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Monday, June 17, 2013

TRAVEL MARVEL: Tanned and tangled at the Palm Beach San Juan Batangas

A very relaxing and stress-free weekend with the sun, sand and water. With good friends, a little road trip, and some two piece you're all set to enjoy the night. The place offers day and night activities that all ages would really enjoy. We were also able to use our floating candles at night and wished the night away.
Buffet dinner
The beach
Pool side
Flying lanterns. Tangled inspired. *It's safe to use flying lanterns in areas such as the beach because of its wide spaces.

Area going to the rooms

 The rooms were also very beautiful and clean. It also had a pleasant beach feel with the hard wood and brown and white design of the interiors. The outside environment was also filled with coconut trees and plants that gave a really windy feel in the beach despite the hot rays of the sun.The resort also offered complete meals with the accommodation. They have breakfast, lunch and dinner for all guests. The food were all so delectable. They give guests 2-3 hours to eat in the buffet. Lastly, the staff were all very accommodating and approachable. They also were really prepared when we came in the resort. They have a shuttle from the parking area to our designated Casitas.

My one disappointing event that happened was that the lifeguard in the pool area did not really know basic life support. It was really unfortunate that we saw one kid that drowned in the pool area. Good thing we saw the kid and saved him just in time. When we got the kid on land the lifeguard instantly pressed the kids chest without checking his vital signs first. It was also disappointing to see that they didn't know the proper way to resuscitate or compress. 

The price is also a little expensive but I think that its relatively the same with other high end resorts in San Juan, Batangas. For more information, check their official site at:

But in general, the resort was more that satisfying. I would recommend everyone to stay there.

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  1. I'm currently looking for some travel posts as to where we can have our R and R. My coteachers actually said they want to go in Batangas and just in time that I saw this post. Since there's beach and pool at the same time, this is a good option. :)



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