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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cheers to 29 years!

Today's a special day because it's my birthday! But I think today's goig to be a more grown up kind of birthday. Why? Let me share with you my to do list for today:

1. Get NBI clerance. Did online registration so just have to do the biometrics, so I'm hopong it'll be a lot easier and faster.

2. Submit maternity reimbursement (Mat-2) to SSS. It took a lon time for me to acvomplish requirements becauseof some technical requirememts. Will share with you my ordeal in a different post.

3. Cook food for later.

4. Maybe watch my favorite band later at 70s bistro!

Not as fancy, but it sure is goin to be special!!;)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My baby addiction

I was taking photos for my net blog post on my saving money for my baby's school expenses when I thought of the cutest idea for the shots I took. Below is my baby's first comic strip. I was laughing my a** out while writing the caption. Hope it'll make you smile too!

For a clearer photo, here's the individual shots! 

I just love how versatile and expressive his face is. He looks very pilyo, pogi, sungit at times. If only I can film him eveyday so I wont ever forget. Moments like this with my son is truly priceless. B

BTS: Pop Talk Surplus Stores Episode (January 21, 2014) Third and Final Part

The last part of my behind the scenes review on surplus store is here now! Sorry was not able to blog yesterday, cause it's my mom's birthday. My blog writing schedule is only during the night time when my baby's asleep already. (I think, I'm beginning to be a master of excuses haha!)

Oh well, here goes the third and last part of my Pop Talk guesting and the last stop is

MSM American Depot
809 EDSA cor. Scout Borromeo South Triangle 
Quezon City
929 92 21

This was my favorite store out of three. The variety of items there were really wide. From baby stuff like cribs, car seat, toys to surf boards, bikes and even incubator. I enjoyed the search for my Php1,000 find as it was more of a treasure hunting for me amidst all the chaos and distraction from all the neat finds there is. 
MSM American depot is a second hand, surplus store mostly of American brands. As I mentioned they have all sorts of products, most of them are even branded. The store however is very disorganized but they are parted into different categories. They have bikes, baby furnitures, homewares, books, shoes, clothes, furnitures, wall decors and so much more. The negative thing about it though is because it's preloved most items do not have boxes and some are already worn out. But really, when someone shops in places such as these it is expected to really go into the product to see if it still works and if it is still in good condition. If you're the type who takes time to look through a product you can be surprised at some items that are not really used. What's good about it is that they have security guards and staff around so it's very easy to inquire and they're really very accommodating. 

*Below is a map that can be found on their facebook page.

Here's some picture of the store and the neat finds you can expect to see there. Enjoy!:) 

This is from the entrance. However, this is not as noticeable outside because of all the stuff that looks like trash around it. 

I was surprised to see surf boards for sale. Though I dont really recommend surfers to buy it cause it's too rough and looks really worn out. 

Stuff for babies and toddlers. These got me pretty excited to see what's inside. 

With my co-reviewer, Ron Villagonzalo, blogger of WAHPINAS and our expert surplus hunter inside the gadget room of MSM American depot. 

 The gadget room, where gadget lovers can find treasures! There are a lot of hardwares for computers, musical instruments spare parts, cords, and antique stuff. It was a big maze and mess too!

Some other uncategorized stuff. Clothes, toys, boxes, etc.
Toys for babies and toddlers. Brands such as Vtech, Fisher Price are there. 

More toys!!!

Pre-loved board games. Some of which you can find in Barnes and Nobles in a much expensive price. You just need to check if the contents are complete cause they are no longer sealed. 

Collector's Item comic books. There are a lot of old episodes there but most of them are already opened, so it lowers the price in the market. But for collectors who like to read through them these are great!

Used shoes for men. 
There are a lot of branded shoes there like Nike, Adidas, Nine West, etc. Though I am a fan of pre loved stuff I don't recommend buying used shoes as it may cause feet or skin problems for you.

I know you're excited to see what I got for Php1,000, right? Well, I actually had a hard time using all the money as the prices are really low and they allow us to make "tawad". "Tawad" in Filipino term means to ask for a lower price of the item. 

