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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Starting Kid's Early with Metrobank Fun Savers Club

I believe in savings and putting money on the bank. Since I was a grade school student I would save coins until I have opened a passbook when I started working. Now that I am a mom I would like to pass it on to my children just like how my Mom did to me.

So I opened up my son's savings account in Metrobank's Fun Savers club today! Weeh! I'm feeling so happy for my little one hihi!:)

Here are the requirements for opening up a Fun Savers Club account for your kids: 
1. Original and photocopy of birth certificate
2. Original and photocopy of marriage contract
3. Original and photocopy of a government issued ID
3. An initial deposit of Php500.00

It's that easy and simple. You will also receive your passbook on the same day. And do you know what else is great about opening up an account?

You can get a Personal Accident Certificate of Insurance for maintaining an amount of Php4,000.00 on your child's account. It has death and disablement benefits for the parent or guardian and the beneficiary will be the child. Great right?! But wait there's more, your kid can also get an educational benefit of Php50,000 included in the insurance. See how little the investment but big the benefits are?

And by the way, the account also comes with a freebie of an insulated lunch bag. I'm very happy with it because it would be very useful for us as my baby's gonna need baon already.

You can also avail of discounts and freebies for partner merchants of Fun Savers Club. For more information on the different partners click here: Partner Merchants

Another feature of the Fun Savers Club is the FSC GC. So what is it? The FSC GC is a gift check that can be purchased by anyone (depositors, non-depositors, individuals and corporate entities) in any Metrobank branch for only Php500.00 only. It is intended to initially fund a new FSC account or to add funds to an existing FSC account. It can be given in special occasion or just about anytime. It's a perfect gift for kids below 18 years of age.
:There are excellent advantages to the FSC GC:        It’s easy to purchase.  This value-for-money gift alternative does away with documents and other requirements, making it a breeze to purchase for any child with a Fun Savers Club account.         It’s affordable.  At only P500 per GC,  it’s far less pricy than other popular gifts like video games or gadgets.        It’s a gift that keeps on giving.  Not only does it increase in value as it earns interest, but it also comes with many fun surprises like freebies, discounts, insurance and educational benefits to club members        It’s a gift that lasts.  Unlike toys that can be broken or lost, this gift is meant to stay put, grow, and leave a lasting impression on young minds, teaching them the value of saving money.        It’s a gift that will always be used as intended. Every purchase of a FSC GC automatically translates into money in the bank, just as the giver intended it to be. 

So, calling all parents out there, start saving up for your children and teach them the value of money early on. It's like hitting two birds at once, with saving money for them and making them financially intelligent. 

For other inquiries or information, go to the your nearest bank.
You can also check their official site here:

Discolure: Not a sponsored post. 

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