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Monday, April 28, 2014

Team Tacorda meets The Famous Team Kramer at the Get Hooked on DIY Event at Megamall

I know everybody knows TEAM KRAMER, right? But do you know who Team Tacorda is? Haha! That's us!:P Yes, we are knock offs of their family tagline but it just sounds so cool!:) Anyway, we, my husband and my little boy was lucky enough to have seen the famous Team Kramer at the Good Housekeeping and 3M Get Hooked on DIY event at SM Megamall Activity Center last April 13, 2014.

When I first heard about this event I was so xicted as I love DIYs and any tools related to crafting or party planning. I am also blessed to have a very supportive husband because he came with me in the event. he's a basketball fan so seeing Doug Kramer was a plus for him. Unfortunately he wasn't able to take a photo with him because he was carrying our little boy.

The event was launched by the country's no.1 family and home magazine, Good Housekeeping in partnership with 3M Philippines. Doug and Cheska Kramer of Team Kramer is 3M's Command Damage-free Hanging Solutions Ambassadors.

Ms. Angel Jacob hosted the "Get Hooked on DIY"

The event showcased home decorating workshop and activities that will help maximize and organize their homes creatively using simple wall-hanging tools through Command Damage-Free Hanging Solutions from 3M. It was hosted by Ms. Angel Jacob and a home improvement expert Ms. Coni Tejada shared different tips on how to use 3M Command Damage-Free hanging tools not only at home but in so many other things I'll share with you later.

This was especially important and an informative event for me, not only because this was my FIRST blogger event. hihi. It was overwhelming to see so many people and mommy bloggers in the event. I have never attended any mall event before this and I am so glad that my first event came from Good Housekeeping and 3M Philippines. Time and effort spent to attend was totally worth it.

The Star of the Show: Command Damage-Free Hanging Tools.
This is part of the freebie given during the event.

Ms. Coni Tejada showing a wall dilemma most homeowners have at home. A blank wall.

Ms. Coni Tejada first showed a typical home design scenario: a blank wall. In fear of drilling holes and falling decors, picture frames, or diplomas, some would just choose not to put anything on the walls thus creating a very plain wall at home. While other also have a problem with not being allowed to drill holes in their homes especially if its not their own. I actually have these problems at home so I was really excited to hear more about the 3M Command hooks. 

The command hooks can be used at home to organize and design. One tip given during the event was to create a picture wall in the masters bedroom with of course the use of the command hooks. Other tips include: 
1. Hang things from bedroom door or cabinet door. 
2. Create a tablet station for your gadgets.
3. Organize things and get them off the floor.
4.Hang a lamp from the ceiling
5.Add string lights to a room
6. Display your kid's art

Command Damage-Free hooks can also be your solution to your party planning needs. Ever have problems hanging backdrops or decors in your party because you can't seem to find a hook that can do the job. Well 3M's Command hook is your answer. Ms. Coni Tejada also shared some useful tips on using 3M's Command hook in your next party which are:
1. To hang paper lanterns
2. To hang a backdrop on your DIY photobooth
3. To create your own backdrop
4.  To hang buntings and decorations

There are a lot of other ways to use 3M's Command Damage-Free hooks in our homes, parties or even in our workplace. In order to share more of how these products can be used at home, Team Kramer shared their thoughts on these products. 

They also reminded everyone to read the instructions and follow them carefully to maximize the use of the command hooks. There are different kinds of command hooks each one designed for a certain weight limit. So be sure to read it first and make sure that the weight of whatever you'll hang there will be for that specific command hook. 
Here are other ways of using the Command hooks displayed during the event:

With fellow mommy blogger, Louisa Mercado of Art of Being a Mom

 Freebies from the event


Watch out on how I will make use of 3M Command Damage-Free hook on my next post!:) 


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