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Saturday, June 21, 2014

As Light as the Sun with Kojie-San Skin Lightening Soap

I have been intrigue ever since I've heard and seen Kojie San soaps in the supermarket and drugstores. So finally, one day when I ran out of soap I thought of buying the promo of the soap that is 3 soap for only Php79.00 (I think!) I thought it was about time I gave it a try cause my mom and a high school friend said it actually works.

I was obsessed with getting whiter skin when I was in high school to college so I have tried a lot of whitening soaps. It was only recently, specifically when I gave birth to my son, that I did not want to obsess about it anymore but just target a fair and smooth complexion. Having read that Kojie San offers lightening instead of whitening sold me the idea to try it.

What is Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap?(from their official site)
Made from a combination of Kojic acid, which reduces the formation of melanin, and high-grade virgin coconut oil which deeply moisturizes the skin. Kojie San is the first and original kojic acid soap in the Philippines. 

But first, what is a Kojic?
From, Kojic is an all-natural compound found in fungi sort of like mushrooms. It works as it prevents/stops the production of melanin. The Melanin is the substance that gives our skin pigments, the more of it the darker it gets. 

How to use?
Use the soap regularly on your face and body. For me I only used it in my body as I have another product specifically for my face. It is also better to leave it on the skin for a while to let the product work.

I have used Kojie San Lightening Soap for 1 month now and I'll be sharing with you my experience with it. My apologies, my photos are limited due to some technical difficulties (in short, virus infecting my camera).

Kojie San out of the packaging


Kojie san soaps have a very simple brand design but what I like about it is that they have boxes that contains two to three soaps in one. I also like that it still has a plastic covering on it. 

I super LOVE the scent. It smells like Melon and papaya and everything nice. It also leaves on the skin after use which makes me feel sweet too!;)

The skin feels really soft and smooth. 
Some of the dry parts of my body like elbows and heel, actually was moisturized even on the first wash. 

It melts easily. The thinness of soap made it melt too fast for me. 
I'm not really sure that it made my skin lighten. I think with continued use better effects can be produced. 
I'm not quite sure if the price is worth the length of its capacity to melt. 

 So after a month of using this product I'd say I have a love-hate relationship with it. I love that it's all natural and the scent is really lovely but is kinda disappointed by the melting part. Though I'm a bit dissatisfied with it
I would probably purchase another one because of the scent and the moisturizing effect in did on my skin. The softness and smoothness it brought was really amazing even my husband noticed it. On the lightening part though, I'm not really sure it had an effect on me but with continued use it would probably produce better results. 

So if you're feeling curios about the scent and the softness, why not give it a try. 
Hit me back with your review too!:) 

For more information you can visit them in their:
Official Website:

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