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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Manila Workshops: The Art of Storytelling by Kuya Bodjie

Are you one of those kids who watched Batibot in the 90's? If you were, who or what was your favorite segment or "kuya" or "ate" there? Well, mine's Kuya Bodjie and I remember anticipating his storytime during the show.  It was two or three years ago that I learned that he actually does Storytelling workshops and I was so eager to go. For several years now I have yet to have joined his workshop. Sadly, I always have other commitments in his scheduled workshop. So sad. But I know soon I'll be able to join one too.

You may wonder why I love him so, well, aside from the Batibot show, I also got to watch him in his guesting in The Ryzza Mae Show. He told a story to Ryzza about a Lion and she was that scared just by the story told by Kuya Bodjie. I know he is THAT GOOD and I bet I'll learn a lot from him which I can share with my toddler, Enzo. It is also because as I am pursuing my career in Preschool Teaching, learning from the best storyteller will really benefit me.

But anyway, enough of my sadness, I am positive that I'll be in his workshop soon too. Great news for you because Kuya Bodjie will have his workshop this Friday care of Manila Workshops.

About the Speaker: (From Manila Workshops official site)
Luisito Pascua attended acting classes at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in New York.  He started working for his BFA degree at the University of Southern California which he eventually obtained from New York University in 1978.  At NYU, he played the title role in Moliere’s “The Bourgeois Gentleman”.  To date, he has appeared in over 100 productions with the Philippines’ top theatre companies.  Filipino children perhaps know him best as “Kuya Bodjie” in the TV shows “Batibot”, “Bulilit”, and “Sige, Sali Ka Na!”, and currently as “Tito Luis” in ABS-CBN Foundation’s “Epol-Apple”.  He is a consistent nominee for Star Awards’ Best Children’s Show Host, which he has already won twice.  He helped conceptualize and produce “Bulilit” (1990 Catholic Mass Media Awards Best Children’s Show) and “Sige, Sali Ka Na!”.  He is also a freelance actor for film, TV, radio, and commercials and documentaries, directs, writes, has collaborated with young filmmakers in developing their award-winning short films and has been all over the Philippines as a popular storyteller to children of all ages.  He has designed curricula and/or given classes to numerous groups in the Philippines.  He is the founding president of Alitaptap Storytellers Philippines at the Museo Pambata and used to sit as a Sectoral Representative for Storytellers at the Philippine Board on Books for Young People

You can register here:
and please use my code: TYJ KUYABODJIE2015

 Thanks and if ever you'll attend please share with me what happened, I will be looking forward to it!:)

Monday, May 25, 2015

KaChink Event: How to Retire before the Age of 50

Have you ever wondered how retirement would be like for you in the future? Or have you ever wondered when's the right time for you to retire?Well, if you ask me, I would want to retire early, provide everything for my children, and start living my life. That would be travelling to other places, trying out new sports, eating in world class restaurants, and just live my life to the fullest.

But, sadly, life isn't that simple. Especially for a part timer like me, times can be tough financially, and retiring early is out of the question. I know I could not retire as early as 50 with the rate that I am going now with my expenses and money management skills. Do you share that sentiments with me as well?

Well, worry not, because we can get educated financially. Financial awareness is the first step to retiring early and making our money work for us and not the other way around. You ask me how?Well,I have been reading these books from Chinkee Tan and it really helped a lot in understanding my current financial situation and vision. Right now, I have on my bedside table these books:

As much as I can I try to read each book slowly so I can absorb each lessons and make sure I try it in real life.Everytime I read his books I am more inspired and motivated to make my way into financial freedom. Through his books I am now more capable to teach my students, my family and my child, on financial wellness. What better gift can I give to others but that right?

Although, the books are a great help, hearing the Chinkee Tan himself in person is a unique experience altogether, and fortunately for us who wants to learn more from him, he is having a wealth conference on the 20th of June entitled KaChink: How toRetire before the Age of 50 at Metroten, Metrowalk PAsig from1:00-5:00. 

Another great news is that the event is on a discounted price at the moment. You can buy your tickets as low as Php400 and learn from the master himself Chinkee Tan.

