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Friday, June 14, 2013

BUSINESS BUZZ: Online Sellers I Trust

One of the many things I enjoy doing on the internet is online shopping and online window shopping. I am not sure when this became a trend in business but I have been a fan of it. I have also purchased a few stuff over the internet and fortunately my experience have always been positive.

So, I came up with a list of my trusted online sellers. I am hoping this can be helpful for some first time online shoppers and for those fanatics for them to explore my list of sellers.

1. Vintage Love Co. - This online seller offers different collections of dresses, blouses, skirts, and everything fashion. Their store has this one-of-a-kind vibe in the collections they have. For me, its one of their best assets as they provide customers that feeling that the clothes they have is unique. I have ordered quite a few times and I am never disappointed. The owners are really nice and they deliver on time. They also do text blast every time they would open a new collection and it's one of the things I enjoy about their service.

You may like them on facebook at

2. La belle - I love this shop. Not only do they have effective products they also have wonderful admin people. La belle offers a broad range of beauty products. They have products such as collagen cream, toners, soaps and different beauty sets. One of which is the intense whitening cream.

I personally recommend the collagen set because it really has an immediate effect on my face. I also tried their Bleaching set and for only a week of using it I achieved the results I wanted. My husband also used their Rejuvenating set and it is really really effective. If you have any skin problems, follow them on facebook and instagram.

FB Page:
Instagram: labelle_shoppe
Contact Numbers: 0922 566 6415/ 0906 339 34 22

3. Fab Finds - Looking for high quality and authentic make up? Then Fab Finds is what you need. They have different brands of cosmetics, from ELF to Mac products. Their products are from US and they do not sell any class A products. Theirs are authentic and budget-friendly. They also have a pre-order service. I have ordered several make ups already and I was more than satisfied.

FB Page:

4. DB Gadgets - A gadget seller that offers all kinds of gadgets. They have all brands of cellphones, digital cameras, apple products, and even SLRs. The owners are really friendly and they do meet ups so it's very convenient for most clients.

FB Page:

5. Soak Swimwear - If you are a sun, sand, and fashion lover, soak swimwear is the best shop for you. They offer unique and sexy swimwear not only beach ready but also picture worthy. Their sizes caters to all sizes from extra small to (i think) large sizes. I have ordered twice already and I am very much satisfied with the service and products. So beach lovers, grab one of their swimwears now!!!:)

FB Page:
Shop: Cabana Lounge Shop, Makati
Contact Numbers: 0915 9621023

These are my Top Five Trusted Online sellers and I hope you can try them out. Consider them for your next gadget, fashion, and beauty needs. Just a reminder, be cautious in shopping online as there are a lot of scammers out there. Enjoy online shopping!!!:)

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