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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Subic: Subic Bay Peninsular Hotel: A Home away from Home in the Making

Last Maundy Thursday to Black Friday, our family decided to stay at Subic Bay Peninsular Hotel. It was an impromptu getaway because it was not planned and organized ahead of time.

We arrived at the hotel around 4pm due to the heavy traffic we experienced in NLEX. In an ordinary day, it would only take us about two to three hours to get to Subic but it took us about 5 hours last holy week. It was the longest I have ever been in NLEX.

Wide parking area to the hotel's entrance

Great thing is that when we arrived at the hotel, we were greeted by accommodating staff and a wonderful bedroom!!!:) I love the room because of its spacious and big beds! We were four adults and one baby in the room and it was still so spacious. I also loved the comfort room because it was very big and wide too. I just don't really like the design o the lavatory as it was kind of messy and wet when used. But in general the room was amazing!:) Another thing about the room is that it's environment friendly, the interiors have windows where the sun comes in directly in the morning so it means less electricity to be used. I love green infrastructures and I'll give two thumbs up for them because of this.

The hotel is still under construction and only 30 rooms were functioning when we went there. One of the staff shared that it was a Casino before and it was only acquired through the bank. Although it was still under construction, the lobby was opened, staff were very accommodating, and the service is really fast. They also made the conference room into the dining area for the complimentary breakfast. You know what else is great about it? They have a pool and a bar!!!


Unfortunately, I was not able to take a photo of the bar at night time. 

There were two pool available one for children the other is for adults. They also have a jacuzzi!:) The staff were also very accommodating when we asked for a table and chairs near the pool area as the tables were a little far from our sight. One downfall I would say is that the restrooms were a little stinky so we had to take a bath in our rooms instead.

The bar is also opened to the guests and the public as well. They open at 4pm and closes at around 4am or until there are guests in the bar.

Before we went home, we also got the chance to take a photo in a vintage car used in the movie Back to the Future parked outside the hotel. It was owned by the owner of the hotel and it's displayed just outside.

All rooms include:
*32"LED TV with USB
* Individual climate controls
*Separate shower and toilet
*Wifi access in all rooms
*Hair dryers
*In-room sales
*Complimentary breakfast fir 2 persons
*Complimentary bottled water

For more information, updates, inquiries and reservations, contact: (047) 250 7274
Sun: 0923 4746102
Globe:0905 2807952
Smart: 0921 6884066
FB Page:

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop 2014

Just thought I'd post about this just in case anyone needs any information about. I have not tried this workshop neither have my son (who's still a baby) joined this event yet. Although this is true, I have always been fascinated and interested in this workshop, and I will surely enroll my son when he gets a little older.

So for mommies out there who's looking for a summer workshop for your kids, you still have until tomorrow to register your kids in a 5 day Kiddie Crew Workshop at McDonalds. Your kids will be able to observe and participate in different stations of the fast food chain. They will be assigned in the drive thru, counter and lobby areas of the branch you enroll in. 

There are still 4 weeks in this workshop so register now and let your kid discover fun, learning, and friendship!

Week 6: May 5 - 9
Week 7: May 12 - 16
Week 8: May 19 - 23
Week 9: May 26 - 30 

For more information and updates, click here: McDonald's Kiddie  Crew Workshop 2014 

Photo from McDonald's official site.

Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post. :)

Monday, April 28, 2014

Team Tacorda meets The Famous Team Kramer at the Get Hooked on DIY Event at Megamall

I know everybody knows TEAM KRAMER, right? But do you know who Team Tacorda is? Haha! That's us!:P Yes, we are knock offs of their family tagline but it just sounds so cool!:) Anyway, we, my husband and my little boy was lucky enough to have seen the famous Team Kramer at the Good Housekeeping and 3M Get Hooked on DIY event at SM Megamall Activity Center last April 13, 2014.

When I first heard about this event I was so xicted as I love DIYs and any tools related to crafting or party planning. I am also blessed to have a very supportive husband because he came with me in the event. he's a basketball fan so seeing Doug Kramer was a plus for him. Unfortunately he wasn't able to take a photo with him because he was carrying our little boy.

