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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thank you, 2013!

As the year, 2013, is down to its last hours, all I can think and say to sum up my year is gratitude.

This has been the fastest year in my 28 years of existence.
I have been a fiancée, a bride, a wife, a preggy, and a mother in just one year.

Last December 2012, I would say was a lonely celebration. I was celebrating by myself because my siblings were with their families at the time. My dad was drinking outside, while my Mom and I were waiting till midnight. I remembered I still dressed up, and put on my make up just to make myself busy. Though that was the case, I did not complain. Why would I? I didn’t have any reason to complain. I was very blessed.
This year came in with the news that I was pregnant, yes, I admit I was surprised, SHOCKED with FEAR. I feared a lot of things. I feared that my parents wouldn’t understand, that people would judge me, that I would lose the job I had which is my passion for teaching, but most of all, I feared that I will not be a good parent.

While pregnant, my fiancée and I was preparing for our wedding. A wedding we wanted to happen December 2013, but God wanted us to be married earlier I guess. So we push through with May 18, 2013. The number and date meant a lot to us, we wanted to be married May 8, but it was a weekday and we wanted everyone we love to be present so we chose the latter, still having the number 8 in it. 18 was a very sentimental number for us. Even more now, because it is meant to make us remember our promise to infinity. During the wedding preparations, I was a happy bride to be and a mother to be. I was so excited with all that was happening but was preparing myself for what will happen. I had my family, friends, and especially my husband to support and guide through all my wedding jitters and hormonal imbalance.

Our wedding was the perfect wedding. I knew some things will not work out as planned, but I didn’t care. I trusted that our entourage, family, friends, and people who love us will not let anything trouble us in our wedding day.  During that day, I let go and enjoyed. Till now I get teary eyed watching our same day edit and the reminiscing walk-down-the-aisle moment.
It was a decision to love, a decision I will never regret.

Then August 21 came. After dancing to Harlem Shake, singing “you are my clarity, why are you my tragedy” (pardon me, I don’t know the title) I gave birth to my source of joy. A baby boy that makes me want to live my life and be a better person. He has made me stronger ( After all the labor pains, I know I can handle any pain now) physically, emotionally and spiritually. He has made me realize I can love this much. He also made me realize that I am not a bad person after all, that I can learn to not be lazy, to sacrifice my wants for his needs, that I can be happy with just him, and his dad. He made me realize how simple life should be. 


Enzo and Ethel have been the greatest highlights of my year. I am no longer my own, but my family’s.  I am better because of them. I grow and learn because of all the things they have taught me. I am ready to take on another year. I have had my losses in 2013, lost friends, money, even the job I love because of all the things I have gained. But I do not regret, neither do I complain. If having them around means losing those things again, I would definitely say yes again in a heartbeat.

I am grateful. This year has been a blessing. I am amazed at how I could literally feel God’s hands guiding me to what is meant to happen in my life.  So let me say my thanks to everyone, old and new, who decided to stay not only in my life but ours. Thank you, because of you, our year has been a lot easier to carry. Because of you, we are better people. We feel loved and we love. Thank you and cheers to another year together!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tips on Christmas Shopping for Kids

Christmas season is truly made for children. It's the time of the year where they get to dress up, give gifts, receive gifts, see their cousins and other relatives, go some place they've never been, and just be happy. Christmas, however, for adults is a different story. It's the time of the year when Mom's especially get busy buying gifts for everyone, shopping for kid's Christmas clothes, prepping for Noche Buena and Media Noche and making sure the house is clean for reunions and all that.

So, as a first time mom, I got somewhat busy with some of those things I mentioned. One of which was buying gifts. This year, as a new family, my husband and I decided will only spend gifts to children and not our adult friends anymore. It was because as a starting family, we needed to save a little money but didnt want to not be able to give gifts this season. It was not as easy as we had so many nieces, nephews, and inaanak. Though it was hard, I'd say I enjoy shopping for others and giving gifts that I think they would enjoy.

So here are some tips on Christmas shopping and some gifts that are fun and educational at the same time.

TIP #1: Make a list of everyone. 
This is a MUST. It makes the whole chaotic christmas shopping a little less chaotic. With the list on hand, you have a pretty good idea of how many gifts you need to buy for girls and boys. It's also best that you write down their ages so you're gifts would be appropriate. Have you ever had that experience wherein you're gift is no longer useful to someone. It is in some way shameful because obviously you don't know the kid and it's also a waste of money.

TIP #2. Think ahead of time
After writing your list, its important that you think ahead of shopping. What I mean here is to plan the gifts you want to buy. This makes it easier for you to navigate the malls for stuff you would need. It will also prevent you from implusively buying the first thing you see in the stores. I am the type of person who would give a thought to a gift, because it feels like I know the person very well and that I want the gift to be meaningful. Also, it's very important for me that the gift will suit the receiver and that he or she will be happy receiving it.

TIP #3. Start early.
If you already have a list, and an idea of gifts you would like to give then start shopping earlier than usual. You can start shopping as soon as the BER months are in. It will give you enough time to think about the gift, plan your budget and spend more time doing other important things when Christmas season comes.

TIP #4: Look for on sale items.
Its not bad manners to buy on sale items as gifts as long as it's appropriate and in my opinion useful. I'm not a fan of gifts that are only for display especially if you're going to give it to kids. What is more important is the function and if the gift will last. There are so many items like that such as puzzles, DIY stuff, and writing materials. Gifts need not be too expensive but it should serve a purpose.

TIP #5. Focus on your list.
Yes, its very easy to get distracted and stray away from the budget while in the malls. So being focus and finishing your list first will give you more time to stroll in the mall and enjoy yourself.

TIP #6. Enjoy the experience.
Any situation is enjoyed becomes a memory worth treasuring. The fulfillment we see everytime a kid opens his or her gift is the true essence of Christmas. So whether you have a big budget or not, always enjoy gift giving and Christmas shopping.

So, there you go, my six tips on shopping this season! Enjoy and have a blessed Christmas season!:)

Friday, December 20, 2013

My son's first LOL

Yesterday, December 19, 2013, was my baby's first laugh out loud. We are blessed to get it on video. Here's some priceless moment of my son. Hope you'll laugh as hard as he did!:) 

My Make Up Story

The only thing between you and success, is yourself.

A note to self, I learned just recently and has been a year end lesson for me. This has something to do with my aspiration as a Make up Artist. I’ve always wanted to be one since I had my Basic personal make up workshop with Cielo Frontreras last 2011. I did make ups of my friends and would want to do more but was always doubting myself.

It was only last November, when a friend of mine invited me to come to her Wedding gig. It was my first time to do make up for 4 girls, (3 being part of the entourage and the aunt of the groom), 2 boys which are also part of the entourage, and 3 cute little flower girls. I tell you, I was exhausted. My back was aching and I was also a bit hungry. But it was a good pain, (well, aside from my labor pains of course) It was good because I felt it was the push I needed to make my dream happen. I’ve been putting it off because I was underestimating myself that I could not do it. I was always thinking of what other people would say or think about me.

