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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Barangay Health Center Basics: How to get Baby Vaccines for free at your Barangay Health Center

As a practical mom, I'd like to give what's best for my baby while also saving up. Getting vaccinations can be quite expensive especially if you buy it from your pediatricians. If you have not yet heard about getting free vaccines in health centers then I suggest you read on.

M.Dela Cruz Barangay Health Center in Pasay City

Reception. This is where you get your number and where the nurses ask for basic info about your baby.

Weighing and measuring the length of baby for nurse's record.

Patiently waiting in line.
As soon as I got pregnant, my husband and I already decided to get all of our baby's vaccines in the health center. This is because all (well, almost all) barangay health centers offer vaccinations for free. We originally wanted to get all his shots in Bulacan where we live thinking that there might be more vaccines there because few people in our place actually knew there are free in our health centers. Unfortunately, the vaccines there were only limited and we couldn't fit the schedule of vaccinations with our working schedule. That is when we decided to transfer to Pasay where my husband lives. Luckily they have more supplies and they do vaccinations everyday. Until now that my son is 9months old we are still availing of the free vaccines there. 

What to remember when getting vaccines from barangay health center:
1. Always bring your barangay health card. No health card, no vaccination. This is because the schedule of the vaccines are written there. This also serves as a guide to the nurses and doctors.

2. Be prepared to wait in line. If you don't want to wait in line, come early so you'll be the first one to be served. What we do is we arrive 30 minutes before 8am so we can get our number.
Vaccines are very important for babies to complete in their first year.

3. Come to your scheduled day and time.  It is necessary to come in your scheduled date because the shots are sometimes for a number of babies only. For example, a measles shot is to be done in scheduled because once it's opened it should be used as soon as possible.

4. Be patient. Some barangay health workers can be agitated or irritated at times, but its because they have so much work that they also get stressed. When they snap at you, let it go and calm down.

5. Bring your essentials like fan, food, and water. Just to be prepared bring these essentials because the health center can be a little hot and crowded.

6. Remember that only breastfeeding is allowed in the health center. If you must formula feed, please step out of the center and come back as soon as your baby is finished. This is a policy of health centers and so we must be mindful of it.

Note that only a vaccines for the first year of the baby is provided for by the health centers. Other vaccines are given in private hospitals. Here are the free vaccines in health centers:
1. BCG
2. DPT
3. OPV
4. Hepatitis B
5. Measles

So, if you want to save up but get the same vaccines for your babies, check out health centers near you!:)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Box worth the Wait: My first BDJ Box

I've always been intrigued by BDJ box as soon as I have known about it but have never tried purchasing one. It was only when I became a fan of Genzel Kisses and read about the BDJ boxes review in her blog that I decided to get one for myself. (If you want to know why I'm such a fan of Gen-zel, click here to read more about her and her blog.

I had chills when I received an email from BDJ that I am about to get my box for May. And I'd say it was truly worth the wait. We were actually on vacation when my package arrived but our nice neighbor got it for me so yey!:) Atleast I got it as soon as we arrived home.

When I got the package, I was like a little kid who didn't want to open it just yet. I didn't want to ruin the nice packaging and I was feeling a little nervous on what's inside hihi!:) Receiving it was so much fun for me. I enjoyed looking at it first and being surprised in seeing whats inside.

The Precious BDJ box.:)

The step by step unboxing :)

BDJ Box Summer Radiance

Happiness in a box.

The contents of the box:
1. Too Cool for School Pumpkin Sleeping Pack
2. Godiva Licowhite Whitening Lotion
3. Godiva Licowhite Antiperspirant Deodorant
3. Organix Hair Care Set 
4. Dermal Sheet Mask
5. Revlon Colorstay Nail Enamel

There are also vouchers included inside too:
1. Avon Voucher - Free Belle Underwire Custom Cleavage Dream Brassiere
2. Bifesta Voucher - Php100 off on all cleansing lotion all variants
3. Dr. CRB Voucher 50% off on reshape ultra
4. I Do Nails Voucher Free Add ons for every Manicure and Pedicure
5. Lucido-L Php50 off on all Lucido-L variants
6. Professional Artists Cosmetics Make Over Voucher 

So, is the BDJ box really worth the wait? and the money? DEFINITELY YES! The full size of the items amount to Php2,074.00 while the BDJ box subscription is only Php580.00. So it's really a box worth the wait and will surely give you the much needed pampering after summer!:) 

For more information about BDJ box, here are their social media links: 
Official website:
Instagram and Twitter: @bdjbox

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

PANGASINAN: Boating World Resort

Our family spent had our last summer hurrah in Boating World Resort, San Fabian Pangasinan. It was a spur-of-the-moment vacation because we were planning to stay in our Baguio house for the entire weekend. So we found ourselves in the town of Pangasinan without any idea where to stay. We just went our way and decided to just look for one there because my mom knew that there are a lot of beaches and resort in San Fabian.

We we're guided by a travel guide upon reaching a detour in San Fabian due to a bridge counstruction. He first brought us to Holiday which is "too public" place for us. It means there are just cottages and one aircon room that's a little far from the beach. We did not like it there because we had children with us and we felt it was not safe and private. So we ask Kuya to bring us to a semi-private or hotel-like place and he brought us to BOATING WORLD RESORT.