So don't put your financial wellness on a pause, click now and get your tickets to the KaChink Event and thank me later!:) 

For more information you may go to their official website:
Like him on his social media accounts: 
Twitter: @chinkeetan

See you there!:)

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Disclosure: I am an accredited online lead generator for Chinkee Tan's Books and Training Programs.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mustard Seed is your One Stop Shop for Business in the Philippines

Mustard Seed System Corporation celebrates its 15th year in the business of being a distributor of various business solutions in the Philippines in 2014.  This year the company expands its range of solutions to complete its aim of becoming a one stop shop for businesses in the Philippines particularly for Small and Medium Businesses.

Majority of the business solutions being carried by the company is tested at its own premises. These solutions particularly includes its main software products like SAP Business One, MYOB, Payroll Pro, Biometric Devices, Office machines, NComputing and QNAP just to name a few.

This means that businesses can be assured that the business solutions that Mustard Seed carries in its portfolio will aid businesses to grow and become a strong competitor not only in the local market but in the global market as well.

The Business Solutions being provided by the company consists of the following:
Business Management Solutions.  This covers solutions to better manage your business and includes software and hardware like accounting systems, inventory and payroll.
Security Solutions.  Need protection for your business?  Mustard Seed has it from security cameras, alarms, dorr access, DVR, parking systems, bollards, barriers and more.
Retail Solutions.  Are you engage in retail, trade and distribution?  If you are you can readily find POS software and hardware, POS peripherals, anti-shoplifting devices and more.
Education Technology Solutions.  Geared towards providing a highly efficient information technology based education Mustard Seed offers innovative solutions like NComputing, Kyan, Authenticate and more.
Information Technology Solutions.  Mustard Seed can handle your needs for your information technology infrastructure and needs from servers to hardware and even software.
Office Machines.  If you are looking for machines which can be used for business like copiers, card printers,, financial equipment and more, you can find it here.
Architecture, Engineering and Construction Solutions.  If your business involved CAD design and architecture then Mustard Seed has ZWCAD+ and CAD Pockets.
Office Furniture and Design Solutions.  For those who want to Design their office or just need some furniture and fixture, Mustard Seed can provide you with a solution for it as well.

For more information on Mustard Seed System's range of products or for any business solution inquiry you can contact them at the following:

Telephone: +63(2)535-SEED / 63(2)535-7333
Showroom:  Small Business Shop Unit A & B Facilities Center 548 Shaw Boulevard, 1550, Mandaluyong City

If it is a business problem which needs a business solution then why not try finding the answer at Mustard Seed Systems.


Press Contact:

Digital Marketing Officer, Mustard Seed Systems Corporation | 0926-330-7436

Friday, May 1, 2015

Broker In Manila: A New Real Estate and Investment Site

Image from

I remember during my childhood days the times I spent drawing my dream houses. I'd draw houses that are big with a lot of rooms or sometimes draw very simple ones but with a big garden.Whatever the style and design was all I knew was I wanted a house of my own. Now that I am forming my own family, my hubby and I would want to also have our "dream house". At present, we live in our own condo unit and its enough for us three but if we're going to add more to the family, we just cannot fit in here.

Though we want to invest on a new house, what is challenging is that we don't have any idea on how, where, and what house to buy or even scout at the moment. All we know is we want to own one. Knowing nothing about real estate and investment makes us worried on our money's worth. To make matters worst, we have friends who have been scammed or was tricked into getting a real estate investment that they really did not want.

Luckily, there is a new blog in town dedicated to real estate and investment. This blog is run by Loralee Aganon a licensed real estate broker and appraiser. She is also a financial adviser in Manulife. She plans to regularly post about topics that are relevant to real estate and investment and properties that are for sale or lease.

I am looking forward to learning more about property investment. I want to learn more about investing in real estate and how I could make income through real estate investment.

If you are interested in learning about real estate and investment, you may visit her website at You may also support her thunderclap campaign at You may also email her directly at for any questions or inquiries.

Join and together let's own that dream house of ours!!!:)


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