So, when I had the chance to join a workshop for aspiring Make Up artists, I took a chance on my dreams. I really did have fun and learned a lot. I appreciated the wonders of a person’s face and how make up can enhance it. I was awed by how make up can truly make a difference in someone’s face and confidence. The workshop I attended was one of the most meaningful four days of my life. 

I actually am not the type of person that would post everything on facebook. I feel a little uncomfortable posting everything that I do or wishes to do, being a make up artist as well. At first, I did not want to post the pictures I did with my model friend for the first day of the workshop, but thankfully she said that she’ll post it. So I agreed, to tell you honestly I was a little bit shy to post it for all to judge. Luckily, she posted the pictures and I got good feedbacks. The second day was even more amazing, I had people complimenting my makeup on her. I even surprised myself cause it was really good. Then I posted everything and made an FB page for our assignment. Thank you for my friend who helped me overcome my “hiya”, her posting the pictures lifted my confidence a bit more. 

The last day was mixed emotions, I was a little sad but relieved as well because I finished the course, in flying colors, mind you! Yes, ehem! I aced my exam and was the only person who aced it. EHEM again! J I was so happy and felt, “hey, maybe I could really do this!”
After the workshop, I got 3 make up gigs. 1 volunteer work for a choir makeup, 1 rock band on the way (hoping to be their official MUA) and more confidence on me.  There’s still a lot of work needed to be done, but hey at least I am moving forward.

To all those who helped me, Thank you!
For my friend who invited me to that first gig,
To a friend, who have always been willing to be my victim/model
To a friend, who promises that I’ll be her official MUA from now on, after one gig
To my mentors and inspirations,
To my past and future clients,
To my husband, who’s very supportive in my craft
To myself (my stronger self) for making me take the plunge and chase my dream

Monday, December 16, 2013

My First Failure as a Mom

Right from the start of my pregnancy, I wanted to be able to breastfeed. As I've said in my previous blogs, I wanted to breastfeed because of its so many advantages and benefits not only for my baby but for myself as well. I even attended a seminar on breastfeeding because that is how much I was determined to breastfeed.

But I failed.

I admit that when my son turned one month, I started giving him formula already. It was half hearted. At the back of my mind, I was hesitant to do it. I did not want to give up breastfeeding but I had to.I had no problem with milk supply, (one of the reasons why I was half hearted to stop) but was suffering from plugged ducts and blisters. It was too painful.  I was even at the point of rejecting my baby because of too much pain. They said breastfeeding did not have to be painful so I knew that something isn't right with what  me and my baby were doing. I tried, I would say I really tried. I read everything I could put my hands on about breastfeeding, tried all sorts of solutions, but nothing seem to work. The pain was getting worse and worse. 

That one morning I decided to give my son formula, is the day that I failed him. I felt guilty, knowing that he would have been better with breast milk. I was guilty because it would mean a huge part of our budget would go to buying milk. But more than guilt, I felt weak. I felt I was not strong enough to endure the pain for my child. 

I felt like a failure. It was as if I could not take the inconveniences or pain of what could have brought more benefit for my son, and that I was not worthy to be called Mom.

Then, after feeling like a big fat failure, I came across an article online (which I couldn't find now) that talked about giving up on breastfeeding and that mothers who formula feed their children are not bad parents. Whew! I knew that parents who formula fed aren't bad parents, but that was what I felt about me. The article validated my feeling of guilt but also affirmed what I have done for my kid for 1 month. What truly caught my attention in that article is that every mother who breastfed or breastfeed their children are a success. Regardless of how short or long it is as long as one breastfeeds is an achievement. It said that mothers should not be too hard on themselves, what with all the responsibilities they have. I realized its indeed true, I had my reason for giving up on breastfeeding but it does not make me a bad parent. Being a parent is more than just breastfeeding.

Though, I still feel a little disappointed for not having breastfeed my son, I promise that if blessed with another child, I would be more prepared and ready to breastfeed. 

Friday, December 13, 2013

Mom 'n FAB: My FREE Benefit Tips and Tricks Workshop with Ms. Julia Arenas of

December 4, 2013

I think I'M IN LOVE. Yes, you read it right. I'm in love with BEnefit cosmetics. In my previous post, I told you about a free make up workshop of Benefit Cosmetics that is scheduled in Edsa Shangrila. The event was transferred to Greenbelt 5 instead. It was so nice of Benefit's staff to inform me of the changes with all the possible ways they can. Through text message, private message in FB and through email. Luckily, Greenbelt's nearer to where I was staying so it gave me more reason to come. And because I was excited and nervous at the same time, I came in early because the first batch of workshop participants were still there. So what I did was stroll the mall first to pass time. Sadly, when I came back the second batch of participants were already seated. The store was a little small so I had to stay on the sides of the store while standing. I thought the workshop already started as one lady was already asking Ms. Arenas a lot of question. Then, my luck turned, I was given a seat by the staff in the front and had one of the best seats in the workshop. I could clearly see and hear as Ms. Arenas was talking.
The workshop started by Ms. Julia Arenas introducing herself. She studied in Make Up Forever in Singapore which is a sister company of benefit by the way and has been doing make up for TVC, and other events for more than 1 year. She's relatively new in the industry but has gained a lot of followers through her blogsite.

The workshop revolved around the "How to look your best at everything" makeup kit. This was mainly used in the entire workshop and created a day to evening look.

1. Ms. Arenas speaks really well and is not intimidating. In a way, she's very relatable and as if she's just a friend teaching make up to me.
2. She's very generous in giving information and tips as well as tricks in doing make up.
3. She encourages questions and answers them comprehensively.

1. Its important to test base make ups before buying them. She advised taking make ups to a road test before making a purchase to ensure compatibility with the skin.
2. For a natural look, especially in the evening, apply foundation just on the center of the face.
3. Primers enhances the staying power of make ups so apply it on the areas where you want your make up to stay on longer.
4. For concealers, start applying under the eyebags then work your way up to avoid puffiness on the eyes. It is also advisable to apply on the corners of the nose and lips because these are where age spots usually occurs.
5. Contouring would start where the ears meet the face and should end on the area aligned from the outer corner of the eyes. (I really have a hard time explaining the specific area, but I hope you get it.) Also, use single strokes pointing the brush away from the face.

Those where most of the things I learned while some of her talks were already discussed to me during my personal make up workshop.

To be honest, I enjoyed the talk given by Ms. Julia and I learned a lot especially o how to use their products to my advantage. There's just one thing I didn't like which was that I was told through text message that there will be freebies after the workshop. I really anticipated that but it turned out that you need to purchase first before you can actually get a freebie. I think that's just false advertisement. It would have been better if they stated that there will be a freebie for a purchase of anything. Its not nice to give participants false hopes, right.