We were so happy we found this place because it was like oasis in a desert place. (And I'm not even exaggerating) 

 Located at Nibaliw Vidal San Fabian Pangasinan. Boating World Resort offers its guests a place to relax and unwind with the sun and sand. They have single rooms, family rooms and dormitories that would fit any number of guests. They also have function halls and rooms for different occasion. Aside from the beach they also have two swimming pools, one for the kids and the other for the adults. Both pools have slides which is a plus point for me. The resort also has cottages, grill, videoke, and wide parking spaces.

Picnic tables in between the dormitories and rooms. This area is free for all resort guests. 

Free use of Kubo/Cottage for all guests as well. We got to use this kubo for our entire stay.

Part of the bar and the container vans turned into rooms. 

For daytrip guests.

The grilling area. Free use as well. 

                                                                          The pool area.

The bar is open until 12mn I think and they have a TV at night where the guests can watch and dine. They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner and they also allow "paluto"

This is the family room which is good for three people. Costs Php3,000 and Php300 in excess.

Toilet and bath. A little small for a toilet and bath.

                                                                 Parking area

Our stay in Boating World Resort was truly splendid. I would suggest however that they provide a water station for the guest near the rooms. It was a little disappointing that we couldn't ask for water in the middle of the night because we had to buy the water. They also have a fee for utensils borrowed if you don't buy from their resto/bar.  But in general, Boating World has one of the nicest staffs, facilities, and accommodation. My impression of the place is that it was well thought of, it provides safety, and comfort to its guest, and its really a place for rest and relaxation. I highly recommend this place and would definitely go back!:)

RATES: (from theif FB PAGE)

(including the use of Swimming Pools, Sheds or Nipa Huts)
Adult: 200 Php
Kids (below 10 years old): 150 Php

30 Mins = 2,500 Php
1 Hour = 4,000 Php
Single = 250 Php / hour
Tandem = 350 Php / hour
- 1,250 Php
- Good for 5 persons
- 250 Php for Additional
- 1,500 Php
- Good for 5 persons
- 300 Php for Additional
(use of swimming pools is included)

- 2,500 Php
- Good for 6 persons

- 2,000 Php
- Good for 4 persons

- 200 Php for Additional

- 2,000 Php
- Good for 2 persons

- 2,000 Php
- Good for 3 persons

- 300 Php for Additional

- 3,000 Php
- Good for 3 persons
- 400 Php for Additional

- 6,000 Php
- Good for 12 persons
- 300 Php for Additional

All prices are subject to change without prior notice.
No corkage fee.

Updated: November 20, 2013

For more information and updates, like their FB Page here: Boating World Resort

Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bulacan: Swim and Slide at 4 K Garden Resort

If you want to swim and slide your summer out, there's a place in Bulacan that can satisfy your need. We went there last week of April for day trip and it was I would say a pleasant stay. 4 K Garden Resort is located at 1179 Bagong Barrio Catmon Sta. Maria, Bulacan which is a 40 min drive from Balintawak. In it's three hectares of land lies one 2,000 sq.meter wave pool, 2 adult pools, 2 kiddie pools, 1 private pool and 1 semi olympic pool. They also have three slides in the three connecting pools. Around are different cottages ranging from pool umbrellas, nipa huts, gazebos etc. They also have a covered multi-purpose basketball court, and events venue.

One of the main attraction of the resort is their slides.

Adult pool

Wave pool. Has a schedule and opens every hour or so. They announce it every time it opens.

Adult and kiddie pools. It was closed during our visit. 

Gazebo for Php500 good for 20 pax

You can reserve a cottage or gazebo before you go there. 

Available grill on the sides of the resort. It's common so everybody can use. Bring your own utensils and charcoal. It has a lavatory attached to it. 

Our designated cooks/chefs

I'll share with you my opinions on the resort according to four category which are: 
Value for Money, Accessibility, Comfort and Enjoyment

Value for Money:
Entrance fee is Php150 for both adults and children
Cottage fee is only Php500 for 20 pax
For a minimum amount you get to experience almost all the amenities in the resort, 3 pools and a wave pool plus three slides. Not bad for the price. 

It's fairly accessible if youre from the North part of Manila. We came from Pasay during that time and it was roughly 1 and a half hours. We travelled through NLEX and it was not traffic during that time.

Didn't like the comfort rooms.. AT ALL. The showers were not well maintained and the floor was very messy and wet. One of the kid that we brought even slipped on the floor. The toilets also does not have locks and the bowl itself was not that cleaned. I did not feel secured while using the comfort rooms. 

The water on the pool was not really clean because they don't have a shower area available for people to use before heading to the pool area. They also lack trash cans or some people/guests weren't mindful of their trashes. 

In general we had fun during our stay. We had a lot of option as to what pool we want to go. They also offer pools for children which is a plus for me because we have our eight month old baby. The Gazebos were also appropriate for our number. 

So, the next time you want to get away from the heat of the sun, remember 4K garden resort. A place where you can swim and slide.Here's their operation hours:

Open Daily 
8:00am-5:00pm @ P150/person (day swimming)
6:00pm-4:00am @ P200/person (overnight swimming) 
Open on Holidays 

For update and other information, like their 
FB Page: 4K Garden Resort


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