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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tips on Christmas Shopping for Kids

Christmas season is truly made for children. It's the time of the year where they get to dress up, give gifts, receive gifts, see their cousins and other relatives, go some place they've never been, and just be happy. Christmas, however, for adults is a different story. It's the time of the year when Mom's especially get busy buying gifts for everyone, shopping for kid's Christmas clothes, prepping for Noche Buena and Media Noche and making sure the house is clean for reunions and all that.

So, as a first time mom, I got somewhat busy with some of those things I mentioned. One of which was buying gifts. This year, as a new family, my husband and I decided will only spend gifts to children and not our adult friends anymore. It was because as a starting family, we needed to save a little money but didnt want to not be able to give gifts this season. It was not as easy as we had so many nieces, nephews, and inaanak. Though it was hard, I'd say I enjoy shopping for others and giving gifts that I think they would enjoy.

So here are some tips on Christmas shopping and some gifts that are fun and educational at the same time.

TIP #1: Make a list of everyone. 
This is a MUST. It makes the whole chaotic christmas shopping a little less chaotic. With the list on hand, you have a pretty good idea of how many gifts you need to buy for girls and boys. It's also best that you write down their ages so you're gifts would be appropriate. Have you ever had that experience wherein you're gift is no longer useful to someone. It is in some way shameful because obviously you don't know the kid and it's also a waste of money.

TIP #2. Think ahead of time
After writing your list, its important that you think ahead of shopping. What I mean here is to plan the gifts you want to buy. This makes it easier for you to navigate the malls for stuff you would need. It will also prevent you from implusively buying the first thing you see in the stores. I am the type of person who would give a thought to a gift, because it feels like I know the person very well and that I want the gift to be meaningful. Also, it's very important for me that the gift will suit the receiver and that he or she will be happy receiving it.

TIP #3. Start early.
If you already have a list, and an idea of gifts you would like to give then start shopping earlier than usual. You can start shopping as soon as the BER months are in. It will give you enough time to think about the gift, plan your budget and spend more time doing other important things when Christmas season comes.

TIP #4: Look for on sale items.
Its not bad manners to buy on sale items as gifts as long as it's appropriate and in my opinion useful. I'm not a fan of gifts that are only for display especially if you're going to give it to kids. What is more important is the function and if the gift will last. There are so many items like that such as puzzles, DIY stuff, and writing materials. Gifts need not be too expensive but it should serve a purpose.

TIP #5. Focus on your list.
Yes, its very easy to get distracted and stray away from the budget while in the malls. So being focus and finishing your list first will give you more time to stroll in the mall and enjoy yourself.

TIP #6. Enjoy the experience.
Any situation is enjoyed becomes a memory worth treasuring. The fulfillment we see everytime a kid opens his or her gift is the true essence of Christmas. So whether you have a big budget or not, always enjoy gift giving and Christmas shopping.

So, there you go, my six tips on shopping this season! Enjoy and have a blessed Christmas season!:)

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