheer for your favorite Ms. Universe candidate and scream as loud as you can when she wins.

This 2015, Victoria Court will be coming up with more themes and packages experiencesto tickle your fancy. Victoria Court’s dream is to give you the perfect experience for that once in a lifetime milestone.

Victoria Court’s vision is to be THE perfect host at that perfect moment.

Find your Sweet escape, Party Beyond Ordinary, Feel the distinction and let Victoria Court share with you #TheVCExperience.  

For inquiries and reservations, please call us at 0917-9810084. Follow @victoriacourtvcon Twitter and Instagram and like our Facebook Fan page or check our website at for new promos and events.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

#30on30 Givevaway Part 3: All Things Beauty

It's the last part of my #30on30 and I hope you're all still excited to know what I have in store for all of you.

I apologize for being late again in posting as classes started and I only teach every Friday and Saturday. Got really tired last Friday so I was not able to post my All Things Beauty Set prize.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, I am giving away a set of beauty products. I am a beauty junkie and make ups are my pockets of sunshine. To tell you honestly, I first intended to make a beauty blog as I wanted to share some affordable make up tips I know. I also attended a Personal make up workshop with Ms. Cielo Frontreras in 2010 and took up a Professional Make Up Artist class under Make Up Artistry. I was also able to book some make up gigs before but did not get a chance to seriously take my business to the next level.

I also conducted make up workshops to friends and a group of staff in school and it truly made me happy. Once a teacher, always a teacher, right? Hihi. So if any of you would like to learn some basic make up skills just comment or email me, and I'd gladly share my knowledge with you. :)

So up for grabs are these lovely prizes:

3 Caronia Nail Polish
1 Skin White lotion
2 Juicy perfume
1 Lewis and Pearl Perfume
2 Wet n Wild lipgloss
2 wet n Wild Ultimate Minerals Eyeshadow
1  Evee facial whitening set

Mechanics are very simple:
1. Like my FB Page: thereyoujho:24/7 Mom in Style 
2. Follow on Twitter:  @thereyoujho 
3. Follow on Instagram: @thereyoujho 
4. Repost photo on instagram with caption: "Join @thereyoujho's #30on30 giveaway. Tag 3 friends.
5. Subscribe to my Newsletter. See left side of my blog. Follow thru email
6. Comment name and email

Thanks everyone!!!!:)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

PRESS RELEASE: Heart-Healthy Recipes in GMA’s Basta Everyday Happy and Sarap Diva

Want to keep healthy this year? Start with your cooking oil!

Jolly Heart Mate Canola Oil, Better for the Heart, Better for the Budget, is the heart-healthy, versatile, and value for money cooking oil. Canola Oil is one of the healthiest cooking oils because of its LOW saturated fat (BAD FAT) and high monounsaturated fat (GOOD FAT) content. Jolly Canola Oil has omega 3 and 6 which are good for the heart. It has a pale golden color, light texture, and neutral taste so you can use it for any dish. Jolly Canola Oil also has a high smoking point which makes it ideal for frying. Hosted by Donita Rose, GMA 7’s Basta Everyday Happy, recently showcased heart-healthy recipes using Jolly Heart Mate Canola Oil through the month of December. Eight episodes featured Filipino-favorites such as Beef Stew, Crispy Calamari, and one of Donita’s personal favorites “in the whole wide world” as she shares on Instagram, Crispy Binagoongan. She tells of her Beef Kaldereta version “Pinoy ang lasa pero mas bongga! This is my Better Beefier Caldereta made healthier with Jolly Heart Mate Canola Oil!” 

Other healthy everyday recipes included Wholesome Chicken, Paella, and this Heart-Healthy Salmon recipe.  