But generally, I enjoyed the workshop. And what really surprised me was that a lot of the participants were a lot older than me, I'm 28 years old btw. It was so cool to see them so interested with make ups and asking questions about it. I'd definitely watch out for more workshops and promotions from Benefit.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My first FREE Make up Workshop

YES, it's FREE and its my first time to attend a Make up Workshop sponsored by a make up brand. Luckily, I follow BLESSMYBAG's blog and found a free make up workshop by BENEFIT Philippines. Can you believe it, BENEFIT!!! BENEFIT!!! BENEFIT!!!

I just recently found out that cosmetic brands actually give free make up workshop or some tips and tricks workshop using their brand. So, I'm maximizing that opportunity now! I'm sooo excited. I am looking forward to an hour of make up and benefit cosmetics.

Tomorrow's gonna be an amazing day for sure!:)

For Blog or Money

You probably have heard this title in TV5's teleserye FOR LOVE OR MONEY which features Derek Ramsay, Alice Dicson and other celebrities of the station. If you're looking to read something about them and their teleserye, you came to the wrong blog site.

I only adapted the title to a realization I had after reading Project Vanity's blog last Monday, if I'm not mistaken. It was entitled "The Pressure to be Cool". She wrote about her blogging struggles and how she anted to write more about what matters to her than what social media dictates as important. Liz Lanuzo of Project Vanity is a well-known blogger, but I only discovered her recently. She write product reviews really well and I sense her sincerity in all her articles.

I wanted to become known blogger as well, didn't really want to be famous though like other bloggers out there. I just wanted people to read my blogs, ask me questions about anything, or in short just to matter and feel that my insights and opinions are worth reading. Then, I got caught up wanting to write to get products, to earn money, for stats sake and then blogging became an obligation. I was in the impression that blogs that matter are blogs that offer product reviews, movie reviews,  those that would advertise. I wanted to be that blogger.

Doing this new blog, I started writing what meant more to me, where I think I'm good at. And that is on writing my reflections, my realizations, my philosophies in life. Of course, I still want to be noticed but not to the point that I would use my site just for the sake of earning or getting free stuff. I was affirmed more when I read Liz's article on the Pressure of being Cool. Bloggers all have their reason for writing and publishing their works. If I may include myself, as a Blogger, we are motivated by something within us. This motivation differs from each one, some to pour their hearts out, some to express their religion, some just to teach, some to offer help to and some just for the simple reason of love for writing. Right now, I am at the point where I just want to write important things about my life. To be able to also have an outlet where I can write and not be judged. A place where I can share my triumphs and struggles as a mom, and a place where my family and son could go back to and reminisce the beginnings of his life.

This is the reason why I love writing, and now with technology I love it even more. The possibility that my thoughts will exist even as I grow old or even die, ( or just as blogspot is still working) is inspiring. I can be able to leave something in the future. May it be read by others or just by myself.

So, I challenge every blogger, what motivates you to write? For blog or money?

P.S. Thanks to Ms. Liz Lanuzo for the inspiration. To get inspired visit her site in

Enjoy, and there you go!!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Last of November and First Day of December

Hello, everyone! The month's bringing in the cold weather and everywhere is starting to look like Christmas. 

BUT, I can't be fooled and I need to get serious... on my workout, that is!
So how was my last day of November? 

My family and I decided to spend a mini-vacation in Hidden Sanctuary Hotel and Resort Marilao, Bulacan. It was a spontaneous outing but was truly worth it. And because it was my last day to pig out, I literally did!
I ate a lot, a lot means for me JUNK FOODS!!! I'm not really a good eater but I like to eat chocolates, chips, soda, and everything sweet. But the challenge is still on my mind. I did some laps in the pool but found out I really need to also do some serious cardio exercise because just after one lap I was out of breath. 

I wasn't able to do my weigh in though and decided to took a picture instead yesterday. It was a struggle for me to do my first day yesterday as I was so tired from the vacation and wanted to just lay around and postponed the workout. I thought, nobody will know and I'll just cheat myself into it. Just as I was to procrastinate, motivation strikes.

Here's my motivation: 

My Little Boy, Enzo!
I want to be able to run after him when he's able to walk and play around. 

With that, I easliy finished my workout. It became a lot easier because Ethel was there to guide me thru the workout. Here's what I did yesterday:

Day 1: 
15 sit ups
10 crunches
5 leg raises
10s planks

Today's another challenge!!!:) 
There you go, High five!!!

Friday, November 29, 2013

A December Workout Challenge

Tomorrow marks the last day of November and the last of my pigging out days!:) This is because I challenged myself to a whole month workout challenge. Yes, I know, the timing's awkward cause December's full of celebration,which means a lot of parties, which means foooooddd!!! But, I will not use that as an excuse for not working out. I think it's even the best time to start working out so however much I eat I can get to burn it.

So, what's the challenge?

It's a workout I saw over the internet but didn't get the chance to try out because I got pregnant. And now that I'm fully recovered, I am determined to be able to do it.

Well, tomorrow's my weigh in. Hope I'll have the time and discipline to finish this!:) 
Wish me luck!:)

How motherhood changed me.

Just before I gave birth, I was expecting that a lot of things would changed about me. I would imagine myself rejecting parties, out-of-town trips, shopping, movies, and all sort of things I did when I was still single. I would always tell my friends that I couldn't commit to anything yet because things will change as soon as I give birth. It was something I looked forward to but also dread.

Why I looked forward to it?

Well, a baby is always something to be excited about. I am fond of children and having a baby of my own was thrilling. I also enjoyed looking at small clothes, shoes, toys, that are all sooooo cuuttee. I also looked forward to bringing him along wherever I go. I was anticipating being with a little kid with every second of my life. I was also very much excited to see him achieving his milestones in life. But as there are a lot of things to look forward to, came worries as well. .

I am a natural worrier. (If there is such a thing!:)) Having a child made me worry a lot. I worried that I could not provide for my future's son.  I worried about where to send him to school, how to pay for his school's expenses, what happens when he gets sick, and all other "kapraningan". Just as much as I worried about my kid, I also had my share of worries about myself. I was worried that I wouldn't have the strength to run around when my kid's big enough to run, or that I couldn't wake up early in the morning, or that I couldn't handle my temper at times when he misbehaves. It was all sort of worries that at times irrational. Good thing, my husband's the opposite. He is always relaxed and composed. Although at times I get irritated with this attitude, it helps that he's like that because it calms me down.

So did motherhood really changed me? Well, YES and NO.

