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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

be comfortable with your own skin

**its been months since i wrote here. i have my reasons and some of it are because of work, no internet connection, no interesting topic to write.but really when i come to think of it, the only reason i dont usualy blog is because i am not confident in how i write and with my thoughts. When i get the courage to write, insecurities stop me from doing so because i am so afraid of judgments.

So, why am i writing now? simple: being comfortable with your own skin

what made me change my mind? let's just say true friends does things without having a single idea that they have done something significant in your life, and for that im thankful for my friends:)

me and three of my high school barkada were in a yahoo messenger conference. the conversation was the usual "kamustahan" and that "kamustahan" went into a more serious talk mostly about work, being yourself and being happy.

i wont go into details but the conversation made me realize that people differ, jobs differ and coping on life differs. there are certain people that cope through friends, laughter, going out and partying while some people tend to overthink things.

i am both. i sometimes feel that i need to go out and hang out with my friends when things dont go my way or when i feel stressed out. after a night out i feel good and ready to face the world again.

but there are times i overthink things. i think so much about what others may say about me,what's wrong with me and why do i have to be me.

coping with the stress of work and daily life is HARD. Nothing in this world is easy its just a MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE. sometimes work is not really the main problem of every stress we experience, sometimes the problem lies with us.

It is very important for a person to fully discover oneself. things that make you happy, sad, angry and crazy. your favorite things, colors you love, movies you want, books you die for.. things that no other person can discover but yourself. this for me is SELF LOVE. only you can love yourself the way you want to be loved and cared for, when you finally find this, love will come pouring in. that's the only time people surrounding you would also pour their love on you. you will exude an aura of joy and love and having friends and being loved will be effortless. being comfortable with one's skin is SELF LOVE. when you cannot love yourself no other person can do it for you. loving oneself is the first part of understading how love works, becuase if you cant love yourself how can you be sble to love others?

when you feel frustrated, depressed or unloved, stop and think again.. PEOPLE ACTUALLY LOVE YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE, YOU JUST DONT LOVE YOURSELF THAT MUCH.

being comfortable with one's own skin is really difficult, there will be times you'll doubt yourself of things you are capable of doing. insecurities will come crawling in on you and bad comments may make their way on your ears. but come to think of it its your own skin, who else will be comfortable with it?:P


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