For the Salmon:
2 center-cut salmon fillets (6 oz. each)
1 1/2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice
¼ cup finely chopped cilanto
2 Tbsp Jolly Canola oil
Freshly ground black pepper, to taste
For the Salsa:
1 medium red onion
3 garlic cloves
2 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro
3 pcs medium tomatoes
2 firm-ripe avocados
1 pc rip mango
1 tablespoon fresh lime juice, or to taste

1.    Place the salmon fillets in a shallow bowl. Toss well with lemon juice, cilantro, Jolly Canola oil, and
pepper. Let rest for 15 minutes.
2.    Cook the salmon, skinside down in a nonstick skillet over medium-high heat for 2 to 3 minutes,
shaking the pan and carefully lifting the salmon with a spatula to loosen it from the pan.
3.    Reduce the heat to medium. Cover the pan and cook until the salmon is cooked through, 3 to 4
minutes more. The skin should be crisp and the flesh medium rare.
4.    To make the salsa: Finely chop onion and mince garlic. In a bowl toss onion and garlic with cilantro.
5.    Chop tomatoes and mango, add to onion mixture, tossing to combine.
6.    Peel and pit avocados and cut into 3/4-inch pieces. Add avocados, lime juice, and pepper to taste. Spoon over cooked salmon.

Catch Sarap Diva with Regine Velasquez-Alcasid on January 24 and 31 at 9:40 a.m. to 10:25 a.m. as she dishes out two, exciting dishes: Pamplina, a Spanish-influenced soup dish, and tasty Pork Steak with Mushroom Bits. 

1 kg pork steak, cut into small cubes
1/2 cup soy sauce
salt and pepper to taste
1 tbsp ground paprika
2 tbsps Jolly Canola Oil
2-3 tbsps chopped garlic
2 cans Jolly Button Mushroom Whole, cut in half
1/2 cup red wine
2 tbsps butter
garnish with some toasted garlic and chopped parsley

1. Season pork steak in soy sauce, salt and pepper, set aside. 
2. Preheat a pan with some Jolly Canola Oil and cook the pork cubes until slightly brown in color. 
3. Remove from pan. Toss in the chopped garlic and Jolly Button Mushrooms. Saute then season 
with some salt, pepper and ground paprika. 
4. Deglaze with the red wine then simmer until sauce is slightly thick. 
5. Mix in the cooked pork and cold butter. 
6. Transfer to a plate then garnish with some toasted garlic and chopped parsley. 

Now that everyone is trying to get back in shape after the holidays, the easiest way to start is to be mindful of how daily dishes are prepared. Start the year right by using Heart Mate Jolly Canola Oil that’s “Better for the Heart, and Better for the Budget!”Jolly Heart Mate Canola Oil is exclusively distributed by Fly Ace Corporation. It is available in all major supermarkets nationwide. Learn more about Jolly Heart Mate Canola Oil at

Fly Ace Corporation is one of the leading food and beverage consumer goods companies in the country today. Propelling limitless multiple-category growth by bringing the best of the world closer to Filipino homes, Fly Ace Corporation’s portfolio of food and beverage products includes house brands and exclusively distributed brands. 

Learn more at 

For more information, please contact:

MJ Cordova, Public Relations and Digital Media Marketing Associate Manager

Mobile                  :    0998 961 1870 

Landline               :     + (6 32) 807 9999 loc. 748 

Email                     :

Chinese New Year Kick-Off this January 27!!

Chinese new year is coming soon and Lazada has another great offer for everyone! If you still can't get enough of sales and shopping, then make sure to go online on Tuesday, January 27. is poised to stage yet again another show-stopping shopping event happening this January 27, as a kick-off to the forthcoming Chinese New Year. With jaw-dropping deals as much as 88% off on select best-selling items, flash sales, and surprise items, keep your eyes peeled on starting 12:01 AM of January 27 and will end on 11:59pm same day.

Lazada Philippines 

 And because I  love you guys, you can get additional 10% off on top of all the other discounts (for a minimum purchase of PHP1,500) just key in this code: CNY2015 to avail.
Start doing your online shopping and get your most desired items on a discounted price! Enjoy and Happy Chinese New Year!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Guard against Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

Little Enzo in the nursery

One of the many worries I had when Enzo was still months old was him sleeping on his chest. It intensified when I learned about SIDS or the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. It happens usually during sleep and what's alarming about it is it does not have any symptoms and can strike even the healthiest babies.

