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Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Real Meaning of Christmas for Moms: Reflections of a Mom to a One year old

This year marked a better if not yet the best Christmas I have had. More than the stress of gift shopping, hectic parties, reunions here and there, what I looked forward to this holiday was celebrating it with my first born.

My hubby and I were even talking about how doubly fun the holidays are now that we have our little boy, Enzo. Though it's already his second Christmas, it's only now that he gets to really SEE and KNOW what Christmas is.

As a mom, I realized getting a gift for myself do not matter as much when I was still single. I would get excited more when I receive gifts for Enzo. I wanted him to have lots of gift wrapped boxes to open this Christmas eve. I even had the emotional intelligence not to open his gifts till the 24th and that's a big thing for me. Haha!  The decors and trees for Christmas had to be setp up so he'll know that the season is important and that it's a special day.

Coincidentally, I found this photo in facebook that sums what I truly feel.

Now I can officially declare that the real meaning of Christmas for Moms (well, atleast for me) is giving the best Christmas we can to our children. Being able to gift them with what they love and be their Santa makes all the hard work pay off. Every money, time and effort spent in exchange for a smile and a laughter is super worth it. (I hope you moms agree) Nothing is too hard or too expensive for our children.

This year and probably till the day I die, I will forever be grateful for being given the chance to be a mom. To nurture and care for someone is a blessing, and I have been greatly blessed.

To my mom, I love you! I never knew how much you prepared for all tge Christmases we had. Thank you for making Enzo's Christmas a great one! Now more than ever do I appreciate you because now I know how it feels. I am sorry it took me soooo long. Hihi. :)

To all the moms out there, or even fathers, to all parents, single parents, foster parents, house parents and every person who cares and nurtures children, Merry Merry Christmas!!!!:

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  1. I agree Jho. Christmas is more meaningful now that we are a Mom. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Happy New Year too! :-)



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