The event was launched by the country's no.1 family and home magazine, Good Housekeeping in partnership with 3M Philippines. Doug and Cheska Kramer of Team Kramer is 3M's Command Damage-free Hanging Solutions Ambassadors.

Ms. Angel Jacob hosted the "Get Hooked on DIY"

The event showcased home decorating workshop and activities that will help maximize and organize their homes creatively using simple wall-hanging tools through Command Damage-Free Hanging Solutions from 3M. It was hosted by Ms. Angel Jacob and a home improvement expert Ms. Coni Tejada shared different tips on how to use 3M Command Damage-Free hanging tools not only at home but in so many other things I'll share with you later.

This was especially important and an informative event for me, not only because this was my FIRST blogger event. hihi. It was overwhelming to see so many people and mommy bloggers in the event. I have never attended any mall event before this and I am so glad that my first event came from Good Housekeeping and 3M Philippines. Time and effort spent to attend was totally worth it.

The Star of the Show: Command Damage-Free Hanging Tools.
This is part of the freebie given during the event.

Ms. Coni Tejada showing a wall dilemma most homeowners have at home. A blank wall.

Ms. Coni Tejada first showed a typical home design scenario: a blank wall. In fear of drilling holes and falling decors, picture frames, or diplomas, some would just choose not to put anything on the walls thus creating a very plain wall at home. While other also have a problem with not being allowed to drill holes in their homes especially if its not their own. I actually have these problems at home so I was really excited to hear more about the 3M Command hooks. 

The command hooks can be used at home to organize and design. One tip given during the event was to create a picture wall in the masters bedroom with of course the use of the command hooks. Other tips include: 
1. Hang things from bedroom door or cabinet door. 
2. Create a tablet station for your gadgets.
3. Organize things and get them off the floor.
4.Hang a lamp from the ceiling
5.Add string lights to a room
6. Display your kid's art

Command Damage-Free hooks can also be your solution to your party planning needs. Ever have problems hanging backdrops or decors in your party because you can't seem to find a hook that can do the job. Well 3M's Command hook is your answer. Ms. Coni Tejada also shared some useful tips on using 3M's Command hook in your next party which are:
1. To hang paper lanterns
2. To hang a backdrop on your DIY photobooth
3. To create your own backdrop
4.  To hang buntings and decorations

There are a lot of other ways to use 3M's Command Damage-Free hooks in our homes, parties or even in our workplace. In order to share more of how these products can be used at home, Team Kramer shared their thoughts on these products. 

They also reminded everyone to read the instructions and follow them carefully to maximize the use of the command hooks. There are different kinds of command hooks each one designed for a certain weight limit. So be sure to read it first and make sure that the weight of whatever you'll hang there will be for that specific command hook. 
Here are other ways of using the Command hooks displayed during the event:

With fellow mommy blogger, Louisa Mercado of Art of Being a Mom

 Freebies from the event


Watch out on how I will make use of 3M Command Damage-Free hook on my next post!:) 


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Godiva Natural Body Care: At Last, Beauty that Lasts!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but all opinions are based on the blogger's experience with the products.

Because whiter skin does not only mean the face, Godiva also has a set of natural whitening products for body care. Godiva understands that the skin is the largest organ protecting the body so it is very important to keep it healthy by sticking to a regular and simple regimen.

Godiva uses only purified licorice extract (Glycyrrhiza glabra) with the highest glabridin content. Glabridin whitens by suppressing the formation of melanin, the pigment that gives color to the skin. Over time, the old layer of the skin is replaced by whiter, creamier skin. This makes licorice one of the most effective all-natural skin whiteners known to science. This makes it especially safe for pregnant and breastfeeding moms as well.

Godiva now offers a simple and all natural regimen to care for our body.

1. Godiva LicoWhite Whitening Soap 135g (Php69.00) and 65g (Php35.00)
     A gentle, non-drying cleanser for face or body enriched with Glabridin from licorice for brighter, fairer skin. Cleanses and whitens as it even out skin discoloration. Use daily for bath.