So here's the list of items I got from the store:
1. Fisher Price Toy car
2. Vintage lamp
3. 6 kiddie books
4. 2 Philosophy sunblock (brand new)
5. Avon lotion, foot spray
6. Ed Hardy Bath and Shower gel

It was one hell of an experience! I enjoyed the shopping, the people, and even being on cam! I felt like an expert on surplus stores and I was so excited to bring it home to my husband and baby! I'm excited to bring my family there and to search for more Surplus stores near my place and in Manila as well!
So cheers to an item checked on my bucketlist and new experiences for 2014!
There you go, and Carpe Diem!!!

Monday, January 27, 2014

BTS: Pop Talk Surplus Stores Episode (January 21, 2014) Part II

I know, it's almost a week after the show was aired, and I haven't continued wuth my Pop Talk experience. I just couldn't find the time to write about it as I work on Fridays and Saturdays and Sunday is meant for family day. But, enough of my excuses, here's the second part of Pop Talk's Surplus Store review aired January 21, 2014. For those who are asking for details you can find some useful information here!:) Thanks, and happy reading!:)

113 Quezon Avenue, Sto. Domingo, Quezon City
Contact Number: 516 42 69
Open everyday from 9:00 AM to 8:00PM

Below is a map of the store from

For those who are asking for their contact information, you may like their FB page here:
Click this ---> HALINA KABAYAN KO, INC

Okay, so this was our second stop from Hapon Surplus and I must say, this store is a lot cleaner, organizer, bigger and feels a lot safer. One really good thing I like about the store is its huge space! (AND I MEAN REALLY HUGE SPACE) They also have a parking lot inside and on the sides of the stores so it's easy access. Their store is also very well categorize. When you enter the store, on the left are electronic home appliance such as fans, kitchenwares, DVD Players, Etc. As you walk along, you would see items such as pianos, golf carts, four wheel drives and cabinets. They also have second hand gadgets such as Iphones, digital cameras, playstation and laptops. On the left side are clothes for ladies and toys for babies up to toddlers. Then of course a big table of housewares, kitchenwares, glasswares and all other home decors can be seen. As you walk further inside there's a room for computers and laptops, a room full of Manga books, anime DVDs, golf clubs and bags, suitcases, and other stuff. They also have a room for second hand branded bags, and accessories such as Louis Vuitton, Coach, Tiffany and Co, etc.

I had a difficult time going through the store but had fun because of the variety of items available. I also wanted to buy something I needed and is something pricey on other malls. Then I found what I needed and what I knew my hubby would definitely love. I found a juicer that cost Php1,200 but they gave it for Php1k.
So my verdict on this store is one big POP!!!!:)

Above is the link to our review on POP TALK, official video from

Here's some snapshots of my experience behind the scenes in Halina Kabayan Ko, Inc.

Rodjun Cruz on a Four Wheel Drive

For PHP1,000.00, this is what I got, a Juicer! Not bad, right?! I shall test it and will post a review after!:)

So, there you go, I hope my blog help you if you are ever on a look out for Japan surplus stores in Manila!:)
The last part of this Pop Talk series will be posted tomorrow! Hope you'll continue reading!:)

Friday, January 24, 2014

IGNIGHT: A Praise Fest

Last Monday, January 20, 2014, I attended a praise fest in our school. It was my first time to attend such event and the reason why I attended it was because it was our department’s event. I also came to support my friends who will be singing in the said event. I also served as their make up artist so it was really a win-win situation.I didn’t really understand what the event was all about until I saw the band’s rehearsal, I was in awe at how well these people, and these friends of mine are so talented. It was an amazing sight to see and to hear their voice sang so great.

The band sang 4 songs then Mr. Jan Carlo Silan, gave his talk. Mr. Silan is a minister for the Feast. I’ve been hearing and seeing stuff about the Feast but didn’t really bother knowing or attending it until that night. I actually enjoyed his talk, it was not like a stereotypical praise fest I had in mind. It was more of a stand up comedy but with sense, or should I say with Christ in it. It didn’t feel heavy and I did not feel bad about myself or how I have sinned. It was a reminder. A reminder that I am loved and that I am capable of love.
To end his talk, he let us watch a video of Jesus being with us every step of the way. I cried while watching because I have experienced all the moments shown in the video. I cried because I knew Jesus was with me but it felt different and overwhelming seeing it on video, of how it might have looked like in real life.

