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Monday, December 22, 2014

Converse Warehouse Sale 2014

It is only this year that I got to explore Christmas shopping in warehouse sales. Traditionally, I would go to bazaars to buy gifts or when all else fails I shop in congested malls just to complete my Christmas list. Aside from gifts, December is usually my time to shop for myself because all that I need are on sale. Hihi.

Then I read thru Mommy Marie's blog about the Converse Sale in Parang, Marikina. I knew I had to visit because I have been wanting to buy some chucks!:)

Here's what I scored in the sale:

A white high cut sneakers. Original price is Php1,650 warehouse price: Php800!:)

Starplayer. Original price:Php2,950 Warehouse Price:Php1,150

Jack Purcell. My hubby bought this boat shoes for Php2,450. I don't know the original price though.

A friend's pakisuyo. Original price:Php3,190 Warehouse price:Php1,900.

So all the travel going to Parang, Marikina was worth it with the savings that I got. Why buy the original price when you can have it on sale right?

If you were not able to go this December, fret not because they'll have another one on March!:) Read on to find out when :)

Just so it will be convenient for you, here's how to get there in two ways:

Through LRT:
1. Ride Lrt going to D. JOSE. Php12.00
2. Ride the Lrt 2 get off at Katipunan. Php14
3. Ride jeep or fx going to Parang. Fx ride is Php30.00
4. Tell the driver to drop you off at the warehouse sale.

Through MRT:
1. Ride the MRT to Cubao
2. Ride an Fx en route to Parang Marikina.

This is what you will see from the road. There is a banner that you can see from the outside.

Tips in scoring the converse shoes for you in their warehouse sale:
1. Visit early. We arrived around 1pm and was surprised that there were a few people. After a while people arrived and it was swamped.
2. The middle area has cheaper price but some have defects or unclean. Better check the shoes carefully before purchasing them.
3. Bring ecobags. Marikina has a no plasthc policy so they recommend bringing your own ecobags.
4. All credit cards are accepted.
5. Enjoy the search!:) hihi

Before I forget, I know you are anticipating this! So here it is the next warehouse sale is on March 14 - 22!:)

Save the date and get your converse fix in a discountef price!:)


  1. Sale po ulit!

  2. Do they have size 5 in women's leather

    1. It depends eh. Pero most of the stocks are sneakers for women eh. Did not see leather shoes there.



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