No because I am still the person I was before I gave birth. I'm still makulit, magulo, maingay, antukin, etc.  I still want the same things before, still talk the way I did, still think the way I did. After having nine months of big tummy, I am back to my usual figure (well, except for the baby bump that I still have :)). So personality, physically and emotionally it didn't really change me.  

What motherhood actually did to me was made me a better version of myself. From Sarah Geronimo's line in It Takes a Man and a Woman, I am now Jhoanna version 2.0. It only did not make me a better version of myself but I have now a little guy with me that shares a part of who I am.

Most of the time I still cannot believe that the child I am holding in my hands is my own. It still awes me to see him grow and can hardly believe that he came from him. I often ask myself, "Sa akin ba talaga galing ito?" and be amazed at this miracle I have in my arms. Now, I have someone I can really call my own, someone I am accountable for, someone who is truly a part of me, from now until forever.  

Motherhood is an opportunity or should I say a blessing I am lucky to have or to be. I have never felt this needed as much as my baby needs me now. I have never loved even without knowing who or what kind of person he is. I have never felt scared for someone this much that even an insect bite or small cry worries me. I have never felt all these before but I am grateful that I have it now. 

I am still new at this motherhood thing. Almost everyday I do not know if I am doing a good job at it, all I know now is that I love my son so much that I am willing to do anything for him. Cliche as it may sound, but it is true. I am so proud to be his mother and I will do everything in my power to give the best to him. I will dream, hope, and work hard for him. Because being a mother is an opportunity to teach, inspire, care, and love someone directly. Motherhood is LOVE. 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Well, hello there, stranger!

Yup, I finally made a new blog especially for my mommy adventures. I have been a blogger since 2007, but just recently became a Mom. While I was pregnant, I decided not to create a new blog site cause I thought I could just categorize my experiences and keep my Magicspaceship blog. But, I thought wrong. Motherhood changes you. It's an experience worth writing down and sharing. For memories sake or for some, just random reading. I am a sentimental person, and I would want my son to have something to read or look at when he's big enough. I also feel it's so important for me to shout things that make me happy, rant about things that pisses me off, and to have something I can go back to in the future. 

So, with that said, let me introduce myself and this blog. 

I am Jhoanna Tacorda. I go by the names Jho, Jing, Joey, Jojay and Jak. (I know too many nicknames, but I just couldn't help it. I am a college teacher by profession. A loving wife (ehem!). A supportive friend and sister. A stage mother and aunt. A make up enthusiast. A reader. An online seller. A hobby-blogger. And most importantly I'm a 24/7 Mom to a very handsome baby boy. 

As I mentioned earlier, I already have an existing blog. But motherhood inspired me to put up thereyouJHO and just write on all sorts of things I have experienced, is experiencing and will experience-as a mom.  So, how is it different? Well, here goes, I have divided different categories of stuff I would write about that matters to me as a Mom.

First up is, Mom's Baby Love: this would include everything about taking care of my baby. From his little achievements everyday, product reviews, and to things that worries me about my child. Worries such as when he gets sick, what food to feed him, or what or how to teach him values to help him in his life. In short, just me and my baby!:)

Secondly, Mom 'n Fab. I am a sporty person, and a figure conscious mom as well. Before I became pregnant, I was into Pilates and running. Not athlete-serious, but I make it a point that I do work out at times and to strengthen my core. Now more than ever, after giving birth, I am determined to lose the fats I gained during pregnancy and be able to wear my pants before pregnancy. This section will also include everything about make up, and my journey to doing great looks for me and others. So, I hope you'll join me in this journey to staying fit and fab even as a mom!

Third, is Mom-"me" Time. Having a "Me" time, has been very important for me even during my single days. This is something I do that makes me happy or gives me time to relax and reflect on life. This section, then will include hobbies I do, classes I take and simple joys I have to keep me sane. I wouls also write here my life realizations and reflections.

Fourth category is Mom JHO and THEL. I know its hard to get this at first, but its actually my name and my husband's name. So I wanted it to sound like Show and Tell. (I feel weird explaining my word play! Haha!) This is about me and my husband's experience on marriage. It may include problems, issues, or funny things we have as a couple. Maybe, just maybe, he can also write on this blog. (crosses fingers) It's also very insightful to know and read about what goes through our husband's minds, right? 

Last, is Mom-on-the-Job, as said earlier, I'm an online seller and a teacher. Both I do as part time.I will share different triumphs and struggles I have with both jobs. This would include online shops I like and tips on how to start an online shop. On the other side, I will also write about being a teacher. 

Another section, is Ask Jho! which would include questions and advice I've been asked for. So, if you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to ask me. :)

So, there you go, and happy reading!:) 

High Five!!! 

Friday, September 27, 2013

MOM MATTERS: My First Failure as a Mom

Right from the start of my pregnancy, I wanted to be able to breastfeed. As I've said in my previous blogs, I wanted to breastfeed because of its so many advantages and benefits not only for my baby but for myself as well. I even attended a seminar on breastfeeding because that is how much I was determined to breastfeed.

But I failed.

I admit that when my son turned one month, I started giving him formula already. It was half hearted. At the back of my mind, I was hesitant to do it. I did not want to give up breastfeeding but I had to.I had no problem with milk supply, (one of the reasons why I was half hearted to stop) but was suffering from plugged ducts and blisters. It was too painful.  I was even at the point of rejecting my baby because of too much pain. They said breastfeeding did not have to be painful so I knew that something isn't right with what  me and my baby were doing. I tried, I would say I really tried. I read everything I could put my hands on about breastfeeding, tried all sorts of solutions, but nothing seem to work. The pain was getting worse and worse. 

That one morning I decided to give my son formula, is the day that I failed him. I felt guilty, knowing that he would have been better with breast milk. I was guilty because it would mean a huge part of our budget would go to buying milk. But more than guilt, I felt weak. I felt I was not strong enough to endure the pain for my child. 

I felt like a failure. It was as if I could not take the inconveniences or pain of what could have brought more benefit for my son, and that I was not worthy to be called Mom.

Then, after feeling like a big fat failure, I came across an article online (which I couldn't find now) that talked about giving up on breastfeeding and that mothers who formula feed their children are not bad parents. Whew! I knew that parents who formula fed aren't bad parents, but that was what I felt about me. The article validated my feeling of guilt but also affirmed what I have done for my kid for 1 month. What truly caught my attention in that article is that every mother who breastfed or breastfeed their children are a success. Regardless of how short or long it is as long as one breastfeeds is an achievement. It said that mothers should not be too hard on themselves, what with all the responsibilities they have. I realized its indeed true, I had my reason for giving up on breastfeeding but it does not make me a bad parent. Being a parent is more than just breastfeeding.

Though, I still feel a little disappointed for not having breastfeed my son, I promise that if blessed with another child, I would be more prepared and ready to breastfeed. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

MOM MATTERS:Somebody's going to call me Mom

And after more than a month!

