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Thursday, June 27, 2013

BUSINESS BUZZ: Why you will rent a photo booth service on your next event?

Here are some reasons why you will rent/hire a photo booth service on your next event:

1.       It’s timely. Everyone nowadays is fond of pictures. People take pictures of just about anything, anytime. It’s a way for them to document not-so important and important parts of their lives. This means that your event will be more memorable if you have a photo booth services for your guest because it’s a remembrance of that very special event in your life.  
      2.      It’s practical. Why waste your money on some souvenirs like figurines, or ceramics if you can have a souvenir photo where your guests have a picture of themselves with you or anyone you’re celebrating for that day. Pictures can last longer than those figurines and ceramic souvenir. And admit it or not, some of your guests might not even like it so it’s a waste of precious money, right?
      3.   It’s a LOT of fun. Most people have fun taking pictures in a very small space and with time pressure. So it’s a fun way to get your guests distracted while your party isn’t starting yet. Also, if you’re the type of person who would want to do away with program and stuff, a photo booth can fill in that spot not only providing entertainment for your guests but also enjoyment.    
      4. It’s hassle free. If you’re expecting a lot of guests in your event and is worried on how you’ll be able to accommodate them, just point them to the photo booth, and voila! Your prayers have been answered. The photo booth can be your instant host, making sure your guests would not feel bored during your event. So you can organize other stuff for the party and let the organizers of the photo booth provide your guests with something to do while waiting.

      5. It will last a long time. In the digital world, it’s very important for almost everyone to keep a copy of the pictures for themselves.   A photo booth services do not only upload in in the internet but also provides for a copy in a DVD/CD. It’s a very safe way of keeping your pictures protected and you’ll be able to show it again and again to anyone who would want to see it.

      6. It's for everyone. LITERALLY. All ages can enjoy the perks of a photo booth services. From little kids to our cute grandmas and grandpas. Its very easy to understand and it brings a lot of laughter to anyone who uses it. 

    So, don't forget to rent or hire a  photo booth service on your next event and I'm sure you would not regret it. You might also want to consider We Click! Photo booth services, for all your photobooth needs. 

    Check out their facebook page: or text them at 0915 6986302. 


Monday, June 17, 2013

TRAVEL MARVEL: Tanned and tangled at the Palm Beach San Juan Batangas

A very relaxing and stress-free weekend with the sun, sand and water. With good friends, a little road trip, and some two piece you're all set to enjoy the night. The place offers day and night activities that all ages would really enjoy. We were also able to use our floating candles at night and wished the night away.
Buffet dinner
The beach
Pool side
Flying lanterns. Tangled inspired. *It's safe to use flying lanterns in areas such as the beach because of its wide spaces.

Area going to the rooms

 The rooms were also very beautiful and clean. It also had a pleasant beach feel with the hard wood and brown and white design of the interiors. The outside environment was also filled with coconut trees and plants that gave a really windy feel in the beach despite the hot rays of the sun.The resort also offered complete meals with the accommodation. They have breakfast, lunch and dinner for all guests. The food were all so delectable. They give guests 2-3 hours to eat in the buffet. Lastly, the staff were all very accommodating and approachable. They also were really prepared when we came in the resort. They have a shuttle from the parking area to our designated Casitas.

My one disappointing event that happened was that the lifeguard in the pool area did not really know basic life support. It was really unfortunate that we saw one kid that drowned in the pool area. Good thing we saw the kid and saved him just in time. When we got the kid on land the lifeguard instantly pressed the kids chest without checking his vital signs first. It was also disappointing to see that they didn't know the proper way to resuscitate or compress. 

The price is also a little expensive but I think that its relatively the same with other high end resorts in San Juan, Batangas. For more information, check their official site at:

But in general, the resort was more that satisfying. I would recommend everyone to stay there.

FACE TALK: Cheap way to clean your Make up Brushes

Using make up is not only about having the most expensive brands or acquiring as many products as you can. It is also very essential to make sure that your tools are clean and hygienic. So its a must to have a cleaning routine for your products and tools. A tool that is very necessary for putting on make up is your brushes. Whether you have the complete set or just the basic ones it must always be kept clean. This is because it is your applicator on your skin and you would not want germs to be on your skin, right? That's one of the basic No No's in make up.

