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Friday, July 26, 2013

MOM MATTERS: SSS Requirements for Maternity Benefit and Reimbursement

It's my eight month in the pregnancy and one of the many things I also prepare for aside from cute little clothes, tiny socks and mittens, feeding bottles, etc. are documents to claim benefits from SSS and Philhealth. Being a practical person, I always organize my files and prepare documents way ahead of time so I won't have problems when the time comes that I need it. Or in my case, I would want everything in easy access for my husband so he knows what to do when I can't do it after delivering our baby. It would be less stressful not only to him but especially to me. It also will give us more time to adore and admire our newborn son than go gaga over documents we need.

One of the most important things to prepare right after or let say 2-3 months after finding out that you're pregnant is the SSS Claim for Maternity Benefit or MAT-1 Form. If you're working, your company can help you in submitting this, but if you're like me who's unemployed, you can directly go to the SSS office near you.

What to bring when filing your SSS MAT-1 form:
1. Mat-1 Form: It's available online so you can print one at home and fill it out or if not its also available in the office.
2. Ultrasound or hospital record showing you're really pregnant
3. Bring your SSS ID or number
4. Ballpen
Click here for the downloadable MAT-1 Form: MAT-1 Form

After giving birth, you will need to submit your MAT-2 form which will help you claim for your maternity benefit. Click here for the downloadable form: MAT-2 Form

Requirements: (As seen in the MAT-2 MAternity Reimbursement Form)
1. Maternity notification duly stamped received by the SSS prior to the date of childbirth/miscarriage
2. The member must have paid at least three monthly contributions within the 12 month period immediately preceding the semester of childbirth or miscarriage
3. a. For Normal Delivery - A certified true copy or authenticated copy of Birth Certificate duly registered with the Local Civil Registrar
b. For Cesarean Delivery - Certified true copy or authenticated copy of Birth Certificate duly registered with the Local Civil Registrar, Operating room record or surgical memorandum duly certified by the hospital where the member is confined.
c. For Stillbirth - Fetal Death Certificate duly registered with the Local Civil Registrar
d. For Miscarriage or Abortion - Pregnancy test before and after miscarriage/abortion, medical certificate/obstetrical history indicating the number of miscarriages duly certified by the attending physician, D & C report duly certified by the authorized hospital representative where the member was confined.
4. a. For Separated Member - Certification from last employer with the effective date of separation from employment
b. For Voluntary Member - a copy of approved SS Form E-5
c. For Self-employed Member - a copy of approved SS Form RS-1

You may check their official website here SSS Official Website for more details.

MOM MATTERS: How to have fun without spending?

I found this post by Ms. Ginger Palma Arboleda in the Manila Work-at-Home Moms facebook page   and I was really challenged by her question. Now that I'm only a month away from being a mom, it is very important for me to save money and make sure my future son would still enjoy and have fun. So I think this topic is really very timely for me. Good thing I already had some practice with my nephews and nieces.

So how do I have fun and spend nothing?

.I am a frustrated pre-schooler teacher so I would always play pretend school with my nieces and nephews. I've listed below some of the activities that we do but unfortunately I don't have the pictures to show it. Surely, next time I would take a picture so we could preserve those moments.

1. Melted Color Arts: I'm sure most of you are familiar with this method of art wherein you collect used crayons, those little ones you can't really color with, a candle, old teaspoon, and a paper. The step is to melt the crayons and splat it on the paper to create different figures and colors. It's very simple and it challenges your kids creativity.

2. Sketch a Leaf: I did this in grade school before and I think this is one of the most fun things to do with arts and nature. Kids would surely enjoy not only the sketching part but also being in nature.

3. Pinoy games: I taught my nephews and nieces piko, tumbang preso, and patintero. Those games cost nothing but is very fun and tiring.

4. Dance and Sing: I would teach them icebreaker and unfreezing songs and dance I learned way way before and in turn they'll teach me what they know.

5. Storytelling: Storytelling is one way of having fun and teaching kids at the same time. I also try to ask my nieces and nephews to tell their own stories and used new words they are not that familiar yet. So we have fun and learn at the same time.

6. Jogging and exercising: We go to the nearest park in our village and jog for an hour and play in the playground. It's an exciting and healthy way of having fun with kids.

I'm sure there are a lot of other activities that are fun and costs nothing. I guess its true that having fun does not necessarily mean spending a lot of money but more on the quality of the time spent. I'm so excited to see my son and enjoy new and free fun activities with him.