 I. AM. BACK. 
reflections, realizations, 
challenges, struggles
adjustments, inconveniences
experiences and happiness

For the last 28 years of my life, I have been ranting about 
love, friends, jobs, travel, money, all those sort of things
It was a fun ride, it was fun learning and experiencing life in my eyes.


August 21, 2013 marked a new chapter of my life. 

It will take more than a month, even more than a year, before I actually hear it
But looking at my precious boy, 
I know in my heart starting today until the rest of my life
I am a Mom. 

And as  I write this, 
I could not ask for more
I can only thank God and the universe 
for giving me a  
to live my life.

I am a Mom.

Monday, August 19, 2013

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

MOM MATTERS: Breastfeeding is Best Feeding

I attended a Breastfeeding and Lactation Workshop yesterday, August 14, at Capitol Medical Center, Quezon City. I was encouraged by my OB-GYNE to attend it as she also wanted me to breastfeed my would be son. It was really a blessing because my husband and I really wanted to breastfeed as it has so many advantages. I was not really into breastfeeding or I didn't like the thought of it when I was still single. I felt it was awkward, uncomfortable, and just weird. Especially as I didn't know anyone personally who does it. I always see people breastfeeding in jeepneys, streets and even in malls. But all that changed when my cousin, breastfed her son, and is still breastfeeding until now. Her son's already more than 1 year old. Through her, I learned of the positive effects of breastfeeding. One of which was it's very economical. I have three other nieces and nephews, all of them drink milk formula and I know how expensive it is. It was really one of the main reason why I wanted to breastfeed. Little did I know, that I would get a lot more if I do breastfeed.
Freebies from the seminar

When we arrived in Capitol Medical Center, we were a little surprise because most of the participants were doctors, and hospital personnel. Although, the workshop was for medical practitioners, we were still accommodated. They even gave us freebies.

The morning session was about the benefits of breastfeeding, proper breast care and expressing milk. The afternoon session was for clinical and hospital personnel and the practice of breastfeeding in private hospitals.  Two speakers from Fabella Hospital talked about the benefits of breastfeeding and the methods of expressing breastmilk. They are Manang Norma and Manang Melba, they are both mid wives. They shared that in Fabella there are about 147 deliveries in 24 hours. Imagine how many children are born every hour in Fabella. So I knew, that these speakers were really experts in their field. It made the seminar a lot more interesting for me.
Registration Area at the Auditorium of Capitol Medical Center

First topic was about the benefits of breastfeeding. I summarized them as follows:

1. Protection from diseases and allergies.
2. Good family planning method
3. Breastmilk has a lot of vitamins and minerals that is good for the baby. 
4. Reduces the risk of breast cancer
5. It helps for losing weight
6. Readily available
7. Children that are breastfed do not usually become sickly.
8. Bonding for both mother and child. 
9. Protects from infection and anemia
10. Very convenient because it does not need any equipment.

These ten benefits of breastfeeding, all the more made me an advocate for it. I realized that it is nature's way of caring for our little ones. It's also God's miracle that we are able to feed our children from our own bodies. As Manang Melba said, "Ang Gatas ng Tao, para sa tao" and I totally agree. But just like any other first time mom, I had apprehensions on breastfeeding. Many questions were actually running through my head like what if I can't produce milk for my baby, how do I start breastfeeding, and how long should I be doing it?
Luckily, all of this has been answered.

How to start breastfeeding?

Manang Norma said that first and foremost important in breastfeeding, is a mother's state of mind and willingness. She said that it's very important for first time moms to decide and stand on that decision to breastfeed. She said that it is best that new moms think that it is the only for them to feed their child so they must do it. She also said that it is very important that a mom's build their confidence in breastfeeding. It is important that a first time mom gets the support necessary from her husband and other family members. She also emphasized that doctors should also be able to talk to their patients about their issues or concern with breastfeeding. This will help clear any misconceptions about breastfeeding and help them reinforce the decision to breastfeed.

I'll also share some of the Frequently Asked Questions about breastfeeding that was discussed in the seminar:

1. What if my breasts are small? Will it produce enough milk for my baby?

According to the speakers, the size and shape of the breasts does not matter. As long as the mom is willing to breastfeed, it will produce the necessary milk needed.

2. I have inverted nipples, how do I express milk from them?

Inverted nipples according to the speakers are easy to deal with. They use different syringe that acts as suction to pull out the inverted nipples. Another tip given was the Hoffman's Technique or Exercise. It's a very simple exercise to do with inverted nipples to let it pop out. Dra. Blancaflor, shared this simple exercise, a breastfeeding expert who breastfed all her seven children. She said you just need to pull the outwards from the sides until the nipple pop out. One other method is to let your husband pull out the nipples thru his tongue. Although, this is not very much recommended as it may initiate premature labor.
Manang Norma showing a 15 cc syringe used to express milk

Manang Norma showing a 20 cc syringe

3. What if I'm working or studying, can I still breastfeed?

Yes, there are ways to express and store breastmilk so working moms can still do it. A mother can pump and store milk in the freezer and heat it up when needed.

4. What if the baby does not breastfeed for the first time? What methods can be used?

If there is a difficulty in breastfeeding for the first time, a cup feeding method is used. This is when a baby is fed with milk through a medicinal cup. Holding the baby like a football (please see picture), milk will be given to the baby using a cup at the back of its tongue. This is done to prevent the baby from choking. Another method is using a syringe where the milk is flowed from the syringe to the breast until the baby finds his/her mom's breast.
Manang Melba showing how to cup feed a newborn baby

5. What if I do not produce enough milk?

Manang Norma and Manang Melba are also lactation experts. They shared and demo lactation massages that they do to help first time mom produce milk.

Lactation Massage 101:
1. Clear mindset and accepting heart to breastfeed
2. Massage different points:
   a. HEAD: middle points, pituitary, in a downward stroke, from the temples and release

   b. ARMS: Inward strokes

   c. SHOULDERS: Outward strokes
   d. BACK: Spinal cord in downward strokes
3. Note that breasts are not touched when doing the lactation massages

Another way to produce more milk is to take malunggay supplements or eat anything with malunggay. They also shared one recipe which is to boil malunggay leaves with pinch of salt and drink it. It helps in lactation and has a lot of other benefits.

6. How to clean nipples/breasts properly?

They also discussed about the proper nipple care when breastfeeding. It is important to hand wash the breast, and make sure not to use soap for the nipples. It is also advisable to use just water and a cotton and sterile gauze to properly clean it.

