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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

For Blog or Money

You probably have heard this title in TV5's teleserye FOR LOVE OR MONEY which features Derek Ramsay, Alice Dicson and other celebrities of the station. If you're looking to read something about them and their teleserye, you came to the wrong blog site.

I only adapted the title to a realization I had after reading Project Vanity's blog last Monday, if I'm not mistaken. It was entitled "The Pressure to be Cool". She wrote about her blogging struggles and how she anted to write more about what matters to her than what social media dictates as important. Liz Lanuzo of Project Vanity is a well-known blogger, but I only discovered her recently. She write product reviews really well and I sense her sincerity in all her articles.

I wanted to become known blogger as well, didn't really want to be famous though like other bloggers out there. I just wanted people to read my blogs, ask me questions about anything, or in short just to matter and feel that my insights and opinions are worth reading. Then, I got caught up wanting to write to get products, to earn money, for stats sake and then blogging became an obligation. I was in the impression that blogs that matter are blogs that offer product reviews, movie reviews,  those that would advertise. I wanted to be that blogger.

Doing this new blog, I started writing what meant more to me, where I think I'm good at. And that is on writing my reflections, my realizations, my philosophies in life. Of course, I still want to be noticed but not to the point that I would use my site just for the sake of earning or getting free stuff. I was affirmed more when I read Liz's article on the Pressure of being Cool. Bloggers all have their reason for writing and publishing their works. If I may include myself, as a Blogger, we are motivated by something within us. This motivation differs from each one, some to pour their hearts out, some to express their religion, some just to teach, some to offer help to and some just for the simple reason of love for writing. Right now, I am at the point where I just want to write important things about my life. To be able to also have an outlet where I can write and not be judged. A place where I can share my triumphs and struggles as a mom, and a place where my family and son could go back to and reminisce the beginnings of his life.

This is the reason why I love writing, and now with technology I love it even more. The possibility that my thoughts will exist even as I grow old or even die, ( or just as blogspot is still working) is inspiring. I can be able to leave something in the future. May it be read by others or just by myself.

So, I challenge every blogger, what motivates you to write? For blog or money?

P.S. Thanks to Ms. Liz Lanuzo for the inspiration. To get inspired visit her site in

Enjoy, and there you go!!!

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