Though there are no direct causes of SIDs, studies show that there are ways to prevent it from happening. Read here for more info about SIDs:  Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) 

Great news is with advance studies there is a way to detect if an infant is vulnerable to SIDs. Cordlife Medical Philippines provides metascreen to help parents early detection of disorders in newborns.

Metascreen, a guard against ‘sudden death’

Manila, November 5, 2014 - Nearly one baby every hour each day dies abruptly. An estimated 7,000 babies die each year without warning. 

Parents are left clueless after the death as the possible causes remain unknown even after undergoing autopsy. All because of the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

SIDS is the unexplained death of babies usually occurring during sleep and striking under unexpected circumstances.

Even a healthy one-year old baby may be a victim of the condition which is often simply attributed to physical and environmental factors.

Studies have shown that babies with physical conditions including brain abnormalities, low birth weight and respiratory infection have higher risk of dying an unexplained death.

Still some studies indicated that an infant’s sleeping position may also be a cause. Babies sleeping on their stomach side are more prone as they may suffer more difficulty in breathing. Those sleeping on soft surfaces and with their parents are also at risk.

To address the problem, various newborn screening tests are being employed as a means of identifying inborn disorders. For instance, dried blood spot screening, usually available in hospitals, can effectively screen the newborn of many metabolic disorders.

This type of screening, however, can only detect less than 50 metabolic disorders. 

Given that there are far more metabolic disorders that place an infant in danger of SIDS, a new process called Metascreen, an expanded, advanced and non-invasive metabolic screening service, was developed.

Metascreen can detect up to more than 100 inborn errors of metabolism (IEM) through a painless method that uses the child’s urine sample collected after 48 hours of birth.

IEM is a rare genetic disorder characterized by the lack of enzymes needed in the body to maintain the normal body metabolic temperature.

This condition eventually causes the build-up of toxic substances and a deficiency of the critical ones. And because this may remain undetected during the infant stages of the baby, it poses as a silent threat to every newborn.

Aside from causing sudden death, the disease may also trigger serious developmental issues and lifelong disease, if left untreated.

Research showed that 10% of the SIDS cases can significantly be attributed to these inherited metabolic defects.

In the Philippines, this comprehensive newborn screening is offered by Cordlife Medical Philippines, the country’s most chosen cord blood and cord lining banking institution.  Metascreen is offered free to all mothers who bank their baby’s cord blood and cord lining at Cordlife.

“Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is a serious and unseen condition that contributes to infant mortality,” said Dr. Arvin Faundo, Medical Director, Cordlife Medical Philippines.  “Metascreen offers mothers the chance to reduce this incidence to secure the future and the wellbeing of their newborn.”

The screening test is performed by the Hong Kong Screening Centre Limited, a company that provides early and accurate detection of metabolic disorders in newborn babies.

“Here in the Philippines, we take pride in providing our clients with the best facilities to ensure that Cordlife is something they can depend on especially when it comes to securing the health of their newborn,” Faundo added.

Cordlife Medical Philippines, is a branch of Cordlife Group Limited which owns and operates processing and cryopreservation storage facilities across Asia including in Singapore, Hong Kong, India and Indonesia.

The Group’s processing and storage facilities in Singapore, Hong Kong, and India are also AABB, formerly known as American Association of Blood Banks, accredited, meeting the gold standard of private cord blood banking.

Cordlife Group also has a direct investment in China Cord Blood Corporation, one of the top operators in China.

For more information, download Cordlife’s free infopack @ or call (02) 3321888 to know how you can invest in your children’s future.  

How to Get a Philippine Passport at DFA Aseana

Long weekends in 2015

Did you know that there are 18 proclaimed holidays this year? If not well, it's about time you know about it and maybe plan for a barkada or family vacation this year. That's also the main reason why we chose to get our son his passport just in case we go abroad this year. (Crossing fingers pa yan ha. :))
Earlier today, my family and I went to DFA Aseana, near Blue Wave Macapagal to renew our passports and get a new one for Enzo. It was easy breezy as we only spent about 1 hour and 30 minutes for the whole process. The process was systematized and well organized. All staff were also very efficient and fast in their specific functions. So Kudos to everyone!! You are doing a great job there!:)
Now to help you just in case you will get your family's passport here are the requirements and the step by step procedures.