7. How to properly carry the baby while breastfeeding?
Demo on carrying the baby called the Football hold
1. No pain for the mother
2. Chin is closest to the breast
3. Sucks without stimulation
4. Baby has full cheeks
5. Facing the mother
6. Well attached to the chest
7. Supported by the mother's arms

We left after the morning session because the afternoon was directed more for hospital staff and medical people. We learned a lot from it and has helped me and my husband to be more confident in breastfeeding our son. I am now a full pledge advocate for breastfeeding and I hope I'd be able to successfully do it. Wish me luck!:)

If you ever need a lactation expert, you may contact Manang Norma and Manang Melba at 0908 123 3264. They can go to your hospital to have a lactation massage and breastfeeding session.

Friday, August 9, 2013


I wanted to write 31 blog posts last July. It was a challenge I took to myself to do.
I didn't want to do it to impress or anything. I just thought because I had the time and the INSPIRATION to write I had to grab the opportunity.

Yes, I am aspiring to become a blogger...Of what niche I don't know exactly. All I am sure of is that I want to write. To keep my memories in one and to laugh and cry at myself after a lot f years.

But then, sadly, I was not able to do it. First because I had too many work load. I did not really expect that working at home can be this toxic. Also because I started my Online Shop one of my bucketlist that's accomplished now. So I had to give one up. Unfortunately, it was this blogspot.

I could not say I am totally uninspired cause I have a lot of draft blog posts. Maybe I'll have the time again, to write everyday. Or I might not have the time at all.

Still, I am lucky that I am able to write, I have this blog spot. and I will forever be inspired. Blogged or not.:)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

MOM MATTERS: Hospital Essentials for the First Time Mom

Yes, I am indeed excited. Excited and nervous at the same time. Excited to finally meet my son and nervous anticipating the pain I'm about to experience. I'll be on my 36th week this Saturday, and since April I have been thinking and preparing for the stuff I would bring for my baby,my husband, and me. I already have two bags full in our room just in case I'll be giving birth. It's a lot less stressful if for me to have things prepared ahead of time already, so I would only focus on my breathing during labor. (HAHA!):)

So, I've asked around some Moms I know and the essentials they brought in the hospital. Here is a list of items they brought in the hospital. I categorized it to for the Baby, for Mommy, for Daddy, and important documents.
Photo taken by the blogger

Photo is taken from Google search and is not owned by the blogger
Photo is taken from Google search and is not owned by the blogger

Documents to bring are:
SSS Records
Medical or Hospital records
HMO documents if any
Identification cards
ATM and credit cards

I hope these list of essentials would be all that we'll need in the hospital. I'm sure first time moms, and other Moms out there have other ideas, maybe you can them with me so I could prepare them as well. Thanks and let's enjoy our pregnancy!:) 

Friday, July 26, 2013

MOM MATTERS: SSS Requirements for Maternity Benefit and Reimbursement

It's my eight month in the pregnancy and one of the many things I also prepare for aside from cute little clothes, tiny socks and mittens, feeding bottles, etc. are documents to claim benefits from SSS and Philhealth. Being a practical person, I always organize my files and prepare documents way ahead of time so I won't have problems when the time comes that I need it. Or in my case, I would want everything in easy access for my husband so he knows what to do when I can't do it after delivering our baby. It would be less stressful not only to him but especially to me. It also will give us more time to adore and admire our newborn son than go gaga over documents we need.

One of the most important things to prepare right after or let say 2-3 months after finding out that you're pregnant is the SSS Claim for Maternity Benefit or MAT-1 Form. If you're working, your company can help you in submitting this, but if you're like me who's unemployed, you can directly go to the SSS office near you.

What to bring when filing your SSS MAT-1 form:
1. Mat-1 Form: It's available online so you can print one at home and fill it out or if not its also available in the office.
2. Ultrasound or hospital record showing you're really pregnant
3. Bring your SSS ID or number
4. Ballpen
Click here for the downloadable MAT-1 Form: MAT-1 Form

After giving birth, you will need to submit your MAT-2 form which will help you claim for your maternity benefit. Click here for the downloadable form: MAT-2 Form

Requirements: (As seen in the MAT-2 MAternity Reimbursement Form)
1. Maternity notification duly stamped received by the SSS prior to the date of childbirth/miscarriage
2. The member must have paid at least three monthly contributions within the 12 month period immediately preceding the semester of childbirth or miscarriage
3. a. For Normal Delivery - A certified true copy or authenticated copy of Birth Certificate duly registered with the Local Civil Registrar
b. For Cesarean Delivery - Certified true copy or authenticated copy of Birth Certificate duly registered with the Local Civil Registrar, Operating room record or surgical memorandum duly certified by the hospital where the member is confined.
c. For Stillbirth - Fetal Death Certificate duly registered with the Local Civil Registrar
d. For Miscarriage or Abortion - Pregnancy test before and after miscarriage/abortion, medical certificate/obstetrical history indicating the number of miscarriages duly certified by the attending physician, D & C report duly certified by the authorized hospital representative where the member was confined.
4. a. For Separated Member - Certification from last employer with the effective date of separation from employment
b. For Voluntary Member - a copy of approved SS Form E-5
c. For Self-employed Member - a copy of approved SS Form RS-1

You may check their official website here SSS Official Website for more details.

MOM MATTERS: How to have fun without spending?

I found this post by Ms. Ginger Palma Arboleda in the Manila Work-at-Home Moms facebook page   and I was really challenged by her question. Now that I'm only a month away from being a mom, it is very important for me to save money and make sure my future son would still enjoy and have fun. So I think this topic is really very timely for me. Good thing I already had some practice with my nephews and nieces.

So how do I have fun and spend nothing?

.I am a frustrated pre-schooler teacher so I would always play pretend school with my nieces and nephews. I've listed below some of the activities that we do but unfortunately I don't have the pictures to show it. Surely, next time I would take a picture so we could preserve those moments.

1. Melted Color Arts: I'm sure most of you are familiar with this method of art wherein you collect used crayons, those little ones you can't really color with, a candle, old teaspoon, and a paper. The step is to melt the crayons and splat it on the paper to create different figures and colors. It's very simple and it challenges your kids creativity.

2. Sketch a Leaf: I did this in grade school before and I think this is one of the most fun things to do with arts and nature. Kids would surely enjoy not only the sketching part but also being in nature.

3. Pinoy games: I taught my nephews and nieces piko, tumbang preso, and patintero. Those games cost nothing but is very fun and tiring.

4. Dance and Sing: I would teach them icebreaker and unfreezing songs and dance I learned way way before and in turn they'll teach me what they know.

5. Storytelling: Storytelling is one way of having fun and teaching kids at the same time. I also try to ask my nieces and nephews to tell their own stories and used new words they are not that familiar yet. So we have fun and learn at the same time.

6. Jogging and exercising: We go to the nearest park in our village and jog for an hour and play in the playground. It's an exciting and healthy way of having fun with kids.

I'm sure there are a lot of other activities that are fun and costs nothing. I guess its true that having fun does not necessarily mean spending a lot of money but more on the quality of the time spent. I'm so excited to see my son and enjoy new and free fun activities with him.