So how do you keep your make up brushes clean? There are already a lot of make up brushes cleaner available in the market. Some of them are quite expensive for people who are on a budget. (Like me who's about to give birth in 3 months.:)) But because I still wanted to make sure my brushes are clean here's my very budget friendly tip on cleaning your make up brushes.

What you will need?
1. Make up remover - I used NIVEA make up remover. 
2. Water
3. Tissue
4. Any container where you can put your brushes

5. Your dirty brushes. I have two sets of brushes as seen in the picture. One is from PROPS Cosmetics and Tools. You can go to their facebook account to check their products. I bought mine in one of the Fashion Bazaars in World Trade Center, its for only Php1,200 and its made from squirrel hair so its very soft. The smaller one is my everyday brushes. I use it more often and its usually in my kikay kit. The brushes are Paganini, while the make up sleeve is from Landmark. I would say its a great buy as Paganini's brush are also very soft, though Im not sure what hair its made of. The size also fits perfectly in my bag and it does not take to much space. 

Let's proceed to the steps.
Step 1: Put in some Makeup remover in a container of water. 

Step 2: Dip your brushes in the solution. Make sure not to press your brushes to hard so as not to deform its shape. 
Step 3: On a tissue paper, pat your brushes to remove excess water. You may want to repeat step #2 if you see too much dirt on the tissue paper after patting it. Again, be careful not to press to hard to prevent deforming your brushes.
Step 4: After doing step #3 on all your brushes, put them in a standing position in any container to let them dry. You don't want to dry your brushes flat on the tissue paper because it will DEFINITELY re-shape your brushes. So make sure that its upright when you dry them. 
It only takes four steps to clean your brushes but it needs a lot of patience to air dry them. So while waiting for it to dry you might want to clean your make up containers next. 

Make up Sleeves/Purses/Container Cleaning Steps:

What you'll need:
1. Make up remover
2. Cloth
3. Dirty make up containers

Step 1: Put a little amount of make up remover in a cloth. 

Step 2: Wipe your make up sleeves. I did not resort to washing the sleeve with water as it may destroy the leather. Also, make up remover can best remove the oil in the sleeve than water. 
Step 3: Dab a little water on your cloth and wipe it again on the make up sleeve so it wont have a sticky feel to it. 

Step 4: Clean your make up sleeves away and make sure to dry it properly.

So, that's my easy and cheap tips on cleaning your make up brushes. You may also choose to use products really intended for make up brushes cleaners that are available in the market. I might try to make a product review on different make up brushes cleaner soon!:) Enjoy cleaning your brushes!! Stay fab and until our next Face Talk!:)

Friday, June 14, 2013

BUSINESS BUZZ: Online Sellers I Trust

One of the many things I enjoy doing on the internet is online shopping and online window shopping. I am not sure when this became a trend in business but I have been a fan of it. I have also purchased a few stuff over the internet and fortunately my experience have always been positive.

So, I came up with a list of my trusted online sellers. I am hoping this can be helpful for some first time online shoppers and for those fanatics for them to explore my list of sellers.

1. Vintage Love Co. - This online seller offers different collections of dresses, blouses, skirts, and everything fashion. Their store has this one-of-a-kind vibe in the collections they have. For me, its one of their best assets as they provide customers that feeling that the clothes they have is unique. I have ordered quite a few times and I am never disappointed. The owners are really nice and they deliver on time. They also do text blast every time they would open a new collection and it's one of the things I enjoy about their service.

You may like them on facebook at

2. La belle - I love this shop. Not only do they have effective products they also have wonderful admin people. La belle offers a broad range of beauty products. They have products such as collagen cream, toners, soaps and different beauty sets. One of which is the intense whitening cream.

I personally recommend the collagen set because it really has an immediate effect on my face. I also tried their Bleaching set and for only a week of using it I achieved the results I wanted. My husband also used their Rejuvenating set and it is really really effective. If you have any skin problems, follow them on facebook and instagram.