TEACHER'S TALE: My Two Cents on Passion

I have always admired people who obviously does things not for money or fame or popularity. I have seen a lot. But this is not about passionate people, but about the opposite. We always talk about passionate people, what they do and how they are with whatever passion they have, but we rarely read articles about im-passionate people. If that's the right word?

And so I wondered. For the longest time, I consider myself a very passionate person. Passionate about teaching, about things I love to do like reading, make ups, and taking care of my family. But I guess not everyone has "passion" or I think they don't. The question now is, why do people become these kinds of people? How do we identify these kinds of people? How do we prevent from becoming one? Or stay away from them? 

I have seen and dealt with these types of people.
People who you would think works only for the sake of money because they want to have so much in life they do things even if they don't want to. This usually results to suffering maybe of themselves or unfortunately of other people.These are people who keep a record of what they have done for you or for the company or for whoever. People who are selfish and would take advantage of other people, all for their own benefit. 

Physically, these people look unpleasant, not that they are ugly or anything. Its just there is something in them that you can really pinpoint, that looks or better yet feels unpleasant. They walk around with a frown, reacts negatively, and their body language shows defensiveness. They don't consider other people's time, and go to meetings or classes late without valid excuses or without remorse. They are nice only to people who they think can be of help to them. In reality I think,they are afraid of competition, but disguises this fear with strength.I think people like these are wrongly motivated. Or they choose to be this way.  

This is where the challenge comes in. If passionate people can be influential, no doubt being impassionate as well.  So you get to choose, would you rather have the fire and let it burn or just a candle looking for a flame? For me, I would try my hardest to keep the fire burning even if I am surrounded by these kinds of people. It is by choice that a person becomes passionate, just like being happy. If you are happy with what you do regardless of any monetary reward or recognition, hold on to that and continue doing it. That is your FIRE. Like a real fire, it needs protection. Protection from air, water, and people who would try to put the flame out. Don't let them. Hold on and fight for the flame. If at the moment you are on the verge of putting out your own flame, step back and think. Recall what was good about you, what makes you smile, what keeps you alive, then maybe, just maybe, this would be enough to rekindle the flame. If you have that "impassionate" person in your life, stay guarded, make sure you are focused on your passion. You cannot let anyone overshadow what we love to do. It is your ow fire and you have to keep it safe. If that person, is your friend, family, relative or anyone close to you, what we can only do is to try and rub them with our flame, in that they find their own. 

If we are truly passionate people, we do not stop because we are already passionate as an individual. What we do should always be to try and make other people feel passionate as well. Through our actions, behavior, words, and especially thoughts. You cannot fake passion, if it isn't true, just like any flame it will die. 

Passion drives a person to a direction one chooses to go. Without it, everything would seem to feel like a routine, boring, and a senseless existence.

I challenge you, keep the fire burning. Spread like wild fire!:)

FACE TALK: AVON Beauty Blogger Challenge

A friend posted me this Blogger challenge from AVON yesterday, but I was a bit hesitant to join as I just started blogging about make up and make up tutorials this month. But after thinking about it I said, "What the heck, might as well give it a try." I'm sure a lot of bloggers will be joining and it wouldn't hurt if i entered the contest myself, who knows I just might get lucky!:)

My official entry to AVON's Blogger Challenge

For other beuaty bloggers out there, try your luck too and enter the contest. It's very easy, you just have to post links of your make up tutorials with or without AVON products. (But I think it's better if you have used their products) After completing the online form, they'll give you a voucher just like the picture above and you just have to wait if you'll get chosen.

Here is the mechanics for the challenge:

For more details click here: AVON Beauty Blogger Challenge How To

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

FACE TALK: What's Inside my Make up Kit?

I've always wanted to share what's inside my everyday make up kit but have for the longest time put it off. But today, I've decided I'll stop procrastinating and start writing.:)

Here's my make up kit, a pouch I bought again from Japan Home. It's rectangular in shape so all my make up paraphernalia will fit into it.

Inside it are my essentials, for my everyday look I go for natural or neutral colors. I also have my 5 basic brushes in a pouch. What I like about my set of make ups is that most of it are dual purpose and is not too bulky. I only bring with me small sizes so it wouldn't be too heavy on my bag.

This is  my brush kit, I bought the pouch in Landmark department store. They have different colors and designs as well. It's good to put your brushes in their own pouches to keep it from becoming dirty. It's also better to have your equipment organized than to have it in a messy make up kit.