What I Love about it:
** Has a very nice and fragrant smell that lasts long. 
**Makes my skin really moist and soft
**Whitens without drying my skin.

2. Godiva LicoWhite Whitening Lotion with SPF15 (Php132.00)
    A non-sticky formula that helps even out body skin discoloration caused by age, scarring and pregnancy. Provides sun protection (SPF15) as it moisturizes to keep skin soft and smooth. Apply daily over body.

What I LOVE about it:
** Has SPF already. Though I think nowadays we need a higher SPF. So I suggest use another sunblock after the lotion. 
** True to their word, that it's not sticky.
**Easily absorbed by the skin.

3. Godiva LicoWhite Whitening AntiPerspirant Deodorant (Php89.00)
     It has high levels of whitening ingredients to lighten dark underarms faster. Fragrance-free. Apply twice a day every after bath.

What I LOVE about it:
**Does not have a strong deodorant smell.
**Does not sting.
**Does not stain on clothes.
**Lasts a long time. 
**Lightened my underarms. It also made it smoother.

Overall, the products are really effective. I used all these products together for one month and as early as the first week my friends have noticed my skin getting whiter. I don't have any negative feedback on the body care set as I really had a great experience with it. I would recommend though to still use sunblock and avoid too much sun exposure when using the products for better results. I also wished they will come up with a body scrub because I think that's what's lacking in the set. 

So will I repurchase and recommend these to you? 
With a big YES. Not only is it effective its natural and organic so its good for your body. It also will do good for the environment. So its, WIN-WIN!:) 

A before and after picture. Slight difference from the first photo and looks and feels  a lot smoother too

For more information, like their facebook page here. You can also shop online through this link:

GODIVA Natural Face Care Set: A Nature's Gift

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but all opinions are based on the blogger's experience with the products. 
Photo: Got my @godivaskinph goodies!;) Cant wait to try all these!;) Post on my blog soon. ♥♡♥♡ Link on my bio!;) Thanks @godivaskinph!!!:) #godivaskinph #bloggersph #mommyblogger
One of the many skin problems I had after giving birth is discoloration on my face, back and underarms. I have used other whitening products but found some of it to be too "chemical-ly" if there is such a term. I would often feel like my skin is drying up every after use and when I become exposed to the sun my fair complexion easily turns black. It became a little frustrating vand disappointing for me. 

Luckily, I had the chance to try out Godiva Natural Skincare products. I have blogged about products I got t in my previous post. Click here to read more.  I tried all the skincare set for 1 month from face, underarms, and body products. I'll first share with you my Godiva Face care products experience. 

Godiva LicoWhite Face Care Set and Step by step Use:

Step 1:  Godiva LicoWhite Whitening Facial Wash (Php85.00)
             Apply a small amount onto face with water. Wash face in the morning and night.
            A low-foaming, soap free formula that moisturizes while gently and thoroughly cleanses the skin,                   leaving it with a softer smoother glow. It helps brighten skin as it cleanses. Effective for all skin types.
Step 2: Godiva LicoWhite Whitening Facial Toner (Php89.00)
            Apply a small amount into cotton ball and apply to the face after cleaning. Apply toner using               a circular motion all over the face and neck. 
            The whiter way to even out skin tone. Ideal for normal to dry skin.
Step 3: Godiva LicoWhite Whitening Facial Cream (Php120.00)
            Apply to face after cleansing and toning. 
            Helps even out skin discoloration caused by age, scarring, pregnancy or overexposure to the sun. 


**No strong scent once applied on the face.
**Feels light on the skin
**The Facial wash instantly makes the skin smoother at first wash.
**The toner tightens the skin and aids in evening out my discolored face. My forehead now is the same color with my face now.
**The facial cream does not feel sticky or greasy.
**Price is very affordable.
**Organic and natural

**I don't really prefer low foam facial wash. I feel it cleanses more with more foam. (hihi! That's just me!)
**The toner does not have a strong scent but I think it smells like Sebo de Macho

REPURCHASE: Definitely!

