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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Food Panda PH: Food Delivery Just Got Better

My family and I live in an area of carinderias, silugan, inihaw, and almost all ready to eat food. We don't usually cook our meals so we tend to buy from these stores. You'd say it's so much easier buying than cookong, right? Though it may be true at some point but eating from similar food all time can be challenging. It gets too routinary and we somehow gets tired of having the same menubover and over again.
Fortunately, my family and I got the chance to try Food Panda through Mommy Bloggers Philippines. Thanks for this opportunity cause we got our tummy satisfied thrice this week!!!:) Before I share with you our Food Panda experience, here's a little bit of background about them.
Food is an online delivery portal that makes it easier for customers to order from the best restos in the country and have it delivered to their homes. They cater to about 160 restaurants in Manila, Makati, Mandaluyong, Quezon City, and many more.

How to Food Panda? It's really very simple. Just follow these simple steps.
1. Log on to their, you can also download their app on Ios or Android.
2. As you sign in it will ask for your location.
3. You will then see a list of restaurants that are online and those that delivers to your area.
4. Choose from the menubod your desired resto and place your order.
5. An SMS, call or Email will be sent to you for order
6. Wait and enjoy your food!:)
Our first food panda experience is from Greenwich. After a tiring Christmas shopping I wantef to reward myself with pasta and pizza. We ordered 1 all meat double pizza and 2 lasagna. It arrived less than the estimated delivery time so we were really impressed.

The next day we tried ordering for lunch just so we can see how fast their service was. We ordered from Hongkong Noodles and Dimsum house located in Dominga which was quite near to us. We ordered their HK Fried Chicken and Lomi which was good for 2-4 persons. It arrived earlier than the estimated time of 45 minutes and we got to eat our food delicious and hot!:) Not included in the photo is the Chicharap and sauces including ketchups and chili sauce.
A meal is not complete without drinks right? And because my hubby loves milk tea we decided to try Moon Leaf Tea located in The Columns. I was impressed that Food Panda PH delivers even beverages so it's really one of the reasons will definitely order using them again. We ordered two House Milk Tea and my favorite Lychee Nata Juice.

Being a working mom, Food Panda has been a great partner to provide different kinds of meals that my family and I can try. Food delivery has made our lives easier because we don't have to go to our favorite restos anymore and be hassled by the traffic in the metro. It's very practical and we get to enjoy our meals at the comfort of homes. I also love the feeling of being able to share with my hubby's family food we love through Food Panda. Being in their old age they don't prefer to get out and dine out so with Food Panda they get to try other restos and food without having to go out.

Our experience of Food Panda can be summed up to three words: Convenience, Guaranteed, and Satisfying. It is convenient not only because its online but more because they also have an app that can be used in android or ios. I love that kind of convenience because I can bring it anywhere.
Guaranteed because they confirm orders and they arrive on time or event earlier. That 's the kind of security any home would like in a food delivery service. That orders will arrive on time and with its best condition.
Satisfying. Not only the meals the restos offer but the service provided by Food Panda. You'll surely want to order again and again
Food delivery service truly just got better.

I just hoped/ wished Food Panda will deliver from more restos in our area so we could try other as well.
Thank you again and for this opportunity!!!:)

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