How to get to DFA Aseana:
1. Get off at EDSA Taft station.
2. Walk to the side of MRT, you will find a terminal of white vans/pier that will take you to DFA Aseana. Fare is Php10.00
3. You get off in front of DFA Aseana.

1. Set an appointment online thru citizen services. 
                       You may click on this link to schedule an appointment: DFA Passport Appointment System 
                       You may also read my previous post on Citizen services here:  
                       Citizen Services: Securing   documents made easy 

When filling out forms online you need the following information: passport number for renewal, date  and place of issue, birthday, parents name and birthday. You may opt to schedule for a family appointment so all members of the family would come together. Afterwards, you have to print the forms and bring it with other requirements on your appointment.

Print the forms and prepare required documents. Also make sure to photocopy all requirements to avoid inconvenience on the day itself.

Requirements for Renewal of Passports:
¤Personal Appearance
¤Confirmed Appointment
¤Duly accomplished application form
¤Most recent or expired passport 
¤Valid ID picture and supporting documents to prove identity

List of Acceptable IDs (At least 1 of the following)
¤Government issued IDs like SSS ID, Driver's License, GSIS E-card, PRC, 
OWWA, BIR, Senior Citizen's ID.

List of Supporting Documents: (At least 3 of the following) 
Voter's ID
NSO Marriage Contract
Land Title
Seaman's Book
Form 137 or Transcript of Records with Dry seal
Government Service Record
NBI or Police or Barangay Clearance

For minor applicants: (below 18 years old)
¤confirmed appointment (except for 1 yr old below)
¤personal appearance
¤Original and photocopy of valid passport of the person travelling with the minor
¤Original Birth Certificate

Photocopy all documents and also the front and back part of your existing passport.

Step by Step Procedure of Renewal of Passport
1. Present appointment form at the main gate.
2. Proceed at Gate 4 for Verification/Validation of Appointment
3. Fall in line and wait until called for the checking of documents.
4. After checking of documents, proceed to the cashier at the second floor and pay the passport fee.
Regular processing: (15 working days) Php950
Express: (7 working days) Php1,200
For lost valid passport:  Php250 for brown passport and Php350 for digitized passport
5. After payment, fall in line for Data Capturing. Remove earrings or hair accessories during photo taking. Contact lenses are also not allowed.
6. You can opt to have your passporta delivered thru LBC with additional Php120 or you may also choose to pick it up. Schedule of releasing is already announced on your appointment.

That's it. Did I not tell you it's  easy breezy? Just make sure to complete requires documents, prepare payment fee, and show on your schedule appointment or else you would need to set another appointment.
If you have any questions, just comment below and maybe I could help you!:)

Saturday, January 17, 2015

#30on30 Part 2: Crafty Artsy Giveaway + More Great News

Hello everyone, although I promised to post about my birth month giveaway every Friday of the month, I was not able to do so yesterday. I apologize but I'll share with you great news with this post!:) I'm sure you love good news, right?:)

So anyway, I was not able to post for about four days and my last post was about my "10 Happy Bucket List"  and it became part of a book review by another mommy blogger friend Marie of  MamaNeesNest You can read her book review here: Mamanee's Nest: Book Review of Love Yourself by Marjorie Duterte and she's also having a giveaway!:)

That day I also received a great news that I got accepted in University of the Philippines Diliman for a Masteral degree I applied for. It has been my long time dream to become a pre-school teacher and I have finally decided to fulfill it. So yey for me! I'll be a student again on Family Life and Child Development!:)

The next day, I had to go to Manila and bring little Enzo to my sister-in-law to get some of my medical requirements for UP. You know, we have been yaya-less since Enzo was born and we're still planning to keep that way. Luckily, I have a sister-in-law who's really very patient to take care of Enzo while we're at work.