1. Use sunblock to help maintain the fairness of the face.
2. Use these three products together for better results.

Here's my before and after shot. I'm not really good with the lighting effect so I think I did not do justice to the product. hehe Will try to look for a better picture for this.:)  For the moment I hope this can show you the result of Godiva Skin Care Set

 Please continue reading my next posts for Godiva Body Care Set review. Thanks!

Let's talk Real Beauty: Why I don't conceal my scar?

If you've known me before or have seen my pictures here in my blog or FB or Instagram, I am sure you have noticed my scar. For those of you who have not, well look again. I have a scar right at the center of my nose. I got it from a childhood accident and had it since I was two.

Like any other person, I had my share of insecurities and struggles on beauty. I dont take compliments really nicely before because I didnt believe I was beautiful. During my adolescent stage I would always feel emo askig why on earth do I have this on my face. I almost believed I will be alone forever.
But because I was given this scar, I was also given or blessed to have people around me look pasty imperfections. The people who believed I was beautiful. I dont know when I knew I was beautiful, but I may say I just felt and believed it. I learned I cannot control other people's opinions about me so I might as well let it be. That helped me be true to myself and love myself more. So why dont I conceal my scar? Because I think I am beautiful. Beauty depends on how people see and define it. It comes in different sizes, shapes and color.

Sadly though in the Philippines only 7% believe that they are beautiful. Which is why Dove wants to change that. I recently got a sample beauty bar from Dove in the mail and only then did I read about Dove's first Real Beauty Summit through Ms. Nikki Tiu of Ask Me Whats. Click here to read about her post. Dove's first Summit by Ask Me Whats Dove conducted an experiment about "beauty patches" and made women believe that these beauty patches can make them beautiful, not knowing that the patches were just plain patches. Here's the you tube link for you to see. 

With our help let's make more people believe in their own beauty. Write a blog or take a picture of yourself including #IamBeautiful to spread real beauty. My plan is to ask some of my friends to post pictures with this hashtag. Wish me luck! 

Do you think you're beautiful? What's makes you beautiful? Share your answers! I'll appreciate it! 

Monday, April 21, 2014

iBlog 10: Philippine Blogging Summit 2014

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The 10th Philippine Blogging Summit

"A Decade of Blogging and Moving Forward"

A tagline used in the 10th Philippine Blogging Summit that happened in Malcolm Theatre, College of Law, University of the Philippines, Diliman Quezon City. A free two-day event which focused on the past ten years of blogging and its impact in the future.  I was only able to attend the second day of the summit with my friend. We arrived just in time to hear speakers Genesis Reonico, Sonnie Santos and Vanj Padilla. But I would say I learned and was very fortunate to have heard them talk. 

Bloggers as Entrepreneurs (Genesis ReonicoSonnie Santos, and Vanj Padilla)
What I learned from Genesis Reonico

Genesis Reonico is the owner of He was in the call center industry before he started his online career. His talk was very short and simple but I trulylearned a lot from it. I find him also very amusing and highly relatable as a blogger. His talk was divided into three (1) The Past, (2) The journey, and (3) The Present.

A view from where I sit. 

1. The 3 important M's in blogging: Mentor, Mindset, and Market.These are three things that all bloggers should first learn or find in order to be a successful blogger/blogger entrepreneur.
2. Find your passion and go for it. Genesis knew his passion was into teaching but didn't know what to teach. He then realized that he was in an industry that needed teachers, which is in Virtual assistant. So it was a perfect combination for him. Now he's not only blogging about his experiences in Virtual assistant industry but also helps other people have the online job they want and be successful in it.
3. Get up and move forward. Of course, as any successful story there are hurdles and failures, but Genesis overcame all these and moved forward. So as bloggers, we have to keep in mind that there will always be challenges and we should always have the courage to face it.
4. Be fun.Have fun. I found his talk very light and funny. It was full of insights and information but I did not get bored. Time flew very quickly because everything he said meant something. I think one of the things that bloggers have in common is that everyone enjoys whatever they do. As a matter of fact, I blog because it makes me happy. 