FB Page:
Instagram: labelle_shoppe
Contact Numbers: 0922 566 6415/ 0906 339 34 22

3. Fab Finds - Looking for high quality and authentic make up? Then Fab Finds is what you need. They have different brands of cosmetics, from ELF to Mac products. Their products are from US and they do not sell any class A products. Theirs are authentic and budget-friendly. They also have a pre-order service. I have ordered several make ups already and I was more than satisfied.

FB Page:

4. DB Gadgets - A gadget seller that offers all kinds of gadgets. They have all brands of cellphones, digital cameras, apple products, and even SLRs. The owners are really friendly and they do meet ups so it's very convenient for most clients.

FB Page:

5. Soak Swimwear - If you are a sun, sand, and fashion lover, soak swimwear is the best shop for you. They offer unique and sexy swimwear not only beach ready but also picture worthy. Their sizes caters to all sizes from extra small to (i think) large sizes. I have ordered twice already and I am very much satisfied with the service and products. So beach lovers, grab one of their swimwears now!!!:)

FB Page:
Shop: Cabana Lounge Shop, Makati
Contact Numbers: 0915 9621023

These are my Top Five Trusted Online sellers and I hope you can try them out. Consider them for your next gadget, fashion, and beauty needs. Just a reminder, be cautious in shopping online as there are a lot of scammers out there. Enjoy online shopping!!!:)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

TEACHER'S TALE: Things I Learned from Teaching

I am a teacher.
I have been for the last 7 years of my life. 

But this is the first time that I am not. 
I was not terminated nor did I quit the job, its just that I have been given a wonderful blessing that I needed to carry for nine months. 

I am missing teaching but I am looking forward. 

This "I-Miss-Teaching" feeling has got me reflecting in my experiences as a teacher.m For the past years, I have never been able to fully contemplate on what it means to be a teacher. This spare time I had gave me that opportunity. Its very timely, as well, that I write on the lessons I learned from being a teacher. 