TEACHER'S TALE: My Two Cents on Passion

I have always admired people who obviously does things not for money or fame or popularity. I have seen a lot. But this is not about passionate people, but about the opposite. We always talk about passionate people, what they do and how they are with whatever passion they have, but we rarely read articles about im-passionate people. If that's the right word?

And so I wondered. For the longest time, I consider myself a very passionate person. Passionate about teaching, about things I love to do like reading, make ups, and taking care of my family. But I guess not everyone has "passion" or I think they don't. The question now is, why do people become these kinds of people? How do we identify these kinds of people? How do we prevent from becoming one? Or stay away from them? 

I have seen and dealt with these types of people.
People who you would think works only for the sake of money because they want to have so much in life they do things even if they don't want to. This usually results to suffering maybe of themselves or unfortunately of other people.These are people who keep a record of what they have done for you or for the company or for whoever. People who are selfish and would take advantage of other people, all for their own benefit. 

Physically, these people look unpleasant, not that they are ugly or anything. Its just there is something in them that you can really pinpoint, that looks or better yet feels unpleasant. They walk around with a frown, reacts negatively, and their body language shows defensiveness. They don't consider other people's time, and go to meetings or classes late without valid excuses or without remorse. They are nice only to people who they think can be of help to them. In reality I think,they are afraid of competition, but disguises this fear with strength.I think people like these are wrongly motivated. Or they choose to be this way.  

This is where the challenge comes in. If passionate people can be influential, no doubt being impassionate as well.  So you get to choose, would you rather have the fire and let it burn or just a candle looking for a flame? For me, I would try my hardest to keep the fire burning even if I am surrounded by these kinds of people. It is by choice that a person becomes passionate, just like being happy. If you are happy with what you do regardless of any monetary reward or recognition, hold on to that and continue doing it. That is your FIRE. Like a real fire, it needs protection. Protection from air, water, and people who would try to put the flame out. Don't let them. Hold on and fight for the flame. If at the moment you are on the verge of putting out your own flame, step back and think. Recall what was good about you, what makes you smile, what keeps you alive, then maybe, just maybe, this would be enough to rekindle the flame. If you have that "impassionate" person in your life, stay guarded, make sure you are focused on your passion. You cannot let anyone overshadow what we love to do. It is your ow fire and you have to keep it safe. If that person, is your friend, family, relative or anyone close to you, what we can only do is to try and rub them with our flame, in that they find their own. 

If we are truly passionate people, we do not stop because we are already passionate as an individual. What we do should always be to try and make other people feel passionate as well. Through our actions, behavior, words, and especially thoughts. You cannot fake passion, if it isn't true, just like any flame it will die. 

Passion drives a person to a direction one chooses to go. Without it, everything would seem to feel like a routine, boring, and a senseless existence.

I challenge you, keep the fire burning. Spread like wild fire!:)

FACE TALK: AVON Beauty Blogger Challenge

A friend posted me this Blogger challenge from AVON yesterday, but I was a bit hesitant to join as I just started blogging about make up and make up tutorials this month. But after thinking about it I said, "What the heck, might as well give it a try." I'm sure a lot of bloggers will be joining and it wouldn't hurt if i entered the contest myself, who knows I just might get lucky!:)

My official entry to AVON's Blogger Challenge

For other beuaty bloggers out there, try your luck too and enter the contest. It's very easy, you just have to post links of your make up tutorials with or without AVON products. (But I think it's better if you have used their products) After completing the online form, they'll give you a voucher just like the picture above and you just have to wait if you'll get chosen.

Here is the mechanics for the challenge:

For more details click here: AVON Beauty Blogger Challenge How To

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

FACE TALK: What's Inside my Make up Kit?

I've always wanted to share what's inside my everyday make up kit but have for the longest time put it off. But today, I've decided I'll stop procrastinating and start writing.:)

Here's my make up kit, a pouch I bought again from Japan Home. It's rectangular in shape so all my make up paraphernalia will fit into it.

Inside it are my essentials, for my everyday look I go for natural or neutral colors. I also have my 5 basic brushes in a pouch. What I like about my set of make ups is that most of it are dual purpose and is not too bulky. I only bring with me small sizes so it wouldn't be too heavy on my bag.

This is  my brush kit, I bought the pouch in Landmark department store. They have different colors and designs as well. It's good to put your brushes in their own pouches to keep it from becoming dirty. It's also better to have your equipment organized than to have it in a messy make up kit.

From upper left to right:
1. Eyelash curler
2. Maybelline BB Cream
3. Careline pressed powder
4. In 2 It eyebrow kit
5. Everbilena Mascara
6. Physician's Formula Eyeliner
7. Blush
8. L'oreal Coral lipstick
9. Quad colored eyeshadow

I'm planning to try and make different looks out of the make ups I have so I hope you'd keep reading. I also wish you could share what's inside your make up kit as well. :)

LIFE ONLINE: Online work in Manila

As you've probably have read in my About me and my latest post, I am a converted work-at-home mom. My search actually was a full long 3-4 months, if I remember correctly. It was not a walk in the park, so if you're considering working online at home here are some sites I think can help you through the journey.

1. - This is where I got my first online work as a transcriber. Just finish completing your profile, be very about the details. I also suggest you do all the exams possible like MS work and MS excel proficiency and be specific on the types of job you are willing to take. I also suggest you put a picture in your profile, cause I think just like any other company, it will be best to have a decent picture of yourself in your virtual resume.

2. - Another source of online work is freelancer. ph. It offers different work ranging from online work to full time company work. Though they really have a lot of job opportunities you also have a lot of competitions here. So if you're a newbie, it's kinda hard to land a job.

3. Skillpages - I also signed up on this site but didn't really get the chance to explore it that much.This site also offers not only online works, but also office and corporate work. You just have to choose which job openings you'd like to send your resumes to.

4. Discovery Reports Group Ltd. They have a lot of online work available, but they are more on the business and technical side. They have job opportunities for country analyst, market researchers and business writers. They offer full time positions with benefits.  tried to apply for the business writer but I knew I wouldn't get in because I did not really have any business background.

5. Rare Jobs PH - I learned this from my cousin who has been working as an online English tutor here in Rare Jobs. Their main clients are from Japan, and they offer very flexible working hours. You can choose to teach for four hours or eight hours depending on your availability. Their shift though is usually at night because of the time difference of our country and theirs.

6. Red Hare Ltd - My company as of the moment. It is a Hong Kong based shipping and drop
shipping company that provides gadgets to countries such as New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, and the United States. My shift everyday is from 9 - 6pm and I have a two days off. It's really very convenient and challenging for me.

So if you are considering working online or at home, these are some of the options you might want to consider. Just be cautious also in applying and make sure that the company is a legit one so as not to put your efforts and energy to waste. Happy searching!:)

Disclaimer: Picture used came from the internet.