Wednesday, came and I tried to enroll in UP but I wasn't able to finish. It was really a gruelling experience (OA lang) but my friends who came from UP said that's really part of being a student there. Nonetheless, I am still excited and ecstatic to start schooling. It means more knowledge to take care of my little boy and to share in this blog too!:)

At the University Registrar's while waiting.

Before I start my next giveaway, I'd like to say Thanks to everyone who has joined the first part of #30on30. I decided to announce all winners on the day of my birthday, January 30 so I can ship the prizes by first week of February. Yey! That's good news right?

So here's the second part of my giveaway entitled:
Crafty Artsy Giveaway

I love DIYs and crafts. Ever since I was a little girl my time was spent on re-creating crafts and arts I see on television. I also enjoy doing decors, designs, and art pieces for any event we have. Here are some examples of DIYs I did before. 
One of the games during Enzo's Surfin Party 

Table numbers in our Varsity themed Wedding
There are a lot of other things I like to DIY. I also love doing scrapbooks and photo albums. I get an unexplainable joy when I get to cut, color, paste and decorate stuff especially events. Though I am not yet the pinterest type of crafter (I think, you know what I mean right?) but I do my best and I think about it a lot of times. I put effort and love to any craft or DIY project I do. So my next giveaway has something to do with Crafting and Scrapbooking.

What you'll get are these: 

Just follow these simple steps:
1. Follow this blogsite by email. You just have to enter your email address on the left side of my blogsite. 
3. Comment below: Why do you love DIY projects? Full Name, Email Address.

That's it! Please wait for the announcement of winners on January 30.

Monday, January 12, 2015

10 Happy Bucket List

I have a teacher friend who would always ask his students of "What brings them joy?" I'd always say how great of a question it was because it's recognizing positive things and counting our blessings. 
Which is why it is but timely to share with you Ten Things that makes me Happy, which is the Happy Bucket List. This is a list of happy pills I bring out in times of sorrow or lack of motivation.

                  "10 Happy Bucket List"

10. Scrapbooking, Arts and Crafts

My favorite shows during childhood was the lifestyle channel. I love making scrapbooks and decorating. I find joy in cutting papers, doing templates and anything artsy. I feel the kid inside me jumps in joy everytime I hold a scissor, crayon or colored pens.

9. Nature and Adventure

Trying new stuff and getting out of my comfort zone brings excitement and thrill in my life. I enjoy every moment I get to spend with mother nature and her creation. Being with nature brings me back to where I came from and make me realize how simple life really is.

8. Bags, makeups and everything nice.

I am a late bloomer in kikay stuff. I only got interested in it during my last year in college. I learned personal and professional makeup lessons. Now I enjoy using and sharing my knowledge in makeup. Bags and pouches also make me happy that sometimes I think I have too many. Hihi.

7. Beach.

Going out of town and being in the beach is a source of happiness. I enjoy just hanging out at the beach or at a pool.

6. Chocolates and Ice Creams.

I am a sweet tooth and any chance that I could eat chocolatea and ice cream is heaven. I would want to eat anything sweet after a heavy meal and it's would beb excellent if I could have ice cream!:)

5. Surprises and Events organizing

I find joy in bringing people surprise whether on special occassions like their birthday or just when I remember them. I also find joy in organizing any events that is why I look forward to a lot of milestones of my baby and our family.

4. Clean and fresh blankets and bedsheets

These are just irresistable and makes me want to just lie down and cuddle. Simple things that bring so much joy.

3. Coffee and Conversations

The best ideas, advices, and jokes come from conversations and accompanied by coffee brings happiness to me. I feel energized and recharge every after these talks.

2. Teaching and my students

Yes, I admit, my students are my greatest joys. I may rant or complain at times but they are the best teachers I have. I learned not only about the topics that we discuss but more on about life and myself.

1. My Family.

I am a Family Person. I prioritize them as much as I can and I carry a responsibility in each of them. I am happy when they are happy.

These are the things that make me happy. People, places and stuff that make me smile everyday. Having these in my life is reason enough for me to wake up everyday.