My Lessons Learned 

  • You have to be yourself.. but not so much. This is one of the important lessons I have learned in my years of teaching. It was only during the time I felt comfortable in my own skin in class that I felt my students accepted me and the lessons more. I remember the first time I taught in class, I was so cautious not to show my students my humorous side. I thought I needed to be very strict, does not crack jokes, and would always mean business when in class. But then when there are moment I let my real self to slip out, I felt a lot happier, a lot easier to talk to my students and convey the message I want to them. Although, I am myself in my class, I still put boundaries especially on my personal life. I would rather keep everything on the surface and not to disclose too much about myself. I think its also one way of preserving myself and putting a limitation on our relationship as teacher and student.
  • You cannot force your students to understand or even listen to you. I think this is one of the basic lessons a teacher should know about teaching. Not everyone's going to listen and be interested in the lessons.Even the best students sometimes have moments they don't really care about the lesson (but would not let you know how they felt.:)) It gets frustrating, I understand that, but that's just how it is. There are moments we cannot force our students to get what we say or to take importance in the lesson. That is why, we are teachers, its because its our duty to make them interested and to make them care.  
  • You have to give compliments and also criticisms. This has actually worked for me for many time s already. Every time I encounter students who seems to not care about the class or their studies as a whole I would tend to talk to them and help them recognize their goodness. I would look into their potentials and highlight to them, straight to their face. I don't just write it on their works but I make sure I tell them their positive traits personally. Most of the time, it works for them, and it works for me. A word of caution, we give compliments to those who deserve it and give criticisms to those who need it. There are also students who feel entitled that they forget their limitations. That is the reason why I think it is important that we also point out areas of improvement to our students. 
  • You have to get to know your students. I have this conviction that it is essential and useful to also get to know our students. Its surprising that most students would feel proud and happy if their teacher knows their name. It's really very basic but it goes a long way. Why did I say that? Its because knowing a person's name is a recognition of their existence. That the teacher took the time to remember their names which means they are valued. Aside from that, its easier to get their attention in class if we know their names. ;)
  • You can only try to bring your advocacy in class but can never impose them. In the same way that we cannot force our students to listen to us, we cannot also force them to acquire the advocacy that we carry as individuals. Keeping in mind that people have different issues and backgrounds which means there are things a person would want to carry with them or not. I also think that the present generation is too caught up and distracted with individual growth that they forget to care for other important things. This is the part that is very challenging for teachers, as we need to find a way to make them stand up for something. But if it means standing up or prioritizing something other that what we carry, then we should not be disappointed. The important thing is that they took a stand.
  • You have to put values in everything. When I say everything, I mean everything. From the way we dress up to making decisions in class. The way we carry ourselves in class is a simple manifestation of how we value not only ourselves, but also our students. The time we take in preparing the way we look in class only shows we took also took the time for our students to see a pleasant view while studying. We all became students and we know how it feels to attend a class we didn't really like and to make matters worst to have an unpleasant looking teacher. Taking care of ourselves means we value who we are and our selves. As teachers, it's also important to make sure we base our decisions on what we value most. What is important for us. In example, do we scold our students just to show them who the boss is, or do we scold them out of love?   
  • You don't have to please your students. One of the lessons I had the longest time to overcome. I started teaching in 2006 when I was still 21 years old and fresh out of college. I was really shy during college and I carried that when I started teaching. That's the main reason, I would often give my first batch of students what they want. I'd say they were lucky because they had free time and early dismissal every time they would ask for it because I wanted to please them. But, come to think of it, I think they were more unlucky than lucky. Because I wanted to please them, I gave them temporary happiness but not long term lessons. I would say I rob them of the time they could have spent learning.  Fortunately, I learned to not care too much if I do not please them as long as I know that they will get something out of the discussion or activity in class. I have learned to accept that students will reject me at times and dislike me, but that's normal. I am not a teacher because I want to please instead a teacher who wants to teach, whether they like it or not.
  • Your excellence should extend even outside the classroom. Excellence is a way of life. It is not something we pretend to do when somebody is watching, or if there is a promotion awaiting us. Excellence means coming to class on time, bringing materials needed, preparing the lesson ahead of time, attending class even when you feel sickly, and maximizng the time spent in teaching. These are things we do in class but it does not stop there. Even outside of class there are responsibilities of excellence such as grades management, consultation hours, preparation of new lessons, keeping updated by trends, and checking paper. Being a teacher does not stop when we step outside the classrooms, it does not stop when our students are not looking. Being a teacher requires that we always keep in mind that WE ARE TEACHERS. That in anything we do, we make sure we give it our best. It means we extend ourselves outside the job descriptions that are given to us. 
  • You have to be passionate. In all there is to being a teacher, it is PASSION that makes a teacher a great one. Passion as a teacher for me means looking and working beyond the compensation. It also means not complaining if we need to extend the time we spend in school for preparing and checking papers. Passion is reading and re-reading papers that we cannot really understand. It means learning and sharing what we have learned with zeal and joy. We give a part of ourselves, our income, our talents and time because that is how much we love teaching. That is how much we love our students. 

You see, teachers also learn inside the classroom. Sometimes its even more than what teachers teach their students. Students are also one of the best teachers anyone can have. They teach not only time and classroom management, not just simply patience, not just holding one's template but they teach life lessons. Its only a matter of how we, as teachers, take what is given to us, what is in front of us. Every student is a lesson waiting to be learned, a book waiting to be read, and a person waiting to be understood. 

I am a teacher. I am a student. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Looking back when I started this blog, I realized that I have encapsulated my progress as a person. I started this blog because a friend of mine, KC Co, influenced me to do so. I remembered during those times in college I didn’t have an internet connection so the only chance I could blog was during our breaks in school. I would often blog only about my “non-existent’ love life. It was all about those personal dramas and angst I had during my teenager years. It was in 2005 that I was introduced to blogging. The birth of

2005:16 entries

During those times I didn’t have internet connection I would often write down my thoughts on paper and edit it in the computer whenever I get the chance to go online. I had 16 entries during that year. I wrote about anything under the sun that I felt was worth writing. Aside from love life, I also wrote about books I have read, hobbies I do, and friendships I had. I only had one constant reader in my blog and that was the same person who got me into blogging.
Though I didn’t get too much audience in my blog, it really didn’t affect me as much because I treated it as my online diary. When I was a little kid I had a lot of diaries/journal so it wasn’t really new to me. Online blogging only taught me to sensor what I say, not to disclose too much, and to write in a more creative way. (I think.)