From upper left to right:
1. Eyelash curler
2. Maybelline BB Cream
3. Careline pressed powder
4. In 2 It eyebrow kit
5. Everbilena Mascara
6. Physician's Formula Eyeliner
7. Blush
8. L'oreal Coral lipstick
9. Quad colored eyeshadow

I'm planning to try and make different looks out of the make ups I have so I hope you'd keep reading. I also wish you could share what's inside your make up kit as well. :)

LIFE ONLINE: Online work in Manila

As you've probably have read in my About me and my latest post, I am a converted work-at-home mom. My search actually was a full long 3-4 months, if I remember correctly. It was not a walk in the park, so if you're considering working online at home here are some sites I think can help you through the journey.

1. - This is where I got my first online work as a transcriber. Just finish completing your profile, be very about the details. I also suggest you do all the exams possible like MS work and MS excel proficiency and be specific on the types of job you are willing to take. I also suggest you put a picture in your profile, cause I think just like any other company, it will be best to have a decent picture of yourself in your virtual resume.

2. - Another source of online work is freelancer. ph. It offers different work ranging from online work to full time company work. Though they really have a lot of job opportunities you also have a lot of competitions here. So if you're a newbie, it's kinda hard to land a job.

3. Skillpages - I also signed up on this site but didn't really get the chance to explore it that much.This site also offers not only online works, but also office and corporate work. You just have to choose which job openings you'd like to send your resumes to.

4. Discovery Reports Group Ltd. They have a lot of online work available, but they are more on the business and technical side. They have job opportunities for country analyst, market researchers and business writers. They offer full time positions with benefits.  tried to apply for the business writer but I knew I wouldn't get in because I did not really have any business background.

5. Rare Jobs PH - I learned this from my cousin who has been working as an online English tutor here in Rare Jobs. Their main clients are from Japan, and they offer very flexible working hours. You can choose to teach for four hours or eight hours depending on your availability. Their shift though is usually at night because of the time difference of our country and theirs.

6. Red Hare Ltd - My company as of the moment. It is a Hong Kong based shipping and drop
shipping company that provides gadgets to countries such as New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, and the United States. My shift everyday is from 9 - 6pm and I have a two days off. It's really very convenient and challenging for me.

So if you are considering working online or at home, these are some of the options you might want to consider. Just be cautious also in applying and make sure that the company is a legit one so as not to put your efforts and energy to waste. Happy searching!:)

Disclaimer: Picture used came from the internet.

Friday, July 19, 2013

LIFE ONLINE: 14 Days of Working at Home Online

Yes today marks my 14th day of being a full time work at home soon-to-be mom. For almost eight years I have been in a corporate and academe type of working environment. So this month of July a big change really happened to me when I decided, and luckily got hired by an online work I applied in.

I have only known about working at home through my cousin who works as an English tutor for Japanese kids. It was very convenient for her during that time because she was expecting her first born. Then I got really seriously acquainted with it from a friend who also works home-based. What's good about it is that she can take care of her son and husband, stay at home, and earn at the same time. Talk about women empowerment, right?

And because a lot of things happened to me from the last quarter of last year to this year, I decided to give it a try. My first reason was because I had too many spare time last quarter of the year because I only teach part time and I felt I was not maximizing my opportunities. Then came 2013, wherein I had a lot of new blessings, a wedding, a baby and unemployment. Yes, I had to leave the academe I have loved so much for 8 years, technically for 11 years as I also graduated there. It was a very sad part of my life but at the same time I had too much of a blessing to even complain about having to leave my passion.

It was during our wedding preparations that I landed my first online work through I signed up one day, completed the exams they required and the following day got a job interview for a transcriber position. I felt so blessed. Thrilled and amazed at how I can truly feel God guiding me to the right direction. I passed the exams for the position but unfortunately I did not get in the last exam, or so I thought. After a week, the project manager emailed me to inform me that I got hired and that I could start as soon as possible. I started a week before our wedding. That's how relaxed I was with the wedding preps.. haha.. NOT! But I needed to grab that opportunity not only for me but for my family.

Then because when it rains it pours, I was also considered in another online job where I work now full time. Actually, I am still on training for one month and on probation for six months. But again I am not complaining. I am so grateful for the people who made all this possible, and for the universe who made it all happen. To cite one example of how the universe conspired to make this all happen is our internet connection. We don't really have an internet connection here at home since last year because we only use our neighbors internet. They are that generous,, reallllyyyyyyy!!!:) Before the year ended last year we decided to get an internet connection and divide the payment between us, my brother and sister-in-law. Second, I got my laptop destroyed by doing "defragment" and all those stuff without me understanding it. In less than one week, my husband got it fixed, Free!!:) Then I was scheduled for an online exam, something I thought I couldn't pass but again miraculously I got scheduled for an initial interview. Then another bump happened when on the day of my interview twice in a row my interviewer was offline. I was a little nervous that I might not be considered for the job after all. But then again, the initial interview went online and so did the final interview. I felt hopeful after our final interview but at the same time doubtful because they finally knew I was pregnant. I understood if they will not take me in, its too much of a risk for the company, but again, blessed as I am, I got in.