What makes your happy bucket list? I'd love to know about them!:)

Saturday, January 10, 2015

MANILA WORKSHOPS: Speed Networking Brunch

Hi there everyone! I have good news for all of you, every month I will share with you upcoming events from Manila Workshops. If you've been reading my blog you probably know that I have been to some of their workshops and I promote them here occassionally.

For those who don't have any idea about them yet, here's a quick intro:

Manila Workshops was founded by Ginger Palma - Arboleda in 2012. It's aim is to provide a venue for people to continuously learn and aspire for their entreprenuerial  or personal goals in life. They provide different workdshops and seminars that would help enhance knowlede in different areas like creativity, business and personal development.
I have been to three workshops of Manila Workshop and they never fail to give me more knowledge in areas I am interested in. Thanks to them I had a successful party for my son's first birthday when I attended the "How to make your own Kiddie Party".

Here are the links to my experience and learnings from the workshop:

Next workshop I attended was through Mommy Bloggers Philippines and it was the Ogalala System in Play. Learned a bunch from this and how I could make play a learning moment for little Enzo.

I also had the chance to attend Baby Signs but unfortunately got sick during the event that I had to leave early. I was so disappointed but I had to prioritize my health. The organizers still let me take home my freebies though I did not finish it. Thank you so much, Manila Workshops.
So, if you believe that learning does not end in the classroom or if you just love learning, Manila Workshops might just be the right partner for you. Expect me to flood you with their events and hopefully to see you in one of their events!:)

Here's one event for you writers, bloggers, business owners who would like to expand their networks:
Please also use my referral code (TYJSNB1) when you register, thanks! 

You can register here:
Please also use my referral code (TYJSNB1) when you register, thanks!
For more information go to:  Manila Workshops Offical Site

Friday, January 9, 2015

30 on 30 Birthday Giveaway Wk. 1: Little Miss Teacher

It's finally Friday everyone and I'm excited to introduce myself to all of you better. hihi! As I told you about this giveaway, you are so lucky to get to know me better this whole month of January. Ang saya diba? hahah! But kidding aside, I did this giveaway to give back to all great opportunities I have been given through this blog. Of course, a big shout out to Mommy Bloggers Philippines and to all the mommy bloggers and blogger friends I have met along the way.

Anyway, here's a new info about myself that I don't really tell much about in this blog. well, ladies and gentleman here goes!!!

I am a teacher for 8 years in a tertiary institution in Manila. I teach NSTP which is a program that enhance civic consciousness and defense preparedness to the youth. Our objectives as teachers is to instill patriotism and volunteerism to students that will make them productive citizens in the future hopefully. You would understand now why I am a Pro-Filipino. I love Filipino artists, events, and anything Filipino. I have develop a sense of positivism in the Philippines and I hope it will also translate to my actions and even to this blog. So anyway, the prize set for this week is a teacher-student related prize!:)

This is not a sponsored giveaway so everything I bought won my own so I hope you'd still get excited and appreciate it!:)

So what will you get in this giveaway?
One winner will get:
1 Notebook
1 Planner
1 Post its
2 Magnetic Bookmarks
1 Notepad

There is also a surprise prize with a simple task for you to do. hihi! I promise it'll be fun and easy!:)

The mechanics are very simple:
1. Like my facebook page: thereyoujho
2. Follow me on Instagram: @thereyoujho
3. Follow me on Twitter: @thereyoujho
4. Share this on Facebook then tag me. Please use hashtag #30on30 and #thereyoujho
5. Comment your Full Name and Email address.

Please make sure to follow all tasks for your entries to be valid. Giveaway will end on the day of my Birthday, January 30 and announcement of winners will be on February 6, 2015!

Thank you for celebrating this milestone with me!:) #30on30

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Citizen Services: Securing Documents Made Easy

Important milestones in our lives often comes with required documents. From btrth certificate, to schooling, going abroad, and even in death.

Gone are the days when we have to fall in long ques, leave from work, or be asked to go back again and again because of Citizen Services.

Citizen services is the most convenient access to various government services of the National Statistics Office and the Department of Foreign Affairs and the  DFA Passport Appointment System. They are fully endorsed and accredited by NSO and DFA.

