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Monday, December 29, 2014

Winter Wonderland Party of Mommy Bloggers Philippines

One of the highlights of my 2014 is being part of Mommy Bloggers Philippines. I remember the first time I did a product review, went to a bloggers' event, and met with inspiring and real-life members of MBP.
It was through the Halloween party that I felt belonged though I was just a new blogger - or a mommy blogger for that matter. Since then I find myself more motivated and inspired to blog because of them.
Last December 5 was the group's Christmas Party with a Winter Wonderland Theme. It happened in Spaces by Babyland in Ortigas. It was my first time to see that place and I was impressed by it.
Here are some of the photos of the venue:
Great venue for any kind of parties and ia kid-friendly too. This one sure made it to our list of birthday venues for our little boys.
The program was simple and sweet and sure gave mommies time to chitchat and get to know each other.
The opening remarks was given by Mommy Lani of and founder of Mommy Bloggers Philippines.
The Big Three. Mommy Lani with Mommy Louisa of and Mommy Joy of They organized the whole event. Great job, Moms and Thank you!!!:)
Then the program started with a speed dating game then eating time!!! Here are the photos of the yummy treats we shared together.
And my favorite of all the buffet was: Love Desserts!!!:)
The food totally satisfied all of us. But there was more in store for us which is the raffle portion!!! Wohooo! I won a cupcak tier from Thank you, Lazada!:)
After all the raffles and prizes, mommies exchange Christmas gifts with each other. It's always fun to share gifts and laughter this season!:)
Then we were given our Christmas loots! Here are some of them:
Thank you to all the wonderful sponsors! You definetely made a lot of mommies happy this Christmas!:)
Love Desserts
Fly Ace
Nature Essentials
Yeah, Shoot!
The Cream Factory
Krispy Kreme
Posh Caterer
Shekinah Dishes
Kubiertos Catering
More than the gifts, food, and prizes finding a group that inspires and supports is the best gift I received this year. Thank you MBP and all the Mommies!:)


  1. Seeing your photos on the event makes me want to be a part of Mommy Bloggers in the future. Looks like a fun event where you can share the same passion with your colleagues. Gusto ko yung mga ganito, yung maraming nakakausap at nakakasama with the same interest; blogging.

  2. The planner is extremely responsive. I'm pretty sure he has a hundred weddings/events to coordinate at any given time, but still manages to respond to me within a few hours. During event planning I can tell what's on my mind to him straight and he won't get offended.



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