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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Let's talk Real Beauty: Why I don't conceal my scar?

If you've known me before or have seen my pictures here in my blog or FB or Instagram, I am sure you have noticed my scar. For those of you who have not, well look again. I have a scar right at the center of my nose. I got it from a childhood accident and had it since I was two.

Like any other person, I had my share of insecurities and struggles on beauty. I dont take compliments really nicely before because I didnt believe I was beautiful. During my adolescent stage I would always feel emo askig why on earth do I have this on my face. I almost believed I will be alone forever.
But because I was given this scar, I was also given or blessed to have people around me look pasty imperfections. The people who believed I was beautiful. I dont know when I knew I was beautiful, but I may say I just felt and believed it. I learned I cannot control other people's opinions about me so I might as well let it be. That helped me be true to myself and love myself more. So why dont I conceal my scar? Because I think I am beautiful. Beauty depends on how people see and define it. It comes in different sizes, shapes and color.

Sadly though in the Philippines only 7% believe that they are beautiful. Which is why Dove wants to change that. I recently got a sample beauty bar from Dove in the mail and only then did I read about Dove's first Real Beauty Summit through Ms. Nikki Tiu of Ask Me Whats. Click here to read about her post. Dove's first Summit by Ask Me Whats Dove conducted an experiment about "beauty patches" and made women believe that these beauty patches can make them beautiful, not knowing that the patches were just plain patches. Here's the you tube link for you to see. 

With our help let's make more people believe in their own beauty. Write a blog or take a picture of yourself including #IamBeautiful to spread real beauty. My plan is to ask some of my friends to post pictures with this hashtag. Wish me luck! 

Do you think you're beautiful? What's makes you beautiful? Share your answers! I'll appreciate it! 

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