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Friday, November 29, 2013

A December Workout Challenge

Tomorrow marks the last day of November and the last of my pigging out days!:) This is because I challenged myself to a whole month workout challenge. Yes, I know, the timing's awkward cause December's full of celebration,which means a lot of parties, which means foooooddd!!! But, I will not use that as an excuse for not working out. I think it's even the best time to start working out so however much I eat I can get to burn it.

So, what's the challenge?

It's a workout I saw over the internet but didn't get the chance to try out because I got pregnant. And now that I'm fully recovered, I am determined to be able to do it.

Well, tomorrow's my weigh in. Hope I'll have the time and discipline to finish this!:) 
Wish me luck!:)

How motherhood changed me.

Just before I gave birth, I was expecting that a lot of things would changed about me. I would imagine myself rejecting parties, out-of-town trips, shopping, movies, and all sort of things I did when I was still single. I would always tell my friends that I couldn't commit to anything yet because things will change as soon as I give birth. It was something I looked forward to but also dread.

Why I looked forward to it?

Well, a baby is always something to be excited about. I am fond of children and having a baby of my own was thrilling. I also enjoyed looking at small clothes, shoes, toys, that are all sooooo cuuttee. I also looked forward to bringing him along wherever I go. I was anticipating being with a little kid with every second of my life. I was also very much excited to see him achieving his milestones in life. But as there are a lot of things to look forward to, came worries as well. .

I am a natural worrier. (If there is such a thing!:)) Having a child made me worry a lot. I worried that I could not provide for my future's son.  I worried about where to send him to school, how to pay for his school's expenses, what happens when he gets sick, and all other "kapraningan". Just as much as I worried about my kid, I also had my share of worries about myself. I was worried that I wouldn't have the strength to run around when my kid's big enough to run, or that I couldn't wake up early in the morning, or that I couldn't handle my temper at times when he misbehaves. It was all sort of worries that at times irrational. Good thing, my husband's the opposite. He is always relaxed and composed. Although at times I get irritated with this attitude, it helps that he's like that because it calms me down.

So did motherhood really changed me? Well, YES and NO.

No because I am still the person I was before I gave birth. I'm still makulit, magulo, maingay, antukin, etc.  I still want the same things before, still talk the way I did, still think the way I did. After having nine months of big tummy, I am back to my usual figure (well, except for the baby bump that I still have :)). So personality, physically and emotionally it didn't really change me.  

What motherhood actually did to me was made me a better version of myself. From Sarah Geronimo's line in It Takes a Man and a Woman, I am now Jhoanna version 2.0. It only did not make me a better version of myself but I have now a little guy with me that shares a part of who I am.

Most of the time I still cannot believe that the child I am holding in my hands is my own. It still awes me to see him grow and can hardly believe that he came from him. I often ask myself, "Sa akin ba talaga galing ito?" and be amazed at this miracle I have in my arms. Now, I have someone I can really call my own, someone I am accountable for, someone who is truly a part of me, from now until forever.  

Motherhood is an opportunity or should I say a blessing I am lucky to have or to be. I have never felt this needed as much as my baby needs me now. I have never loved even without knowing who or what kind of person he is. I have never felt scared for someone this much that even an insect bite or small cry worries me. I have never felt all these before but I am grateful that I have it now. 

I am still new at this motherhood thing. Almost everyday I do not know if I am doing a good job at it, all I know now is that I love my son so much that I am willing to do anything for him. Cliche as it may sound, but it is true. I am so proud to be his mother and I will do everything in my power to give the best to him. I will dream, hope, and work hard for him. Because being a mother is an opportunity to teach, inspire, care, and love someone directly. Motherhood is LOVE. 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Well, hello there, stranger!

Yup, I finally made a new blog especially for my mommy adventures. I have been a blogger since 2007, but just recently became a Mom. While I was pregnant, I decided not to create a new blog site cause I thought I could just categorize my experiences and keep my Magicspaceship blog. But, I thought wrong. Motherhood changes you. It's an experience worth writing down and sharing. For memories sake or for some, just random reading. I am a sentimental person, and I would want my son to have something to read or look at when he's big enough. I also feel it's so important for me to shout things that make me happy, rant about things that pisses me off, and to have something I can go back to in the future. 

So, with that said, let me introduce myself and this blog. 

I am Jhoanna Tacorda. I go by the names Jho, Jing, Joey, Jojay and Jak. (I know too many nicknames, but I just couldn't help it. I am a college teacher by profession. A loving wife (ehem!). A supportive friend and sister. A stage mother and aunt. A make up enthusiast. A reader. An online seller. A hobby-blogger. And most importantly I'm a 24/7 Mom to a very handsome baby boy. 

As I mentioned earlier, I already have an existing blog. But motherhood inspired me to put up thereyouJHO and just write on all sorts of things I have experienced, is experiencing and will experience-as a mom.  So, how is it different? Well, here goes, I have divided different categories of stuff I would write about that matters to me as a Mom.

First up is, Mom's Baby Love: this would include everything about taking care of my baby. From his little achievements everyday, product reviews, and to things that worries me about my child. Worries such as when he gets sick, what food to feed him, or what or how to teach him values to help him in his life. In short, just me and my baby!:)

Secondly, Mom 'n Fab. I am a sporty person, and a figure conscious mom as well. Before I became pregnant, I was into Pilates and running. Not athlete-serious, but I make it a point that I do work out at times and to strengthen my core. Now more than ever, after giving birth, I am determined to lose the fats I gained during pregnancy and be able to wear my pants before pregnancy. This section will also include everything about make up, and my journey to doing great looks for me and others. So, I hope you'll join me in this journey to staying fit and fab even as a mom!

Third, is Mom-"me" Time. Having a "Me" time, has been very important for me even during my single days. This is something I do that makes me happy or gives me time to relax and reflect on life. This section, then will include hobbies I do, classes I take and simple joys I have to keep me sane. I wouls also write here my life realizations and reflections.

Fourth category is Mom JHO and THEL. I know its hard to get this at first, but its actually my name and my husband's name. So I wanted it to sound like Show and Tell. (I feel weird explaining my word play! Haha!) This is about me and my husband's experience on marriage. It may include problems, issues, or funny things we have as a couple. Maybe, just maybe, he can also write on this blog. (crosses fingers) It's also very insightful to know and read about what goes through our husband's minds, right? 

Last, is Mom-on-the-Job, as said earlier, I'm an online seller and a teacher. Both I do as part time.I will share different triumphs and struggles I have with both jobs. This would include online shops I like and tips on how to start an online shop. On the other side, I will also write about being a teacher. 

Another section, is Ask Jho! which would include questions and advice I've been asked for. So, if you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to ask me. :)

So, there you go, and happy reading!:) 

High Five!!! 


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