What I learned from Sonnie Santos

Owner and author of ASK stands for Advocacy - Social Business - Knack for HR/OD. He came from the corporate world and started blogging about office and corporate concerns. 

1. Create your own blog value. He said that blogging has its return of investment like any business, but there are times that we lose track of what blogging really is. Blogging is to share our opinions, express our beliefs, make a stand, and right with content. Not just blog because you want to get free stuff, free events or to just earn from it. I learned from his talk that content is still key and when you have created great content, your blog has its own value. Eventually, people or brands will come to you not because you ask them too but because you are credible.

2. Your Blog is YOU. I once had an activity for my freshmen students entitled "Sell yourself". The objective of the activity is to imagine themselves as products and to compare their characteristics to the products they are selling. It was difficult for some of my students, but they had great answers and products as well. This was reminded to me by Sonnie Santos, when he said that a blog is a version of yourself. A person's personality is reflected through the blog itself. So there should always be consistency. Sell your blog as you would yourself and make sure that when people meet you offline you still remain to be that blogger.

3. The PULL Marketing. It was the first time I heard this concept and it only means that the blog's content should be for others. Writing about how to go to places, which products are effective, what food or restaurants to try is the first step of pull marketing. You would want people to read your posts and reread it. By providing answers, a blog capture leads. It means that its necessary that you have audiences and readers. BUT! That's just the first step, the second important thing is to nurture those relationships. Make sure that you value your readers, you recognize them and you answer any possible other questions they have. They, your readers or audience, is essential in your blog. BUT (Yes, there's a second but) It is also important that you improve and reinvent yourself, make sure that your readers has a reason to come back to your site and read your posts. Make them realize your credibility for you to be their go-to person.   
What I learned from Vangie Padilla

Vanj Padilla is the woman behind She is a Social Media Consultant and IT Service Provider. She is a blogger and an online entrepreneur as well.

1. Envision your dreams and make it happen. I am full of admiration to Ms. Vanj Padilla. I would say she has a ton of determination and she knows what she wants and gets it. She recounted how she gave away an Iphone in her blog just so people could visit her site and create traffic. In less than a year she got what she wanted and more. This got her rolling and she never stopped till then.

2. Run Forrest Run. As I mentioned above, Vanj Padilla did not stop and instead run farther with her dreams. She then started to have a blog service provider  and started offering online consultancy in Pangasinan. I learned that having a dream is not enough when you don't get up in bed and run with it. Hard work pays off and anything we dream can be achieved only if we work for it. That is what she does, she gets up and run with her dreams bringing along people with her. Creating a community of runners/bloggers/dreamers.

3. Grab as many hands as possible. This is not only a blogging lesson I got from Vanj but a life lesson as well. In anything we do, it's important that we include people with the same passion as ours, to not only accompany us but to also teach and make their own dreams happen. This is what she has done with her other staff in Panggalatalk. They did not stop creating functions for their group, making them indispensable in Pangasinan. They served Palarong Pambansa and created 1Digitech Philippines, Inc. in 2012. Launched, assisted in the National and Local Elections in 2013, and at present has that gives opportunity for writers and bloggers in Pangasinan to be featured online and in print. Isn't this amazing? All theses achievements in 5 years.

The Three speakers after the question and answer

I hope you learned something also from these sharing, as I am a newbie (serious) blogger so some of these might seem too basic. Nevertheless, enjoy blogging and hope we can meet on the next iBlog Summit next year!:)   

BTW, I won an 8gb USB from GMA  Network. 
They have a booth there along with VIBAL Publishing, Sky Cable and PLDT.

Monday, April 7, 2014

I'm OFFICIALLY a Blogger: #iblog 10: The Philippine Blogging Summit

Last April 5, 2014 was my official entry to the blogger world! Why? I just joined my first ever blogger conference and it was truly an insightful experience. I just learned of iblog last year through a friend who attended it and upon learning about I promised to attend the next one.