And today, July 19, just to emphasize is my 14th day on the job as a home-based employee. It's not traditional, it's beyond what I expected, and it's a new world and adjustment all over again. I didn't know before that I could get this tired after a day's work.  I also did not expect to be this busy after 2 weeks of training. I also did not know that it is, this challenging.

When I decided to take an online work, I had no expectations whatsoever. I only knew that this is my BEST option now that I am starting a family. This is an opportunity where I can do both things, take care of my family and earn.

Luckily, I was not wrong. I am more than happy that I was blessed to be in this work right now. I know that this is where I belong and where I should be right now, in this moment. My life online just started and I am loving every day of it.:)

So magicspaceship is signing on.:)

Thursday, July 18, 2013


This is a follow up on my post about the 5 Basic Make up Brushes Every Girl Must Have, I decided to write about my recommended brands of brushes as some of my readers suggested (it feels good to say/write "my readers") Anyway, I have a set of make up brushes and I bought it from Props Tools and Cosmetics in the Fashion Bazaar at World Trade Center in 2011 or was it 2012. Sorry, I can't remember the exact year. It's a 15-pc make up brush set in a leather clutch. It's made of squirrel hair so it's very soft to the skin when used. It also has a leather clutch so the brushes stays intact and safe. It's also very compact so it makes it very easy to bring anywhere. It also only cost Php1,200 in the bazaar. It's actually a great deal for a beginner make up artist wanna-be like me. :)

I have only been familiar with make up brushes after reading Bobbi Brown's make up book. I had been a fan ever since because her style is more of the no make up or very natural make up look.  That's also my style in make up, I don't really like heavy make ups except if its needed and is really necessary. So reading her book, I learned that there are different hairs used in make up brushes, it is because its absorbs cosmetics better and applies it a lot smoother on the face. Some brushes are made of squirrel goats, and horses. Although, there are also types of make ups that needs to make use of synthetic brushes like gels, liquid foundation, and concealers. Knowing this basic things about brushes can really help you know when and where to use it.

This is the reason why there are so many brands of make up brushes in the market. Each one claiming that they are the best. So here's my recommended brushes for you to consider. 

1. Japonesque - These are my dream brushes. It's made from Japan and can be bought in Beauty Bar here in the Philippines. They are really very soft to the face and they they only have travel sets which comprises of about 5-7 brushes. They are a bit expensive. You may explore their site here: 

2. MAC brushes - is also a bit pricey, but they're really recommended by professional make up artist. Although they don't sell sets of brushes and only have it sold separately. It has very soft brush and it weighs a little heavier. I have not really tried to use it to apply make up, but I tried it in the stores just to see its feel on my hands. You may look into their website to see their professional make up brushes for eyes, lips, and face. MAC Professional Brush Finder

3. SUESH - I have known this brand through a friend of mine who likes it. I also get to try to use her brushes and it is really soft. I also have seen it in Fashion bazaar and they offer trendy and colorful styles of brushes. They have everything for different personalities. They also offer travel set, and professional sets depending on your needs. I'm not sure what type of hair they use in their brushes. Here's their site: Suesh Professional Brushes

4. ELF - They have different types of make up brush set from 5 to 25 pieces.  You can also buy each separately and it only costs about Php150 each. I'm an avid fan of ELF ever since I first got my 4 eye shadow palette. I love not only their brushes but the variety of their cosmetics as well. You may check out their brushes here: ELF Make up Brush sets

5. Paganini - a wide variety of brushes for a very cheap price. If you would want to practice your skills first before buying a high end brand this can do for everyday use.:) Their brushes are very smooth and soft plus they also sell different clutches for your brushes. I can't find pictures of Paganini on the internet but you might want to look back into my previous post of 5 Basic makeup brushes must haves, its all from Paganini.

That's my Top 5 Brands of Make up brushes, some are quite expensive but some are also cheap. Just remember to research and try out different brands first before deciding to buy. That way you don't only have nice brushes you also get your money's worth.

Share your other favorite make up brushes brand with me. I'd love to hear about it!:)

Disclaimer: Pictures are all taken from the internet.

Monday, July 15, 2013

FACE TALK: Cheap and Easy Way to Organize your Make Ups

Well. today's your lucky day. I'll share my budget friendly way of organizing your stuff so whatever you put on your face will be kept clean and organized. 

