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Monday, April 7, 2014

I'm OFFICIALLY a Blogger: #iblog 10: The Philippine Blogging Summit

Last April 5, 2014 was my official entry to the blogger world! Why? I just joined my first ever blogger conference and it was truly an insightful experience. I just learned of iblog last year through a friend who attended it and upon learning about I promised to attend the next one.

So there I was on the second day of the iBlog 10 Summit. What is more exciting is that its their tenth year and it was entitled "A Decade of Blogging and Moving Forward". Just as the title, I'd like to share with you my blogging story and how I'll be moving forward.

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I started blogging since 2005 when I entered college. I entitled it Magicspaceship, and everything that was written there was purely my teenage angst. Then it shifted to my young professional opinions about the workforce. It was only in 2013 that I decided to take blogging seriously. Seriously, meaning, to write with purpose, and to blog for others.

-=magic spaceship=-

sakay ka na kung san walang kinatatakutan, kung san malaya kang lumipad kasama ng iyong mga pangarap..

It was when I created a new blog solely for my motherhood experience. Now, I carry the name: Thereyoujho: 24/7 Mom in Style. I've had my humps and bumps in my blogging story. I've had my share of hesitations and doubt if what I write mattered or if anyone even care to read my thoughts. It was only when I joined blogging community did I find people who share the same joy I get when blogging.

thereyouJHO: 24/7 Mom in Style

A recent group that I joined is the Mommy Bloggers Philippines. I am honored to have been approved and welcomed in the group. Although I have not met any of them, I feel we have a lot of common. Through reading their post I have found Mommy friends that I can relate to. I have found the fuel to start my engine.

With all the things I learned in iBlog Summit, I am more determined to blog. I have been given the push I've always wanted and needed through the inspirations I heard from the talks. I now feel that I am not alone in this world, and that there are a lot of people who are into blogging, and that we are all in this together.

I'll post a more about iBlog Summit itself on my next blogpost. I just needed to let these overwhelming emotions of joy, determination, and passion for blogging that I got from attending.

To move forward, I will blog more. Blogging more without fear of being judged about my grammar and my thoughts. I will blog more about what matters to me and what I think matters in reality. I will blog about anything and everything about who I am and my advocacies. I will learn more, and blog about all these learning. I will blog WITH PURPOSE.

So there you go, and let's continue blogging!:) 

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