So there I was on the second day of the iBlog 10 Summit. What is more exciting is that its their tenth year and it was entitled "A Decade of Blogging and Moving Forward". Just as the title, I'd like to share with you my blogging story and how I'll be moving forward.

Photo from

I started blogging since 2005 when I entered college. I entitled it Magicspaceship, and everything that was written there was purely my teenage angst. Then it shifted to my young professional opinions about the workforce. It was only in 2013 that I decided to take blogging seriously. Seriously, meaning, to write with purpose, and to blog for others.

-=magic spaceship=-

sakay ka na kung san walang kinatatakutan, kung san malaya kang lumipad kasama ng iyong mga pangarap..

It was when I created a new blog solely for my motherhood experience. Now, I carry the name: Thereyoujho: 24/7 Mom in Style. I've had my humps and bumps in my blogging story. I've had my share of hesitations and doubt if what I write mattered or if anyone even care to read my thoughts. It was only when I joined blogging community did I find people who share the same joy I get when blogging.

thereyouJHO: 24/7 Mom in Style

A recent group that I joined is the Mommy Bloggers Philippines. I am honored to have been approved and welcomed in the group. Although I have not met any of them, I feel we have a lot of common. Through reading their post I have found Mommy friends that I can relate to. I have found the fuel to start my engine.

With all the things I learned in iBlog Summit, I am more determined to blog. I have been given the push I've always wanted and needed through the inspirations I heard from the talks. I now feel that I am not alone in this world, and that there are a lot of people who are into blogging, and that we are all in this together.

I'll post a more about iBlog Summit itself on my next blogpost. I just needed to let these overwhelming emotions of joy, determination, and passion for blogging that I got from attending.

To move forward, I will blog more. Blogging more without fear of being judged about my grammar and my thoughts. I will blog more about what matters to me and what I think matters in reality. I will blog about anything and everything about who I am and my advocacies. I will learn more, and blog about all these learning. I will blog WITH PURPOSE.

So there you go, and let's continue blogging!:) 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Staying Fit with The STEPS Project

    Ever since February, one of the ways I stay fit and active is through walking. According to studies, walking an average of 10,000 steps a day is a good indicator of an active lifestyle of a person. An inactive person usually takes about 3,000 steps a day only. Some people would monitor their steps per day using a pedometer. As for me, I used an android app call Noom Walk A noom walk is a pedometer that counts your steps each day. What's good about it is that it monitors your steps and sets your daily target depending on your performance. I love that its very handy and its easy to use. 

Noom Walk

      For almost three months of using Noom walk, I have come to realize and love the idea of walking. Its also great that it has a lot of benefits and is very easy to do. I also did walking because I wanted to lose weight and go back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 43kgs. Right now, I've lost 3.5kgs from 53kgs. 

20 Benefits of Walking
Photo from

So if you want to start walking as a form of exercise or you're already into walking, then you might want to join THE STEPS PROJECT that will happen on May 18, 2014 at the UP Academic Oval. Registration is only Php350.00

The Steps Project is all about moving one step at a time. It aims to promote fitness and better health through achieving an active lifestyle by targeting 10,000 steps a day.
Why 10,000 steps? Because studies show that 10,000 steps a day is equivalent to the minimum daily exercise recommendation of most health authorities to reduce health risk. Lower health risks means more love for the heart!
The Steps project is building a community of steppers who will adapt and advocate for the movement. Let us help each other achieve 10,000 steps a day!
  • The Steps Project Active Lifestyle Fair with Rovilson Fernandez

    Join our event!

    The Steps Project Active Lifestyle Fair with Rovilson Fernandez
    May 18, 2014 at the UP Academic Oval
    Let's walk and trade our steps for freebies!
    It's simple! Just do the following:
    1. Complete one round of the academic oval and get your lifestyle band. The more rounds you make, the more lifestyle bands you get.
    2. Exchange your band/s at your booth of choice for freebies, gift certificate or discount voucher.
    3. Register now for only P350!

Click here for the registration form:

So let's start an active and healthy lifestyle and start walking!:) 
Happy walking everyone! See you at the Steps Project!:)


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