The AEP Band

The band and Mr. Jan Silan after the event

He also gave some tips on having a happy life which is summarized into:


By the end of the night, I felt revived. I felt overjoyed with all the new learning that I have. The event was pure good vibes, it was just a happy moment. It was a time to reflect, pause and shout praises to the Lord.
After the event, I got an unfortunate news that my Tito was sent to the ICU due to heart attack. I thank the Lord for being with me throughout the night. I did not know I was praying particularly for something but when I got the news I knew why I was there.  Everything has purpose, and I am where I am meant to be.

I’m hoping I can attend more feasts and bring my husband and son with me as well. If you are interested to hear more of Mr. Jan Carlo Silan, you may follow him on his social media accounts: FB, Twitter, Instagram: braderjan 

BTS: Pop Talk Surplus Stores Episode (January 21, 2014)

Yes, I got the chance to be a reviewer on one of my favorite shows in GMA News TV which is Pop Talk. How I got there is really a short story.I have a co-teacher who works as a researcher on the show and he gave my details to Jane Ariane who is the researcher on this segment. 

I was surprised upon receiving the SMS message, it was heart pounding. I did not really want to do it, but because I have a bucketlist that I want to finish before I die, I took the courage to say YES! I was a little hesistant to go for it because it'll be shown in TV, on national TV. But I said "What the hell?! I'm nearing my 30 and this is just once in a lifetime.

Celebrity moment!

So, I said YES! Call time was set at 8am in GMA studio in EDSA. My stage mother even asked my brother to drive me there so I won't be late for the call time. I came early, so I had to wait in 711 beside GMA. 830am came and Jane arrived and I was sent for hair and makeup. It was such a cool feeling being made up, "feeling celebrity" talaga! Then the journey to our first store started. From GMA Kamuning we went straight to Sta Cruz, Carriedo for the first review.

The challenge is to buy any items for PHP1000 from all these stores. We are given this budget and anything that we buy is ours!!! It was a fun and exciting challenge, because it was SHOPPING!!!

Sta. Cruz, Carriedo

Situated in Sta Cruz, Carriedo beside National bookstore building. The first floor of this store is an "Ukay-Ukay" or second hand clothing. The facade is a little dirty and crowded. But once you enter the store, it's organized into categories. The second floor is mostly appliances, and furniture. It also has musical instruments and other gadgets. The third floor is for glass wares such as mugs, glasses, plates, etc.
Toys ranging from baby toys to collector's edition action figures.

Second floor of Hapon Surplus
The floor is full of home appliance, furniture, action figures and musical instruments

On the way to the third floor where we were asked to find our items for PHP1,000

Third floor, left wing
Third floor, Left wing side of Glasswares
Teppanyaki, slow cookers, ceramic plates and bowls.

Third Floor of Hapon Surplus

More plates, glasses, mugs. etc

Filming our items from the store
Some knick knacks on the third floor
This one I think is used by stylist or students of hairstyling
There are also displays and collector's edition toys

Some cute and Japanese decors in the store.


1. 2 pcs. ceramic plates - Php100 each
2. basket - Php 100 each
3. 2 beer mugs ( I don't have the photo cause I already gave it away) - Php100
4. Baby swing - Php300
5. Jewelry box - Php200

Jewelry bo

Contents not included 

Baby swing - *Baby not included* :)

1. Be careful of your surroundings. Be alert always.
2. Check every corner of the store, as some of the treasures are hidden.
3. Make sure that if you buy any appliance that its on 220volts. Most appliance are in 110 volts.
4. Check the quality of the item, some are already broken or damaged. 
5. Enjoy and keep in mind what is functional or what you really need. 

We spent a lot of time here because it was really an exciting first time!:) I'll share with you the other two stores on my next post!:) 

There you go, and please continue reading!:) 


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