I used a three layer plastic container to put my stuff. I couldn't afford a make up traincase now so I make use of what I can at a cheap price. So I headed to Japan Home, one of my favorite stores, where you can buy lots of practical, functional and weird stuff. So here's what I bought and it only costs Php 88.00. 

I don't really have a lot of make up stuff because I have a weird habit of finishing a product before buying a new one. I only buy what I need, so if I have stuff that are more than one it's usually a gift to me. So at least I still get to save and have a stash with me:) So this Japan Home 3-layer plastic organizer is just right for my needs. 

This is the result!:) I labeled each layer with eyes, lips, and face. It's not only good to look at, it also makes applying make up more efficient because I instantly know where to get my stuff. For the bigger stuff like my make up brushes, loose powder, make up remover, etc. I have another treasure chest to put it in. When I say treasure chest, it literally means a treasure chest. 

I got this treasure chest in Dapitan Arcade. It's near Mayon Ave in Manila. It only cost Php500. It's a little pricey but a lot cheaper when you buy it in the malls. So it is still a cheap find for me. Here's a before and after shot of my stuff inside the treasure chest.

So ladies, whatever organizer boxes, treasure chests, or make up train cases you have for organizing your make up, it's important to keep it always clean and hygienic. It also does not need to be expensive to organize your stuff all it needs is practicality and discipline to stick to your system. 

I hope you could also share your organizing tips with me!!:)

FACE TALK: Every Girl's 5 Basic Make Up Brushes Must Have

Here's my take on the 5 Basic Make up Brushes every girl must have in their make up kits. A big factor of how the make up looks on your face is the brushes that you use. Using the correct brushes helps you create the look you want with more efficiency and accuracy. All make up brushes have their specific task and functions and it's very basic that girls who wear make up know these.

So what are the five basic brushes?

First, a blush brush. A blush brush is round and you use it to apply blush on your cheekbones.  Aside from its use as a blush powder you can also use it as your powder blush to retouch your make up when needed.

Second, two sets of angled brush for eye shadow. One for a lighter shade and the other for the darker shade. An angled brush is used for the eye to help you have better coverage when applying your eye shadows.

Thirdly, you need an eyebrow brush. The eyebrows actually frames the face so it is one of the most important part of your face that needs make up. An eyebrow brush is used when you are not using an eyebrow pencil. Just make sure to apply the color by a very light and soft strokes so it would look natural. After applying, swipe your finger on your eyebrow to remove excess make up on it.

Lastly, a lipstick brush. I like to use a brush in applying my lipstick because it helps absorb it better and it also covers more evenly than directly putting on the lipstick. It also prevents overlaps when you use it.

These are the five basic make up brushes that one must have if you want to practice your make up skills. You can add in more brushes as soon as you understand the use of these five basic brushes. It's a lot more practical to have a basic set that you can use frequently that have a whole set without knowing its use.

I'll try to post some other types of make up brushes that I have and read. BTW, these are all my everyday make up brushes and I got it from Paganini collection at Landmark in Trinoma. What's good about the brushes is that it is small and compact. Plus the hair on the brush is really soft. So if you're on a budget, try these brand of make up brushes then switch to a more high end brush once you're ready to advance your skills. Enjoy practicing!! TTFN!!

The Five Basic Make Up Brushes Every Girl Must Have

Thursday, July 11, 2013

OF BASKETBALLS AND POMPOMS: Twice a Sparty for a Bridal Shower

This year, I was a very lucky bride to be because two sets of my friends threw me a SPA-RTY for a bridal shower. The first one was given by my co-teachers while the other one was from my high school friends. If only I can be a bride again I would want to go back to it!:) My first bridal shower was done in Flirt Waxing Lounge in Kapitolyo, Pasig while the second one was in Posh Nails SM North Edsa Annex. I'll first share with you my Flirt waxing salon party. 


Okay, so they told me that the party will be at a friend's house in Pasig. When I arrived there, three of my office mates were already waiting for me at the car. So I was a little surprised as to where the party will be held. Then we parked in Flirt Waxing Lounge, I was shocked because I thought they would really have me waxed. One of my friend even said that I'm going to get a brazilian wax. I was not ready for that. But as soon as I entered the salon, there they were and the salon was decorated with pink and black furniture. They also had a banner of "BEST WISHES JHO" displayed in one of the walls. It turned out that it was a sparty. I was seated in the pink couch and they put a crown of flowers on me. So it was really fun. They also had some food prepared. And the best part is they prepared all my favorite food. Pasta, cheese and crackers, chicken and a lot more. They also bought a personalized cupcakes with designs for a bridal shower. 

