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Monday, July 30, 2007


why do girls fall into bait and end up hanging on..for nothing.

.:this sucks:.


Why do guys pursue other girls,
when they already have a relationship to worry about?!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

***This maybe the time of the month where I question myself and the things that have been happening with me -- this can be the so called self-assessment(wtf?!)***

So who am I this month or should I say for the past few months...


When you syllabicate the word it would spell as LI-ON. Which is a homonym of "La Un" in tagalog...

In (layman's) or should I consider Jhoanna's terms, its the Little Miss Past Time..

For the past months I feel for so many times being a part time person..

Part time secretary...
Part time teacher...
Part time SO...
Part time bestfriend...
Part time sister..
Part time teacher..
Part time everything..

In most cases, I consent the situation.
I consent people to make me a part time person in their lives...
I willingly let them take a part of my life and leave me hanging without any warning signs..

Yes, its unfair! But really,in many ways I make this SHIT happen..So right now i am a LION...


Witch . a person, now esp. a woman, who professes or is supposed to practice magic, esp. black magic or the black art; sorceress. Cf. warlock. (Retrieved from

I have been a WITCH for quite some time, but definitely not the literal meaning of it. I don't have magic or any supernatural power and Im not an old woman. (haha!)

I feel like a Witch because I have been talking shitty and tactless to some people...

I know I offended people with my comments and somehow I dont apologize for it. Aside from that, I do things that I should not have done especially that I am the one in authority in that situation. This is so witchy! haha!

and lastly,


From the words of Gee Bravo, "I am a teacher in DISGUISE".

I pretend to be someone I am not..

Everytime I finish a class I get frustrated and in a way useless..
I'm still weighing if this is the right path for me or if Im just doing all this for money and lack of job that would accept me..

On the contrary, everytime Im in class and with my students, I feel I have so much to share and to learn from them.
I love my students.. present and former students..
I love my co-teachers and the people I work with...
I love the subject and its objective...

So why do I feel like this everytime..
Well, I also dont know..

This is who I am for the past months. Right now, I need answers which I am pretty sure wouldnt be answered..

Still, after all this.. All's good:)


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