Most milestones in our lives have been made easier and hassle-free by citizens services. Here are some of the important events that they have been a part of. and Hassle-Free Certificates Delivery
1. Wedding requirements (Birth Certificates and CENOMAR)
2. Enzo's Birth Certificate

Now, we are hitting another milestone and Citizen Services is going to be part of it again. That is getting our passport as a family. My hubby needs to renew his passport while I need to update my status and name plus we're getting Enzo his own passport!

Here's the link to the Passport Appointment System where you can schedule for your passport application:

I will keep you posted on any updates and how our appointment went. Will give you all the necessary requirements and procedures needed to help you just in case you would get your own.

Have you tried Citizen Services in securing important documents in your life? Please share them to me too!:)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Why Stress and Trying to Conceive Don't Mix

Being a mother is a life changing experience. As a relatively newbie mom I will be forever grateful for being able to conceive and bear a child. My baby has been a constant source of happiness and joy to me and my family.

A woman's greatest blessing is to become a mother, however, not all are as lucky to easily conceive. I had a smooth conception and pregnancy with my first born and I'd say one factor that helped me was my management of stress.

Though there are alot of other factors that can affect conception, like age, physiological makeup, etc. I will emphasize more on stress and conception being a wrong formula.

Stress as we know isn't good for our body and should be avoided as much as you can. If you are trying to conceive, that's another way to avoid getting too stressed. According to, stress is one of the main causes of infertility. Stress can affect the hormones in your body that's responsible to stimulate your ovulation, which is why some stressed women notice that they are having irregular periods. If you and your partner are trying to conceive for quite a long time without success, try your best to avoid stress, it could just be the reason why you're having difficulty having pregnant. Women can also start tracking down their ovulation to make sure they do not miss that small window of opportunity in a woman's cycle to get pregnant.

Women can also try exercise that could help lessen stress like pilates or yoga. It helps calm the senses while working out the body. Workouts releases endorphins which gives a happy feel that can be used to manage stress.

In anything, trying to conceive a baby starts with readiness and the excitement of having a little mister or miss. This thrilling and new adventure should be celebrated and not stressed about. So for mom wannabe's or mom-to-be's, or already moms, enjoy the journey, it's a blessing. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Fangirl Strikes Again: Introducing Benny Bunny Band

It's not known to a lot of people that I am a fangirl. Yes! I AM A FANGIRL. I have a high tendency to get hooked on an artist or author or any person I admire. One of the many things I fangirl about is Pinoy bands. I remember going to SM Megamall on a schoolday in college for an album launching of Bamboo with Sugarfree and Hale as the front acts. I was teary eyed watching Champ of Hale singing The Day you said Goodnight and got as many free posters as I can. I am also a big fan of Sugarfree, I bought CDs and printed their lyrics just so I could sing along (with feelings, ha!) with them. When they visited our campus I made sure I had a poster and a sign from them. I was so proud that Ebe wrote my nickname on the poster. Feeling close ako nun. Another fangirl moment was my first UP fair, a thank you to a friend who gave us back stage passes. Grabe! I saw all great Pinoy bands there and my fangirl needs were more than satisfied. Haha!

It's been so long since I fangirl any bands and somebody just unleashed my superpowers again!! Hihi!

Let me introduce to you the:
                  BENNY BUNNY BAND

I got to watch three of their gigs already and I go home each time wanting to hear or see more of them.

Here's why I love them:
1.I did not know them before but they got me at "Pam Together" song. It is a song Benny (lead vocals) wrote about Pam from the series The Office. AND I LOVE PAM AND JIM HALPERT. I was such a fan I recorded them on my phone.

2. The Ukelele. And its electric. ( Tama ba?) Anyway it is a nice touch to the music and I didn't know it can sound like how it sounded. (I'm no expert in musical instruments hihi)

3. The good vibes. Everytime I watch them I feel happy. The performance is consistent everytime that spreads to the audience. You would want to know the lyrics and sing along. It's like endorphins performing in front of your eyes, into your ears and would make you dance to your feet.