Then after dinner, I was given a foot spa and pedicure. It was sooo much fun, I felt like a real princess. Of course, I chose a pink shade for my feet. I did not get to take a photo of it cause I was too busy with the games they prepared. We had a game with an eggplant, question and answer with the bride and groom to be and other games. :) The party lasted for more than three hours. The girls all got a foot spa while some of the boys opted for massage and foot spa too. 

The staff in Flirt waxing salon was all very accommodating and sweet. They would always try to respond to our requests. The materials they also used in the salon looks clean and organized. In terms of nail polishes they offer a lot of brands and colors that customers can choose from. The space is also very conducive to a party like a bridal shower because it's not only spacious it's also very private. 


My second bridal shower happened in Posh Nails Salon at SM Annex branch. My friends surprised me with a bouquet of flower, a veil, and gloves. Then they asked me to sit in the center white sofa with fluffy pink and purple pillows. 

My posh high school barkada:)
Before we had our foot and hand spa, we first played a game of question and answer. But unlike the first bridal shower, they already asked my husband answers to trivia questions about him and our relationship. It was really fun cause it proved to me that I really know my husband to be at that time. The game was so challenging because each correct answer I give, gives me a prize, but every wrong answer is equivalent to one marshmallow in my mouth that I could not bite.:)

There were also other games like throw the bouquet,  censored questions, etc. They also prepared an AVP of our pictures before and the most surprising part is a message from my groom-to-be. While the game was going on, we were also eating as it was also allowed in the salon. Then the pampering began and it was my first time to have a gel pedicure and manicure. A different kind of nail polish is used and it lasts for a whole month. It was also my first time to experience paraffin wax. Something I've always wanted to do but have not. Lucky,lucky me!!!:)  

After the party, pampering and eating, everyone got a loot bag from La belle, kitkat and a lot more. It was such a fun night. I felt so loved and special.:)

I'd recommend Posh Nails for a bridal shower or sparty like mine. The staff was also very pleasant and accommodating. The place is very spacious but because its in a mall, we can be seen from the outside so it somehow hinders privacy. Also, we were only given three hours and as soon as our time was finished they let other customers in. It was okay on our part because they first asked our permission and situated the new customers in the front so we can still pack up our stuff. 

Thanks to my wonderful friends for taking the time, effort, and resources to make me feel special in a day. They surely made my last remaining single days a memorable one!:)

For your inquiries you may go to:

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

FACE TALK: Green and Purple with Envy

I got the chance to be a HMUA for my sister-in-law in a wedding she attended last year. She wore a beige empire cut gown so we decided that we can have a colored eye shadow on her so it would contrast her neutral shade gown. 

I love green shades of eye shadow but i mixed it up with her favorite color which is purple. 
I also contoured her nose a little because it was her request.:) I'm not really good at contouring yet but I think I'm getting the hang of it already.

I'll share the step-by-step process I did with her whole look. 
Her complete look.:)

Fashion 21 Natural loose powder
ELF 100 eyeshadow pallette
in2it eyebrow kit
Clear mascara
ELF contouring and blush duo
false eyleashes
liquid eyeliner
blush on
brown mascara
(I don't remember what brands I used for some because she had her own set to match her complexion etc.)


1. Start with a clean face. Wash, tone, and moisturize.
2. Using a stipple brush, apply your foundation all over the face.
3. With your powder brush, dab loose powder all over the face.
4. With your forefinger, conceal any skin blemishes you may find. Dab with powder.
5. Before putting on the eyebrow powder, make sure that the eyebrows are properly groomed.
6. Dip your eyebrow brush in water, blend in with your choice of eyebrow color and test it in your hands before applying on the eyebrow.
7. Apply clear mascara to help it stay in place.
8. Apply eyelid primer on the eyes, dab with your base color eye shadow.
9. Put loose powder on the under eyes.
10. Apply blue shadow all over the crease.
11. On the outer corner of the eye, apply purple eye shadow making a triangle form of it.
12. Blend the two colors so the division will not be visible.
13. Put in your sized false eyelashes.
14. Draw your liquid eyeliner. Let it dry.
15. After drying, apply powder eyeliner to keep the liquid eyeliner from smudging.
16. Softly draw eyeliner on the lower eyelids.
17. Brush off loose powder.
18. Using a blush brush, apply blush on .
19. Apply lipstick and gloss.
20. Using a fan brush, remove excess make up all over the face. 