Friday, July 19, 2013

LIFE ONLINE: 14 Days of Working at Home Online

Yes today marks my 14th day of being a full time work at home soon-to-be mom. For almost eight years I have been in a corporate and academe type of working environment. So this month of July a big change really happened to me when I decided, and luckily got hired by an online work I applied in.

I have only known about working at home through my cousin who works as an English tutor for Japanese kids. It was very convenient for her during that time because she was expecting her first born. Then I got really seriously acquainted with it from a friend who also works home-based. What's good about it is that she can take care of her son and husband, stay at home, and earn at the same time. Talk about women empowerment, right?

And because a lot of things happened to me from the last quarter of last year to this year, I decided to give it a try. My first reason was because I had too many spare time last quarter of the year because I only teach part time and I felt I was not maximizing my opportunities. Then came 2013, wherein I had a lot of new blessings, a wedding, a baby and unemployment. Yes, I had to leave the academe I have loved so much for 8 years, technically for 11 years as I also graduated there. It was a very sad part of my life but at the same time I had too much of a blessing to even complain about having to leave my passion.

It was during our wedding preparations that I landed my first online work through I signed up one day, completed the exams they required and the following day got a job interview for a transcriber position. I felt so blessed. Thrilled and amazed at how I can truly feel God guiding me to the right direction. I passed the exams for the position but unfortunately I did not get in the last exam, or so I thought. After a week, the project manager emailed me to inform me that I got hired and that I could start as soon as possible. I started a week before our wedding. That's how relaxed I was with the wedding preps.. haha.. NOT! But I needed to grab that opportunity not only for me but for my family.

Then because when it rains it pours, I was also considered in another online job where I work now full time. Actually, I am still on training for one month and on probation for six months. But again I am not complaining. I am so grateful for the people who made all this possible, and for the universe who made it all happen. To cite one example of how the universe conspired to make this all happen is our internet connection. We don't really have an internet connection here at home since last year because we only use our neighbors internet. They are that generous,, reallllyyyyyyy!!!:) Before the year ended last year we decided to get an internet connection and divide the payment between us, my brother and sister-in-law. Second, I got my laptop destroyed by doing "defragment" and all those stuff without me understanding it. In less than one week, my husband got it fixed, Free!!:) Then I was scheduled for an online exam, something I thought I couldn't pass but again miraculously I got scheduled for an initial interview. Then another bump happened when on the day of my interview twice in a row my interviewer was offline. I was a little nervous that I might not be considered for the job after all. But then again, the initial interview went online and so did the final interview. I felt hopeful after our final interview but at the same time doubtful because they finally knew I was pregnant. I understood if they will not take me in, its too much of a risk for the company, but again, blessed as I am, I got in.

And today, July 19, just to emphasize is my 14th day on the job as a home-based employee. It's not traditional, it's beyond what I expected, and it's a new world and adjustment all over again. I didn't know before that I could get this tired after a day's work.  I also did not expect to be this busy after 2 weeks of training. I also did not know that it is, this challenging.

When I decided to take an online work, I had no expectations whatsoever. I only knew that this is my BEST option now that I am starting a family. This is an opportunity where I can do both things, take care of my family and earn.

Luckily, I was not wrong. I am more than happy that I was blessed to be in this work right now. I know that this is where I belong and where I should be right now, in this moment. My life online just started and I am loving every day of it.:)

So magicspaceship is signing on.:)

Thursday, July 18, 2013


This is a follow up on my post about the 5 Basic Make up Brushes Every Girl Must Have, I decided to write about my recommended brands of brushes as some of my readers suggested (it feels good to say/write "my readers") Anyway, I have a set of make up brushes and I bought it from Props Tools and Cosmetics in the Fashion Bazaar at World Trade Center in 2011 or was it 2012. Sorry, I can't remember the exact year. It's a 15-pc make up brush set in a leather clutch. It's made of squirrel hair so it's very soft to the skin when used. It also has a leather clutch so the brushes stays intact and safe. It's also very compact so it makes it very easy to bring anywhere. It also only cost Php1,200 in the bazaar. It's actually a great deal for a beginner make up artist wanna-be like me. :)

I have only been familiar with make up brushes after reading Bobbi Brown's make up book. I had been a fan ever since because her style is more of the no make up or very natural make up look.  That's also my style in make up, I don't really like heavy make ups except if its needed and is really necessary. So reading her book, I learned that there are different hairs used in make up brushes, it is because its absorbs cosmetics better and applies it a lot smoother on the face. Some brushes are made of squirrel goats, and horses. Although, there are also types of make ups that needs to make use of synthetic brushes like gels, liquid foundation, and concealers. Knowing this basic things about brushes can really help you know when and where to use it.

This is the reason why there are so many brands of make up brushes in the market. Each one claiming that they are the best. So here's my recommended brushes for you to consider. 

1. Japonesque - These are my dream brushes. It's made from Japan and can be bought in Beauty Bar here in the Philippines. They are really very soft to the face and they they only have travel sets which comprises of about 5-7 brushes. They are a bit expensive. You may explore their site here: 

2. MAC brushes - is also a bit pricey, but they're really recommended by professional make up artist. Although they don't sell sets of brushes and only have it sold separately. It has very soft brush and it weighs a little heavier. I have not really tried to use it to apply make up, but I tried it in the stores just to see its feel on my hands. You may look into their website to see their professional make up brushes for eyes, lips, and face. MAC Professional Brush Finder

3. SUESH - I have known this brand through a friend of mine who likes it. I also get to try to use her brushes and it is really soft. I also have seen it in Fashion bazaar and they offer trendy and colorful styles of brushes. They have everything for different personalities. They also offer travel set, and professional sets depending on your needs. I'm not sure what type of hair they use in their brushes. Here's their site: Suesh Professional Brushes

4. ELF - They have different types of make up brush set from 5 to 25 pieces.  You can also buy each separately and it only costs about Php150 each. I'm an avid fan of ELF ever since I first got my 4 eye shadow palette. I love not only their brushes but the variety of their cosmetics as well. You may check out their brushes here: ELF Make up Brush sets

5. Paganini - a wide variety of brushes for a very cheap price. If you would want to practice your skills first before buying a high end brand this can do for everyday use.:) Their brushes are very smooth and soft plus they also sell different clutches for your brushes. I can't find pictures of Paganini on the internet but you might want to look back into my previous post of 5 Basic makeup brushes must haves, its all from Paganini.

That's my Top 5 Brands of Make up brushes, some are quite expensive but some are also cheap. Just remember to research and try out different brands first before deciding to buy. That way you don't only have nice brushes you also get your money's worth.

Share your other favorite make up brushes brand with me. I'd love to hear about it!:)

Disclaimer: Pictures are all taken from the internet.


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