2006:1 entry

Sadly, year 2006 only got 1 entry into my blog site. It was entitled Spur of the Moment. I feel this is one of the most emotional blog entries I have written. Would you have guessed? It has something to do with my love life. Again, my non-existent love life.

2007: 18 entries

Year 2007 marked my “young professional” blog entries. It was during this time that I had a lot of uncertainties in terms of my career, or should I say, work at that time. I couldn’t consider it as a career yet, as I wasn’t really sure what career I wanted to take. To put into context, I was working as a part time teacher and a congress secretariat for a Chastity conference. It was also during this period that I shared other blogs or articles I’ve read. The greatest lesson I got from this year was that there are a lot of different types of people in the corporate world. People who would appreciate what you do, sees your potential while there are people who would underestimate your capacities, treat you as lowly subordinates and judged you by the school you went to. I am glad I had that experience cause from that day forward I knew who I will never be if I became of higher position.
But of course, this year would not be complete without my love entries. Although, unfortunately, it was about bitter love, being taken for granted, being the other woman, and not being committed on.

2008: 3 entries

This year I only had 3 entries. Two of it was reminiscing about my college days and one entry was my first attempt to write a review on a site. I can’t really remember so much about this year so let’s just move on to 2009.
2009: 19 entries

I couldn’t really summarize this year for my blog site. Reading them again now, makes me think I was really looking for something deeper during this year. Most of my blogs were about sadness. I couldn’t really remember why. I was in a long term relationship during this year and was already teaching. What I truly realized in this year was that I learned my passion, and that is TEACHING. My blog post about teaching was always filled with joy and inspiration. I was really genuinely happy doing it and I am grateful that I have taught for 7 years.
2010: 9 entries

This year was about happiness. The previous year it felt like I was searching, this year re-reading my blog gave me a sense of freedom. Freedom to search and explore myself more and I did not fail. It was a very memorable year, a year I learned more about myself, what matters to me, what I enjoy doing and what kept me limited. It was a year of freedom.
Also, 2009 showed me my passion, while 2010 gave me the opportunity to do my passion. This was the year I felt I was doing a good job as a teacher. I realized I did not need to pretend and please my students because I was perfectly fine as I was.
The word that best describes my 2010 is: Strength.

2011: 20 entries

As 2010 gave me freedom, 2011 was its actualization. I did so much during this year and I had time to write about it. It was the year I wrote about travels, about my teaching career, and about the things I wanted to do in my life.
This was the year I created my 101 Things to do in Life.
I wanted to become a travel blogger, but I didn’t know where and how to start, I tried, but I think I failed… miserably. So I stopped it. But it was also this year that I wrote about something I truly cared about and that is the Struggle for Land of the Hacienda Luisita farmers. I was a consular and diplomatic affairs graduate but I didn’t really know their cause. It was during this year I learned about them, knew them and tried to fight for them.
I also wanted to become a children’s storybook writer. So I had my first story written in my blog. I never had the chance to actually write and illustrate it but was able to perform it in an outreach we did for my birthday.

2012: 19 entries

This year was a year of uncertainty. It was during this year that I was on the verge of being unemployed because I didn’t finish my masters degree. A year that would, in my belief, end my passion for teaching. On a lighter side, my blog entries were also about different things or principles that mattered to me about individuality, insecurities, friendship, relationships, and just some random things.

June 2013 (Present):6 entries

Most of my entries at present are about friendship. It is at this year that I have learned a hard lesson about friendship. It was really painful but I think it has done me more good than bad. I learned I don’t need to have a lot of friends, just true ones. I learned to define who my unreal friends are and they are those who are: competitive, cannot be genuinely happy about me and what happens in my life, and pretentious people. For a long time, maybe even up to now, I am hurt by what I realized and what was done to me. Though this hurt is still with me I am on my way to forgive and forget the pain. I have learned to be careful and not to attach myself to much on people.
So, what’s next for me and magicspaceship?

This year, a lot of things will change. Actually, they are already changing. Though they are changing I am welcoming every bit of it. I am actually excited on becoming a wife, a first time mom, and an online-work-at-home professional (?)

My blog has been the witness of my growth. From a naive college student, to a young professional, a teacher and finally to a forever career of being a wife and mother. So from now on the spaceship has landed to motherhood and wife-hood. 


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