Closer up of her make up look
 *Note: To contour the nose, I made use of eye shadow. 1 lighter shade than her complexion and the other a little darker for her complexion. Apply the light colored on the bridge of the nose extending it on top of the eyebrows. For the darker color apply it on the sides of the nose and blend well. The shape of the nose depends on the color you put. Remember, light colors highlight, while dark colors contour. 

Without flash.

With flash.
Colored eyeshadow gives emphasis on the eyes but always make sure to only choose one part on your face. You don't want to look like a clown right? So balance everything. If you have colored eye shadow, go for a light lipstick. If you're going for a dark lipstick, get a neutral eyes. 

But whatever works for you, you need to have confidence.:)
Enjoy, ladies.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

FACE TALK: KPOP Inspired Blue and Pink

Last December 2012 in our school/office Christmas party, our department  decided to have a KPOP inspired theme. So    i dressed up like Girls Generation, 2NE1, etc with my other office mates. Its the best impression we can  do to look like KPOP stars.

For my look, I wore a pink mini skirt, topped it with an owled designed sleeveless and a black blazer. I also wore high knee socks and shoes. I made sure I wore very colorful if not neon  clothes to emphasize the Korean Pop style. I also wore a clear hello kitty glasses. 

Sorry, the photo's a little blurred but I hope you can see my eyes

For my make up, I used a two-colored eye shadow on my eyes. I chose blue and pink cause I already put different colored eye shadows on some of my office mates and I wanted to have a different look.:) 

What I used on my eyes:
ELF Eyelid Primer
ELF   eyeshadow pallete
EVER BILENA Liquid Eyeliner
711 False eyelashes ( I had to buy from there cause I didn't have any choice but it was still very useful to complete the look)
A better view of my eyes.
Eyelash glue
Eyelash curler

How to do it:

1. Do your usual make up routine of foundation, loose powder and eyebrows.
2. Put ELF eyelid primer on your eyes.
3. Dash loose powder on your under eyes.
4.  Apply your base eye shadow all over the crease.
5. On your inner eyes, apply pink eye shadow only halfway through.
6. On the outer corner, apply your choice of blue eye shadow. 
I have really small eyes, but the mascara,
false lashes, and eyeliner
helped open it up.
7. Then using your blending brush, blend the middle part of your eye shadow so the pink and blue color would look seamless.
8.   To apply your fake eyelashes,  make sure your false lashes is the same size of your lashes. Cut the  lashes if necessary.
9.Using a tweezer put glue on your lashes and place it on. Remember, to look down while the glue is drying out.
10. Draw your eyeliner.
11. Curl your fake lashes very softly so as not to misplace the lashes.
12. Using your  eyeliner pencil,  draw on your lower lids softly just to emphasize the eyes more. 
13.  Remove excess loose powder on your under eye.
14. Apply a natural blush on your cheeks.
15. Using a lip brush, apply a pinkish or close to your natural color lipstick.  

My husband and I at the party.

So there's my take on a KPOP inspired look for our Christmas party. I hope I did those KPOP stars justice!:)

Monday, July 8, 2013

TEACHER'S TALE: Scholarship Grants in De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde

If you're looking for a scholarship in college, apply at De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde by clicking the link below. Benildean Excellence in Scholastics and Talents (BEST) Scholarship.

There are still other options for the scholarship aside from BEST scholarship or outstanding academis performances ranging from artist, athlete, Benildean Hope scholars, etc.

Check it out on the site and start doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.:) 

TRAVEL MARVEL: The Philippines 2013: Digital Magazine

Saw this post in facebook through Travel Factor HQ and thought it's nice to share it. It's a digital magazine about the Philippines and tourist spots you may want to travel to. It's a cool; site and the magazine itself is very informative and educational.

Click here to see the link:

Screenshots of the digital magazine:

Cover pag of the digimag
A feature about Beaches, Islands and Resorts

Introduction to the Philippines

One of the section is a feature of Eating, Shopping and Nightlife

 So for all you travellers out there, this is one guide you should probably have. It's time to tick off places you've been to as listed in the magazine or better yet visit places you haven't been before!!