4. Highly relatable songs that puts unexplainable feelings and emotions into words. Feelings you thought could never be expressed, Benny bunny band has put it into writing with just the perfect sounds.

5. Kilig to the next level. You wished you were the one who's song's been dedicated to. You would want to be the anghel na walang pakpak or Laarni or Pam. Feeling ko nga kanta sakin ng asawa ko yung Ikaw na ang Anghel, Bow! Haha!:P

6. Love song minus the cheesy corny feeling. You know its a love song but you don't know what/how/when it hit you, you just know that it's a great song.

7. The music is contagious and has a high recall. You would want to hear it again and again because you remember how it made you feel. Lahat happy, lahat loved.

In short, the band is an all in package. You hear excellent music, sing to #feels lyrics and watch extraordinary performance everytime.

Benny bunny band is a REAL band. True to their music, true to their craft, true to their passion!

Listen to them and I guarantee you, you will be a fan!:)

Like them on fb: Benny Bunny Band 
Soundcloud:  Benny Bunny Band on Souncloud 

Here's a link to my favorite song on soundcloud:  Ikaw na ang Anghel, Bow! 

Please watch, listen and support Pinoy Music!:)

I won two tickets to Intramuros Rising! Thank you again, Benny Bunny Band and Burn Mercado.

Fangirling! Thank you sir Aj and sir Burn! *Apir!*

Stalking at the Intramuros Rising 2 last December!

At Sev's Cafe for Katha by Para sa Sining productions. Di nako nagpapicture kasi baka sabihin fan na fan ako haha!:)

Thank you Benny Bunny Band for the music! You got one fangirl here!:)

Monday, January 5, 2015

Nailaholics Spa and Salon:Perfect Place for RnR

Before the Christmas and New Year celebration started, I got to spend a night with my new found mommy bloggers friends. We got ourselves a special treat from Nailaholics Cash and Carry branch. Thanks to Mommy Bloggers Philippines Christmas Party for the gift certificates from the Winter Wonderland Christmas Party!

The gift certificate was for a one Nature's Haven Spa Manicure which was exactly what I needes before the holidays. I have tiny nails but I wanted it polished just for the holidays. Hihi! So, yey!!!:)

Our scheduled appointment was at 630pm. Mommy Nadia of  Nanay's Trip was the early bird, while Mommy Lally of  Lally's Reflections  and Mommy Rackell of  My Little World came in just as I arrived. Mommy  of  Mila Stole my Heart completed the gang.

We were immediately accommodated by the staff and started the spa treatment.

Nature's Haven Spa Manicure startes with a seasalt scrub. It eliminatea dead skin cells making the skin fairer and smoother. I felt the effect immediately after and I wanted to buy their sea salt scrub. Unfortunately, they don't sell it.

Next is the cleaning and polishing of the nails. They ask for additional Php50 if you choose to use Orly for the nail polish.

I opted for a Dark Chocolate nail polish. It was my first time to put neutral colored polish hihi. I usually choose pink or light colored ones.

The spa manicure waa quick and simple. The ambiance is perfect for relaxing and feeling pretty. The beach feel of the place added a calm feeling to the spa.

Some snapshots of the interior of the place.

Mommies getting pampered in their comfy chairs! Look at Paulline feeling all princess-y in her chair.

That's it! These is definitely a look of satisfied and pampered Moms!:) Thank you Nailaholics Cash and Carry for the smooth transaction and for pretty-fying our nails. Thank you to Mommy Bloggers Philippines!:)

If you want to feel pampered and relaxed, go to the nearest Nailaholics branch and avail of their ongoing promo!

They offer face, hand, feet, and body treatments. They even have a special treat for little girls, isn't it cute? Just right for Mommy-daugther bonding.

They also accept sparty and have different packages consumable of different treatments or services.

For more information:
FB page:  Nailaholics Spa and Salon 
Official Site: Nailaholics 

If you want to rest and relax, consider Nailaholics next time!:)

What spa treatment would you love to get yourself for your next RnR? Share with me, cause I'd love to hear your thoughts!:)


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