Enjoy and happy reading!:)
Thanks to  Travel Factor HQ for sharing!:)
It's more fun in the Philippines!!!:) 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

FACE TALK:Lovin' Aquamarine

How to do the "Lovin Aquamarine" eyes

What I used: 

ELF Eyeshadow Palette

ELF concealer and highlighter
In2it eyebrow kit
clear mascara
Ever Bilena Liquid Eyeliner
Props make up brushes

1. Put in your eyebrow. Mix light and medium brown depending on your hair color. I suggest you make sure your brows' color are the same with your hair color so it would look natural.
2. Start by putting your concealer in the under eyes and crease.
You put concealer on the crease to help your eye shadow stay in place better.
3. Pat some loose powder on your under eyes so it would be easier later on to remove the excess eye shadow from your crease.
4. Put in your base color.
5. Then put in the dark green color on your crease. Make sure to use a patting technique when putting on your eye shadow.
6. On the outer corner of your eyes, put the aquamarine shadow in a triangle stroke. 
7. Remove the loose powder from your under eyes and pat some white eye shadow on the inner corner of your eyes for more highlight.

I made a guide using my ELF eyeshadow pallette cause I don't know the specific names.
Hope it'll help.:)
 8. Put in your eyeliner and 2-3 coats of mascara after curling your lashes.
9. Pat a little blush on, on your cheeks and light colored lipstick so as not to overpower the eyes .
10. Pat loose powder all over and your done.
Don't forget to put on a smile to better complete your "LOVIN AQUAMARINE" look.

TTFN, (Tata for now) ladies!!!

MOM MATTERS: My Pregnancy Survival Kit

And yes, it is another preggy post for me today.:)
I know every soon-to-be mom are different. Some really goes through all the symptoms while some just a few of it. I am one of the lucky preggy women who experiences the later. As I'v written in my previous blog, my pregnancy was a wonderful experience. I enjoyed every bit of it. Even the pains and mood swings I had were truly a fun and worth treasuring experience.

But today is about MY SURVIVAL KIT. As a preggy, I had  to make a conscious effort to still look blooming throughout the pregnancy. I did not want to look too different from how I look before. I think pregnancy actually gives a woman a natural glow but it needs to be enhanced. Also, more than ever a woman needs to take better care of herself during this stage as she's already taking care of two people. 

So, here is my survival kit during the whole ordeal.:)

1. What to Expect when you're Expecting. This is on top of my list because it guided me through the whole experience. It is really helpful because I become more prepared for the changes I would feel each month. It also prevented me to feel paranoid because everything was amazingly written in the book which meant what I was feeling was still normal. If it was beyond normal, it was also stated in the book.

2. Multivitamins, Iron, and Omega 3. These were all prescribed by my doctor. I started with only Iron and Omega 3 in the initial stages of the pregnancy. Iron is usually given to soon-to-be moms while my doctor gave me Omega3 for the brain development of my baby. Multivitamins were given to me in my second trimester because as the baby grows I also need to increase my vitamins. So the multivitamin is both for me and my baby. 

3. Human Nature Moisturizing Night Cream. 
To keep my face moisturize and prevent pimples I used Human Nature's Moisturizing Night Cream. It is also organic so it is safe for me and the baby. 

4. Body Butter. One of the most essential things preggy women should have in their survival kit. I started using the Moringa body butter in the initial stages of the pregnancy to prevent any dryness in my thighs, abdomen and other areas. It is during the 7th month that stretchmarks would start appearing so I used Watson's stretchmark minimizer to prevent the stretchmarks in my thighs. I learned that if the stretchmarks is still in its red or violet stage it can still be prevented by putting body butter in the morning and evening. If it's already white then it cannot diminish anymore. So I suggest for pregnant women, moisturize, moisturize!!!

5. Fluffy Pillows. Especially in the third trimester, its a good investment to have comfortable pillows. It helps to have a good night sleep and it cushions your tummy while in a side lying position. I had some difficulty sleeping in the last trimester and lying on my left with pillows in my tummy really helped to put me into sleep.

6. Water. Lots of it. Being pregnant can be proned to urinary tracj infection (UTI) that's why its best to load on water. Water and not any other drink like coke, iced tea or coffee. These drinks would increase the chances of UTI and the sweets in this drinks can also make your baby grow a lot faster.  (which is not good if you're planning to have a normal delivery).

7. Scrapbook. I have a scrapbook of my journey since we knew I was pregnant. I kept all memorabilias such as doctor's prescription, ultrasound, and pictures of myself each month to remind myself of my wonderful journey through pregnancy. This is actually a thing, my husband and I does every after my monthly check up. We wrote our messages and feelings to our future son. It serves as our time capsule so every time I needed to be reminded of how great it is to be a mom, I would have this.. I am also excited fro my son to see how we looked like before he was born.

So what's inside your survival kit? Share it with me!!!:)
Whatever your survival kits are, what matters is you enjoy the pregnancy and 
take good care of yourself in the process.
Happy pregnancy, ladies!!!:)


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